“I came to the Ranch a broken, drug-addicted, selfish, and angry person.” When Shane left home to come to Christian Encounter Ranch, he was on probation, had failed in school, had no father and a homeless mother, and carried only broken dreams. At the Ranch, he encountered something new: a loving, supportive community equipped to step into the pain trapping him. For 50 years, we’ve welcomed young people who were abused in all ways, slicing their bodies, refusing to eat, and overwhelmed by trauma. Young people who are dying on the inside from lack of hope. At our residential refuge, they receive food and shelter, licensed counseling, state-recognized high school education with extensive tutoring, job training, and much more. We work toward family reconciliation, provide a bridge to further schooling, encourage spiritual growth and artistic expression, and prepare our residents for a productive and meaningful life.


Our youth care interns directly impact students like Shane. You could be a part of this life-changing ministry.


Ministering to these hurting young people is both demanding and rewarding.  Students experience rapid growth, and interns develop additional spiritual maturity and endurance.  As servant-leaders, interns model the Christian life as they live and work alongside the students.  A staff of committed Christian professionals who have had many years of residential ministry experience provide guidance for the intern team. New interns receive one week of orientation, verbal and written instruction, and helpful direction and advice from senior interns.  Internships range from 90 days to 2 years.

Each intern disciples one to three students and teaches group Bible studies on a rotation basis.  Interns are hard-working supervisors of the students and perform daily assignments that include practical activities–cooking, cleaning, and various maintenance tasks on our 86-acre campus (affectionately called “the Ranch”).
​​Interns also oversee a dorm room with two or three students.  Many teachable moments arise during the daily activities as well as during recreation times (e.g. boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, ball games, “hanging out,” etc.).  There are also various opportunities to minister in other ways according to interest and gifting.


Fill out the form at https://www.christianencounter.org/request-info.html to begin the intern application process.

Middle School Ministry Director
Foothills Community Church, Molalla, Oregon

Foothills Community Church is nestled in the Foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in Molalla, OR. Molalla is a beautiful growing bedroom community with a unique sense of community and a link to the past. Molalla’s unique stage of both economic and population growth has created a large opportunity for ministry. Foothills is looking to increase its influence into the community through hiring a Junior High Ministry Director.

Position Title: Middle School Ministry Director.

Foothills Community Church has grown to be one church in two locations with over 1000 people physically in attendance on the weekend across both campuses. Our campuses are alive with many activities throughout the week. At Foothills, we believe that going to church should be an experience that changes a person’s life. Church should be genuine, authentic, and relevant to the daily challenges that our students confront on a daily basis.

The Middle School Ministry Director is a full time position, which is responsible for shepherding (teaching, guiding and encouraging) 6th – 8th grade middle school students in our Molalla and the surrounding communities. The position reports directly to the Associate Pastor who oversees the direction of the youth ministry of Foothills Community Church. Through dynamic leadership, communication, and relational skills, this person will be successful in developing this vital middle school ministry as it moves forward. He or she will be responsible for coordinating their team of volunteer leaders and will equip them with strategies that advance the gospel among Molalla area students. We value our relationships within the community so this individual will cultivate meaningful partnerships with school and community members. This position is predicated on building, developing and restoring relationships with parents and students in order to better understand their needs, earning trust and influence.

The ideal applicant will have at least two years of youth ministry experience that includes creative upfront teaching, organizing and caring for volunteers and parents, mentoring middle school students. Experience serving in school and community groups with intentionality and a heart for changing Molalla spiritually, economically, and socially will be .
Job Description and Contract
Foothills Student Ministries
Middle School Ministry Director Molalla Campus 2020

Position Summary: Middle School Ministry Director

The Middle School Ministry Director will provide dynamic leadership and programming for sixth through eight graders and be influential in community schools and programs while promoting the overall vision and core values of Foothills Community Church.


Associate Pastor Sam Stuckey

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Facilitate a dynamic middle school program on a regular basis.

Recruit, train and lead volunteers.

Plan and implement a goal oriented curriculum.

Communicate with parents and students regularly about the program in a variety of ways.

Collaborate on vision and planning strategies for program growth. Meet regularly with the Associate Pastor in charge of youth ministry. Grow and maintain a dynamic social media presence.
Develop meaningful partnerships with school and community groups. Prioritize personal, professional, and spiritual growth.

Proficiently use technology to enhance and develop dynamic programming.

Develop an awareness of middle school student’s unique social and spiritual needs in the Molalla area.

Hours: Full Time

The Middle School Leader is responsible for the overall direction of Middle School Ministry for our Livermore campus which includes pastoring, leading services, and events, including weekend services, all in line with Cornerstone’s mission, vision and our values.  MSL will lead and equip a team of gifted staff and volunteers as well as engages students to pursue Christ with wholehearted passion.



·        Equip direct reports, the CF Middle School intern/s, apprentices, team leads, Community Group leaders and student leaders to be effective leaders and equippers.

·        Continually cast vision for becoming an Equipping Church.

·        Build up the quality and quantity of CF Middle School leaders.

·        Closely manage/oversee the new student follow up process and assimilation into CF Middle School.

·        Ensure that all staff and volunteers are being TAFERR’d effectively.

·         As Cornerstone staff you are expected to equip your team (paid and un-paid). Equipping is an active process that allows us to prepare and develop our leaders for successful ministry and personal growth.



·        Ensure that the CF Middle School staff (both paid and unpaid) know and can communicate our mission, vision, values for CF Students and Cornerstone as a whole.

·        Communicate clearly and consistently with CF Middle School staff, students and parents (meetings, email, social media, videos, print, etc.) and coordinate with communications team for this when applicable.



·        Responsible for all budgets pertaining to CF Middle School.

·        Oversee and lead all programming for CF Middle School.

·        Develop purposeful teaching series for Middle School students that contextualize evangelism and spiritual formation and regularly emphasize Cornerstone’s mission, vision and values.

·        Co-lead the Student Ministry Administrative Lead and ensure that he/she has clear expectations and goals consistent with the vision and values of CF Students.

·        Care for paid and unpaid staff & their families.

·        Create healthy team dynamics with unpaid staff and leaders.

·        Create team building opportunities for unpaid staff and leaders.

·        Collaborate with CF Students Pastors at other Cornerstone campuses to ensure quality and consistency across multi-site.




·        Pastoral gifting and experience

·        Bachelor’s degree understanding of Biblical Doctrine

·        Effective and experienced at equipping ministry leaders

·        A growing Christian and regularly attends a Cornerstone life group and weekend services

·        Leadership gifting & training experience necessary

·        Positive attitude, high integrity, excellent communication skills & works well with others

·        Displays Christ-like behavior, treats others with dignity, respect & compassion

·        Excellent time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills

·        Is grace-oriented, has a shepherds heart, a good sense of humor and models humility

·        Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Cornerstone Central, Portals and Social Networks


Additional Expectations

·        The Cornerstone Middle School Leader will occasionally work longer hours during our busy seasons to lead events.


Please visit our website at www.cornerstoneweb.org to learn more about our church.