We are praying for a kingdom entrepreneur to relaunch our student ministry: reaching out primarily to middle and high schoolers and remaining connected to college students while they are at school and during breaks at home. Our goal is to apprentice students as lifelong followers of Jesus, in partnership with their families.


Liberty Corner is a mid-size church in the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO) denomination. We are seeking a Student Ministry Director who is excited about rebuilding a student ministry from the ground up! Liberty Corner seeks an individual who will recreate an active student ministry with mission trips, service projects, regular gatherings, and meaningful discipleship. The church has recently called on a new, dynamic lead pastor, a lay team to support the student ministry, and a group of active parents, which we believe are the key ingredients for a successful program relaunch. We are praying for the right Director to lead!


Purpose: The Student Ministry Director (SMD) is responsible for the vision, leadership and direction of student ministry at Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church, to apprentice students as lifelong followers of Jesus, in partnership with their families. Student Ministry encompasses students as they transition from the Children’s program, through middle and high school, and continues through a student’s college years.


Reporting Relationship: The SMD will report to the Family Ministry Director under the guidance of the Lead Pastor and the Session of Elders, and work closely with student ministry volunteer leaders. The SMD will meet monthly with the Family Ministries Director for prayer, support, and accountability with annual goals and objectives, and to complete an annual self-review to discuss their performance in relation to the goals and objectives. The SMD will attend worship services, weekly staff meetings for prayer, encouragement, communication, and planning, and, as time allows, attend other LCPC events.


we are seeking:

A growing apprentice of Jesus Christ
·       Actively seeks growth through practices like prayer and Bible study.

·       Enthusiastic for God’s Word.

·       Honors God in one’s family/personal life.

·       As a leader, faithfully pursues 1 Timothy 3 characteristics, living with integrity and avoiding immorality.

·       Strives to personally grow and develop through conferences, reading, and exchange of ideas with others.


Gifted as a leader of both students and adult volunteers

·       Passionate heart for students and their families, and feels a calling to student ministry.

·       Experience in leading, mentoring, and building healthy relationships with students and their families.

·       Charismatic communicator of biblical truths.

·       Strong interest in our students’ culture and context, combined with a desire to minister in this culture without compromising the teachings of scripture.

·       A team builder, working collaboratively with others to motivate, grow, and sustain a team of adult volunteer leaders.

·       Engages students where they are physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

·       Possesses solid organizational and time management skills.

·       Demonstrates commitment to personal and professional development and ongoing continuing education opportunities.

Essentials for integrating into the Liberty Corner Family:

·       Embraces the mission, vision, and values of LCPC and our denomination, the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.

·       Desires to work together with the staff team to move all the ministries of LCPC in the same direction, with the same vision, since every ministry thrives with the success and support of the others.

·       Lives by the philosophy that parental involvement is key in training students in spiritual maturity. Be as involved with training parents as with training students.

·       Recognizes student ministry is a 9-5 role.

·       Desires to build influential relationships with students in their contexts, and with local schools for the purpose of building a bridge from students’ everyday culture to the gospel.


Program Oversight

·       As a kingdom entrepreneur, the Director will develop and provide opportunities for students to “Gather, Grow and Go” in Christ. This could include worship, weekly gatherings, Bible studies, camps, VBS/Sports Camp, conferences, retreats, discipleship groups, mission trips, outreach events and community service. The goal of the gatherings is to draw students into a lifelong apprenticeship to Jesus.

·       Provide personal discipleship, coaching, and encouragement to both students and the adult volunteers in the ministry – treating each person as an individual, uniquely made in God’s image and gifted for God’s kingdom.

·       Be involved with the personal lives of the students (directly and through adult volunteers). Again, the expectation is to invest in the lives of students by attending school and extracurricular events as time permits, and minister in crisis situations.

·       Oversee curriculum for confirmation, middle and high school.

·       Coordinate with the other ministries of LCPC.

·       Foster open communication with parents/guardians.

·       Host opportunities for college student events/activities when they are home for breaks and the summer, as well as offering support and encouragement throughout the school year.

·       Build relationships with the local community.

·       Assure proper care of facilities used by student ministry.


Leadership Training

·       Maintain effective leadership for each program of the ministry. Provide the support, assistance, and resources necessary for each program and empower the adult volunteers to be involved in the day to day work of the ministry.

·       Continually build a team of adult volunteers who will build relationships with students and serve as the “frontline” of ministry. Work under an Ephesians 4 model: recruiting, training, and retaining.

·       Provide formal (structured) and informal (by example) leadership training for parents, adult volunteers, and student leaders.

·       Provide formal and informal forums for frequent communication, encouragement, and evaluation of the ministry. Create a team atmosphere with emphasis on involvement.

·       Oversee, with help from adult volunteers, the identification of students with leadership potential and assure opportunities are given for development.

·       Evaluate and make recommendations concerning teaching materials and methods used in all student programs in partnership with Student Ministry Team and the Family Ministries Director.

·       Counsel, advise, and provide resources to students and parents. Build a referral network for both students and parents.



·       With the input and partnership of the Family Ministries Director, establish and maintain a philosophy of student ministry and a clear understanding of annual goals and objectives.

·       Maintain well-planned, carefully balanced opportunities throughout the year in coordination with the other ministries and calendared events of LCPC.

·       Ensure responsibilities for all events (for example retreats, mission trips, and special events) are delegated and understood by adult volunteers and students.

·       Pre-schedule all activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans. Communicate all scheduled programming, events and activities to staff, parents, and students in a timely fashion.

·       Ensure background check paperwork is filled out and submitted for all volunteers.

·       Lead the development of the Student Ministry budget to provide for ministry needs regarding programming and capital needs.

·       Perform other duties as needed.



Benefits: Full time position at 40 hours. Gross salary package will be determined based on education and years of experience in ministry. Specific details and benefits offered as designated in the LCPC Employee Handbook.

Degree required with at least 1 year of student ministry experience.

Interested applicant send resume to: Kellyt@libertycorner.org and Dfgreco920@aol.com

Full Time Student Ministry, Children Ministry And Small Group Director.  The person filling this position will be responsible for effectively developing, organizing, and supervising the Student Ministry and Children Ministry of First United Methodist Church for the purpose of making and growing students into disciples of Jesus Christ.  They will lead a team of small group leaders in the growth of a healthy, relational, and outward focused small group ministry that seeks to grow deep relational connections and a growing relationship with Jesus.  Job description, application, and information about First United Methodist Church in North Platte, Nebraska is available at firstchurchnp.com.  Closing date is August 10, 2020.

“I came to the Ranch a broken, drug-addicted, selfish, and angry person.” When Shane left home to come to Christian Encounter Ranch, he was on probation, had failed in school, had no father and a homeless mother, and carried only broken dreams. At the Ranch, he encountered something new: a loving, supportive community equipped to step into the pain trapping him. For 50 years, we’ve welcomed young people who were abused in all ways, slicing their bodies, refusing to eat, and overwhelmed by trauma. Young people who are dying on the inside from lack of hope. At our residential refuge, they receive food and shelter, licensed counseling, state-recognized high school education with extensive tutoring, job training, and much more. We work toward family reconciliation, provide a bridge to further schooling, encourage spiritual growth and artistic expression, and prepare our residents for a productive and meaningful life.


Our youth care interns directly impact students like Shane. You could be a part of this life-changing ministry.


Ministering to these hurting young people is both demanding and rewarding.  Students experience rapid growth, and interns develop additional spiritual maturity and endurance.  As servant-leaders, interns model the Christian life as they live and work alongside the students.  A staff of committed Christian professionals who have had many years of residential ministry experience provide guidance for the intern team. New interns receive one week of orientation, verbal and written instruction, and helpful direction and advice from senior interns.  Internships range from 90 days to 2 years.

Each intern disciples one to three students and teaches group Bible studies on a rotation basis.  Interns are hard-working supervisors of the students and perform daily assignments that include practical activities–cooking, cleaning, and various maintenance tasks on our 86-acre campus (affectionately called “the Ranch”).
​​Interns also oversee a dorm room with two or three students.  Many teachable moments arise during the daily activities as well as during recreation times (e.g. boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, ball games, “hanging out,” etc.).  There are also various opportunities to minister in other ways according to interest and gifting.


Fill out the form at https://www.christianencounter.org/request-info.html to begin the intern application process.

Job Description HERE

The Director of Youth Ministry supports the mission of Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church “To intimately know and boldly follow Jesus” by leading ministry for middle school and high school students.  The position is responsible for the recruitment, training, and development of volunteers; the development of programming for large group time; the discipleship of students through small groups; and coordinating youth mission trips and retreats.

The ideal candidate is:

  • A capable and engaging communicator, competent in both teaching students and working with adults
  • Possesses a flexible and teachable spirit, able to adapt to changing circumstances and learn new skills
  • Must be a Christian of mature faith and good reputation with a desire to serve Christ’s church.  Must be a regular attender of worship services at current church and serving in ministry.
  • Subscribes to and affirms the Mission and Vision of SEPC and EPC Essentials of Our Faith. Able to uphold the system of doctrine contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Agrees and lives in accordance with EPC Position Paper on Human Sexuality. Able to work effectively in an environment which disciples and ordains both men and women as leaders.

About Us:

Saddlerock EPC is a congregation of just under 400, striving together “To intimately know and boldly follow Jesus.” We are situated in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley in Central Washington, a great place to serve the Lord! Check out our website at www.saddlerockepc.org, or find us on Facebook @SaddlerockEPC.


To plan, develop, and implement programs for all Children and Youth (Birth -12 grade) at Gladeville UMC, and the surrounding community, that encourages them  to become disciples of Jesus Christ.  It is our goal that each youth and child experiences the love and grace of God, that encourages growth in the practice of faith and understanding of scripture so that they are equipped to be faithful disciples while in school and beyond.



  • Must be a fully committed follower of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Must be able to work as a team member with other Gladeville UMC staff.
  • Be able to develop teams of congregation members to further Children and Youth Ministries at Gladeville UMC.
  • Be a person of good integrity.
  • Have a  good understanding of, and be able to articulate, the teachings of Scripture and Wesleyan tradition.
  • A love for serving children and youth and helping them develop their walk with Jesus Christ.
  • Have a college degree.
  • Minimum 2 years experience working in youth ministry in a local church, and a good knowledge of youth development.
  • Effective written and spoken communication skills as well as organizational and leadership skills.
  • Must be at least 23 years of age to comply with our Safe Sanctuaries Policy and Procedures.  The person selected must complete Safe Sanctuary Training and Boundaries and Sexual Ethics Training provided by the TN Annual Conference within the first month (courses are available online).


  • Pray for the youth of Gladeville UMC, and their families.
  • Teach and lead students in Christ-centered spiritual formation and help students to practice Christianity on a daily basis.  The Director of Student Ministries will lead a Youth class during our Wednesday night FUEL program, and a Youth program on Sunday evenings.
  • Build relationships with the students and their families to understand the individual and collective needs of the children and youth at Gladeville UMC and in the Gladeville community.
  • Be responsible for the recruitment of Sunday School teachers for children, youth, and college age (when needed) classes.
  •  Plan curriculum for bible studies, small groups, and mission projects.
  • Work with the Pastor as needed regarding Confirmation.
  • Communicate regularly with parents and youth about children/youth ministries at Gladeville UMC through (but not limited to) social media, newsletter, bulletins, calendars, and other appropriate means.
  • Ensure that all children and youth programs of Gladeville UMC are conducted in an environment fully compliant with Gladeville UMC Safe Sanctuary Policy & Procedures.
  • Lead the Children/Youth MinistryTeams.  These teams support the Director of Student Ministries in developing, planning, and implementing children and youth ministries at Gladeville UMC.
  • Prepare annual budgets for children and youth ministries at Gladeville UMC for submission to the Finance Committee during the annual budgeting process.
  • Secure approval of the Pastor, finance chair and administrative council for any un-budgeted expenditures prior to committing to the purchase.
  • Communicate all issues and concerns to the pastor in a timely manner.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Pastor and/or SPRC.


  • Attend all Worship Services at Gladeville UMC in which a majority of our children and youth attend.
  • Attend all staff-meetings.
  • Oversee all children and youth functions/events at Gladeville UMC.
  • Meet with the Pastor as requested.
  • Be available to parents and youth.
  • Drug test and background check are required prior to employment.


  • This position reports to the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Senior Pastor, and the SPRC.
  • The Director of Student Ministries will receive an semi-annual evaluation from the Pastor and the Staff Parish Relations Committee.
  • The Pastor may also give feedback as deemed necessary.
  • The first year on staff will be a probationary period.  The candidate will be provided  quarterly reviews during this time, with semi-annual reviews thereafter.


  • Salary is $38k – $42k per year
  • Vacation Time two weeks during the first year; and three weeks thereafter.