Parkside Christian Church
Job Description:  Student Minister

Direct Report:  Discipleship Minister

  • Responsible for:  Any/all part-time and full-time student ministry employees; Leaders and Team Members in Student Ministry
  • General Description:  Encourage, evangelize, educate, disciple, nurture, and create community for students from 7th-12th grades as they become followers of Christ in partnership with parents and church family.
  • Hours:  This is a salaried position working 40 hours per week.  Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Flexibility of time in office will be required due to expectations that carry over to Sunday morning or other events as needed.

This is to be carried out through the following responsibilities:

  1. Worship – the student minister will assure that all students will have a meaningful opportunity to worship.
  2. Evangelism – The student minister will assure that unchurched students find a welcoming community at PCC and that all students will be provided a pathway that encourages and instructs them in a way that will lead them to Christ.
  3. Nurture – The student minister will assure that opportunities exist that will assist students to develop into fully functioning servants of Christ.
  4. Church Community – The student minister will provide for environments that will lead to creating a community for Christ in which students will find a home.
  5. Neighboring Community- The student minister will be involved in community schools and programs that help grow relationships and partnerships with other like minded youth workers and educators in the area.
  6. Administration and Supervision – The student minister will assure that systems of management exist that provide for accountable ways to be good stewards of the finances, equipment, facilities, and human resources associated with the student ministry. He will be the “responsible authority” for all persons, employed and volunteer, who work within the youth area so that the environment will be “safe” and God-Honoring. This includes activities in which students are taken off-site for programs and activities.
  7. Assimilation – The student minister will work across staff lines to assure that persons who “graduate” into and out of the student ministry will not be “lost” in the process.
    Under the direction of the Lead Minister, and Discipleship Minister the YM will be a team player that looks for ways to encourage and support overall vision and goals of Parkside Christian Church. He will also accept added responsibilities as requested by the Lead Minister when he is able and as he is needed.

Qualifications, skills and gifts:

  • Demonstrates evidence of a Christ-like attitude in words and actions
  • Passionate about the mission, strategy and values of Parkside Christian Church.
  • Trustworthy, dependable, and willing to submit to accountability practices
  • Clears a full background and credit check
  • Friendly, confident, positive demeanor that enjoys working with people; self-initiating personality; team player and team builder
  • Appropriate education or degrees in a relevant field desired
  • High level of multi-tasking competency