First United Methodist Church of Decatur, Alabama is seeking a part-time Director of Children’s Ministries (DCM).  As part of our church’s ministry team the DCM will plan, manage, and execute the Children’s Ministry Program for children in the nursery through 5th grade. The DCM must have the ability to develop and lead programs that bring and assimilate new families with children into the church.

As the leader of children’s ministries, the DCM will provide spiritual guidance and care for the children who participate in our programs, for their parents, volunteer workers, and guests. The DCM will coordinate plans for children’s ministries that support the goals and objectives of the church and will work collaboratively with other staff members and ministry teams to accomplish these goals and objectives. The DCM must be able to work as part of a team, delegate, mentor, and grow church volunteers.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Proven experience in building relationships grounded in Christ’s love.
  2. Experience leading children using creative ideas to strengthen their faith.
  3. Experience building and working with a team.
  4. Four-year college degree, graduate, or professional studies in Children’s Ministries.
  5. Experience in a variety of communication platforms including social media, print, and public speaking.
  6. Experience in a variety of computer applications including, but not limited to Microsoft Office Software, including Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook.

In addition, applicants must be eligible to work in the United States, have a valid driver’s license, and an acceptable driving record. Before being hired applicants will be required to complete a drug screen, background, and credit check. Please include a cover letter with a resume and professional references when you apply. Application materials may be submitted to info@decaturfumc.org. Current information about Children’s Ministries at Decatur First United Methodist Church.

To serve Bethany Ballard by developing ministries to equip and support parents in their primary role as nurturers of their family’s faith in Christ. To lead the efforts in welcoming and serving each person who comes to Bethany Ballard.

We are looking for a married male pastor that has had 5 years church leadership experience. Ability to work with a team and to take guidance from Elders and Sr Minister. Must be willing to learn and use their gifts and abilities in other areas of the church should the occasion arise.

•The Associate Pastor of Students at the Rushsylvania Church of Christ provides leadership that helps the Church to achieve its mission within the Kingdom of God. The Associate Pastor of Students is responsible for the leadership of ministries and programs to teens.
•The Associate Pastor of Students serves as the primary teacher for Student Ministry Programs.
•The Associate Pastor of Students purposefully communicates the vision of the Student Ministry to participants and ministry leaders.
•The Associate Pastor of Students at the Rushsylvania Church of Christ oversees the planning, development, and implementation of student ministry programs and student ministry events. The Associate Pastor of Students directs these ministries in accordance with the policies of the Elders.
•The Associate Pastor of Students promotes the spiritual welfare of the student ministry team as a whole. He helps individuals receive appropriate pastoral care and guidance.
•Develops an atmosphere and relationship of discipleship with students.
•Communicates timely and effectively with parents of students.
•Available to visit students and parents during physical, emotional or spiritual hardship.
•The Associate Pastor of Students reports directly to the Senior Pastor in the performance of his duties.
•The Board of Elders corporately entrusts the Associate Pastor of Students with the authority to be the primary leader of the student ministry team.
•The Associate Pastor of Students may be an Elder of the Church and a member of the Board of Elders.
•The Associate Pastor of Students answers only to the Senior Pastor and Board of Elders when they act corporately as the Board.
•The Associate Pastor of Students is encouraged to bring any matters he sees as important to the Board of Elders for counsel and advice.
•The Board of Elders, by way of the Senior Pastor, will hold the Associate Pastor accountable and responsible for his performance.
•Plans, prepares, and teaches weekly lessons for the Student Ministry programs.
•Purposefully plans the calendar of events for Student Ministries well in advance (9-12 months)
•Creates and manages an annual budget for the Student Ministry, being purposeful in allocation and spending of resources.
• Spends time evaluating and planning areas of responsibility.
• Maintains accurate and organized records of ministry (lessons taught, curriculum used, event details).
• Spends time with students at community events (athletic events, band concerts, graduations, etc.).
• Recruits, equips, and leads volunteers to fulfill roles in the Student Ministry.
• Counsels and advises students as needed while maintaining appropriate safeguards and accountability.
• Incorporates various contemporary tools into his leadership to communicate the vision and message.
• Coordinates large outreach events for students in the community.
• Demonstrates a desire and commitment to growing and expanding knowledge in ministry duties (reading
books, ministry-specific training conferences and seminars).
• Attends bimonthly Elder’s Meetings.
• Provides a monthly report to the Elders with an emphasis on developing and fulfilling plans for the nurture and
evangelization of students.
• Provides appropriate content for the monthly newsletter and website in keeping with ministry responsibilities.
• Conducts weddings, funerals and baptisms; makes hospital and shut-in visits as necessary.
• Preaches during the Sunday Morning worship service as needed.
• Submits to the Word of God and the ways of God in both personal and professional matters.
• Demonstrates an authentic and maturing relationship with Jesus.
• Keeps regular office hours and leaves direction when he cannot be reached.
• Shows a desire to work diligently and effectively.
• Delegates as appropriate.
• Uses work time and resources efficiently.
• Takes responsibility for getting things done.
• Follows tasks through to completion.
• Treats fellow staff with respect and compassion.
• Has an understanding of teen culture and relevant social issues
• Is comfortable and effective ministering in a rural culture.