Full Time; $40,000-50,000
Salary & Benefit Package

OVERALL OBJECTIVE OF THE POSITION:The Director of Youth Ministry will provide primary leadership and support for the youth ministry program and work to lead an integrated ministry, partnering with parents and the broader church family to successfully disciple students in Jesus Christ.
Mount Olympus Church is a relaxed, intergenerational congregation nestled on the east bench of the Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, Utah.


·      Foster a life of personal prayer and devotion, including taking a weekly Sabbath.
·      To provide opportunity for students to grow in following Jesus Christ.
·      To recruit, train, lead, guide, equip, and care for the youth ministry volunteers as they work together to provide leadership for youth ministry in the congregation. This includes having regular meetings to train, inform and resource lay leadership.
·      To work in partnership with the Youth Ministry Team to enable the team to keep the goals and objectives for youth ministry clear and in focus, as well as specific, measurable and attainable.
·      To function as a communication link among the various facets of the youth ministry program, and the main connection to the church staff, the elders and the congregation. This includes attending church staff meetings.
·      To provide leadership for youth fellowship meetings, retreats, mission trips and other youth ministry activities, including planning and leading fundraising efforts.
·      To provide pastoral care to youth and their families.
·      To model and provide a ministry example built on relational discipleship.  This will be shown by becoming personally acquainted with and invested in youth and their families, and their needs, hopes, and problems, giving particular attention to those with special needs.
·      To lead and oversee the process for formal membership/baptism for the youth of the congregation.
·      To engage in personal, spiritual and professional growth through personal study and participation in workshops, seminars and other continuing education events.


·      Ministry programming marked by the commitment to invite students to experience Jesus Christ and become his passionate followers.
·      Youth regularly professing faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; becoming his passionate followers and leading to spiritual growth and commitment to Jesus Christ of youth and their families.
·      A trained, effective, and cared-for volunteer staff of leaders made up of members of the congregation, operating a dynamic and multi-faceted youth ministry program where loving relationships with students are the priority.


·      Excellent organizational and communications skills (verbal, written, and using electronic means)
·      Strong administrative, leadership and relational skills
·      Knowledgeable in Student Ministries with at least 2 years of experience. College degree desired/required (could be close to completion), preferably with a focus on ministry.
·      Theological and philosophical alignment with PCUSA
·      Ability to multi-task with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and positive attitude
·      Team player and team builder with a focus on the vision of the whole church
·      Efficient time management skills, with the ability to balance numerous requirements
·      Ability to learn quickly, multi-task and work independently as well as, part of a team


Please submit resume/cover letter to jdwhite@mtopres.org, she will follow-up with application information and next steps.

POSITION: Kids Ministry Director
REPORTS TO: Pastor Matt & Raven Cannon, Kids Pastors
● Must be available Sundays from 7am-2pm
● Monday – Thursday office hours / special events for kids ministry
POSITION OVERVIEW: Cornerstone’s Kids Ministry is passionate about planting seeds of faith in the
children of San Francisco and cultivating a love for Jesus Christ. We want our children to be spiritually
alive and unified in Christ!
We are looking for the right person to join our team to direct one of our Kids Ministry Campus
locations under the direct leadership of the Kids Pastors. We have two locations, one in downtown
San Francisco in the Mission district and one at Riordan High School. The Kids Ministry Director
manages the execution of high-quality kids’ ministry for three Sunday services at one location. This
includes overseeing staff and volunteer leaders as they fill their various roles.
Operating as one church, two locations. The director will work in conjunction with and under the
leadership of the Kid’s Pastors daily. The Kids Ministry Director also plays a key role in special events
planned by the Kids Ministry.
Skills required to fulfill this job include excellent communication and organizational skills. The Kids
Ministry Director will be someone who loves Jesus, connects well with children, takes initiative, and
has a positive attitude. They should be a leader who is empathetic, discerning, loving, kind, and full of
energy and life. And of course, they should LOVE children!
● Lead weekly Sunday Kids services and other events at either the Mission or Riordan Campus
○ Set up, break down, and execute
○ Lead operations of classrooms / check-in & out
● Help with leading volunteer teams and recruiting new volunteers
● Administrative responsibilities, including scheduling, sending e-updates, keeping inventory
supplies, communicating to volunteers, and delivering curriculum content to teachers.

Cornerstone Church of San Francisco • 3459 17th

Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 • (415) 861-2439

Offices • 150 Executive Park Blvd., Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA 94134

● Stays accountable to the Kids Pastors weekly for mentorship and direction.
● Leads on Sundays in pre/post set up, host prayer for the volunteers, and welcomes families as
they arrive on Sundays at check-in stations. Manages volunteers and families with enthusiasm
and trust.
● Fill in as teacher/assistant in classrooms as needed or to help coach other volunteers.
● Meet weekly with the Kids Team and Kids Pastors.
● Will help coordinate special events along with Kids Pastors and the Admin Assistant.
● Work closely with the Kids Pastors to implement the vision of Kids at Cornerstone across the
entire kids ministry.

● Excellent computer and communication skills and can multitask.
● Experience in children’s ministry and/or studies in children’s ministry.
● Desires to work with a team.
● Experience working with early childhood or elementary children.
● Bachelor’s Degree preferred
● Works well with systems for check-in, management of databases and presenting media in
classrooms. (ex. Planning Center Online & Propresenter, Google Docs and Spreadsheets,
Google Drive, Excel, Pages or Microsoft Word)

● Personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
● A lifestyle that serves as a model of authentic commitment to Christ
● Passion for children and leading them to Jesus
● Outgoing and charismatic personality who easily connects with families
● Strong interpersonal communication skills
● Hardworking team player who is eager to learn and takes initiative
● Trustworthy, responsible, and dependable
● Strong organizational and administrative skills
● Excels at time management
● Commitment to the church body outside of kids ministry, including attending weekly Sunday
service, supporting body-wide initiatives, and active involvement in a small group
TO APPLY: Please email resume and cover letter to raven@cornerstonesf.org or
ABOUT CORNERSTONESF: CornerstoneSF is a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, non-denominational
Christian church in San Francisco. Hyphens aside, we’re a place where all kinds of people gather to
worship Jesus, and learn about Him for 60-ish minutes in a casual, yet sacred space. So no matter
which campus you’re at, our mission is the same: Live out our faith in Jesus, and invite others into life

with Him.

Cornerstone Church of San Francisco • 3459 17th

Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 • (415) 861-2439

Offices • 150 Executive Park Blvd., Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA 94134


Transitional Director of Spiritual Formation

About Us: Oxford Presbyterian Church is a diverse congregation, called together to care for one another and worship Jesus Christ. Located in downtown Oxford, PA, the congregation views its neighborhood as its primary venue for ministry. The worshipping body averages about 170 people each Sunday, representing a diverse array of viewpoints, ages, and life circumstances. As the spiritual home to a number of young families and located just steps away from a large retirement community, OPC desires to better facilitate the discipleship and spiritual formation of all ages.


Position Title: Transitional Director of Spiritual Formation

Status: Full Time (For a term of six months. Renewable by action of the Administration and Personnel Committee. The Transitional Director may apply for the permanent position by invitation of the session.)

Compensation: Commensurate with Experience

Accountability: The Transitional Director of Spiritual Formation reports to the Pastor/Head of Staff and the Session.

Relationships: The Transitional Director of Spiritual Formation will work in close cooperation with the Pastor/Head of Staff, the Christian Education Committee and its chairperson, the Worship Committee and its chairperson, the Director and Board of the Oxford Community Preschool, volunteers, and families of program participants.


•   A passionate and contagious faith in Jesus Christ.

•   A familiarity and general agreement with Presbyterian polity, Reformed theology, and the denominational identity of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

•   A bachelors degree (Masters preferred) with an emphasis in Christian Education, Children’s education, or a related field.

•   Christian Educator certification, ordination, or certification of readiness to receive a call in the PC(USA) is preferred

•   3+ years of professional experience in program coordination for children, youth, and families

•   Aptitudes in leadership, teamwork, teaching, recruiting and delegation.

•   A proven track record of excellent communication, administration, and organization

•   An ability to engage a diverse array of theological and social beliefs with an inclusive and loving spirit


•   Collaborate with the Pastor/Head of Staff, Christian Education and Worship Committees, and other volunteers on a strategic plan for the spiritual formation of persons of all ages.

•    Collaborate with the Pastor/Head of Staff and Christian Education and Worship Committees to develop parental and congregational involvement with children and youth.

•   Acquire and adapt curriculum materials to address the specific needs of the congregation.

•   Recruit, vet, train, and support a dynamic and engaged Sunday school and Children’s Church teaching staff.

•   Facilitate the youth group meeting twice per month.

•   Encourage, promote, and participate in spiritual development, fellowship, and service opportunities for youth such as retreats, conferences, mission trips, day outings, etc.

•   Identify and develop opportunities for the participation of children and youth in
worship in coordination with the Pastor/Head of Staff and chair of the Worship Committee.

•   Develop and promote programs and home-study curriculum to encourage families in their discipleship and spiritual formation.

•   Develop a communication strategy for keeping program participants, their families, and the congregation informed and engaged in the congregation’s ministries of spiritual formation.

•   Aid in ensuring all required clearances are filed, trainings completed, and security and safety protocol are enacted.

Cover Letters and Resumes (or PIFs) may be sent to: staffingOPC@gmail.com


The Menlo Kids Director will work to lead an integrated ministry that partners with parents and the broader church family to successfully launch children into a lifetime of faith in Jesus Christ.

Position Responsibilities

  • Implement the Menlo Kids strategy that draws families into the church
  • Recruit, train, and lead volunteer leaders
  • Oversee weekly weekend ministry experience
  • Build a relational and effective Kids Ministry team
  • Minister to families connecting what happens on weekends to what happens at home
  • Engage with parents
  • Manage campus Menlo Kids staff
  • Work closely with Central Ministry Leader and Central Staff of Menlo Kids

Position Qualifications

  • Knowledgeable in Kids Ministries with at least 2 years of experience; 5 years is preferred
  • Experience in building and leading teams
  • Very strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and positive attitude
  • Team player and team builder with a focus on the vision of the whole church
  • Efficient time management skills, with the ability to balance numerous requirements.
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently as well as, part of a team.
  • Demonstrated ministry leadership experience in a large, multifaceted church.
  • Strong administrative, leadership and relational skills
  • Ability to use Excel, Fellowship One, Pro-Presenter, Mail Chimp, Word and Planning Center online.
  • Experience overseeing and developing both staff and lay ministry teams


Thank you very much for considering this position, PLC is a great place to work!   You can find a full application packet at www.plc-church.org/employment.


Position Description

Position title: Director of Youth Ministries
Position type: Paid, Full Time
Reports to: Associate Pastor


The Director of Youth Ministries is responsible for the spiritual development of high school students, college students, and young adults connected with PLC. The Director also works in collaboration with the Director of Children’s Ministry to lead events for middle school students. The Director will mentor and guide students and young adults to seek God and His word in all circumstances, shepherd students in a personal relationship with Jesus, and inspire students to abide in Jesus and be a light in their community. The Director will establish collaborative working relationships with other directors and pastors to support the overall mission of PLC. The Director will succeed in their area of oversight by leading, teaching, and supporting.


1. Lead: Develop, coordinate, manage and implement ministry opportunities for students in grades 7-12 with a focus and emphasis on grades 9-12.
2. Lead: Provide a weekly opportunity for high school students to connect for worship, teaching, prayer, serving, and developing relationships.
3. Lead: Plan and execute the Refuge middle school ministry on a monthly basis and lead periodic events for middle school students.
4. Lead: Develop and coordinate age-appropriate spiritual growth opportunities for post high school students and young adults (ages 18-25).
5. Lead: Supervise, equip, and train volunteer and paid teams, including: Youth Mentors, Interns, and Serve Team Members.
6. Lead: Invite, empower, and encourage Youth Board members. Lead Youth Board meetings submitting plans, budgets, and calendars to that body for approval.
7. Lead: Create an atmosphere where students can enjoy being with one another while growing closer to Jesus while being available and actively engaged in the lives of students.
8. Lead: Regularly encourage youth to participate in the life of the church, including regular participation in Sunday worship, fellowship, and mission events.
9. Teach: Teach the Bible in a practical and engaging way with a theological understanding in agreement with the creeds and confessions of the Lutheran Church.
10. Support: Plan and execute fundraisers in collaboration with the Youth Board.
11. Support: Be present at events on local high school campuses, supporting students to develop new relationships, and be an influence for Christ on campus.
12. Perform other duties as required.


1. College graduate with bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Degree in ministry from a Christian university preferred.
2. Ability to teach the Christian Faith from a Lutheran perspective as identified by the Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church or a plan to reach proficiency.
3. Experience in youth ministry leadership including roles in managing and administering youth programs in a church or camp setting.
4. Experience serving or participating in a vibrant youth ministry.
5. Ability to lead a team of volunteers.
6. Excellent organizational and communications skills (verbal, written, and using electronic means).
7. Ability to be flexible, adaptable, and teachable while working in a fast-paced environment.
8. Demonstrated ability to operate as a team player.
9. Self-starter and quick learner.
10. Kind, professional, and friendly demeanor.


1. A Christian of good character and reputation, having a strong Christian witness, attending worship regularly, and modeling faith to others.
2. A person who can maintain a good working relationship with others; one who is “team oriented.”
3. A person who enthusiastically endorses the core values and mission of PLC’s ministry.
4. You must love Jesus and like high school and middle school youth.


40+ hours a week

CrossLife Church is a dynamic, multi-site, Southern Baptist church located in the metro-Orlando area with a membership of 5000+ and regular weekly attendance of 2000+. We are looking for an experienced Student Pastor to lead our High School ministry and supervise our Middle School ministry.


Principal Function: The High School Pastor’s principle function is to implement and carry out a vision to lead high school students in a program of evangelism, discipleship and ministry, as well as supervise the Middle School ministry.


Responsibilities and expectations include but aren’t limited to:


1. Be a team player as part of the CrossLife staff in supporting the Pastor and the church’s vision.

2. Live as an example of Christ before the students, church and community.

3. Build relationships with students.

4. Enlist and train volunteers to minister to students. (Ephesians 4:11,12)

5. Organize Small Group ministry for growth, caring and discipleship.

6. Recruit and train student leaders.

7. Plan and conduct quality Sunday morning and Wednesday night programs.

8. Grow the High School Ministry numerically.

9. Reach High School students for Christ as a priority. (Evangelism – Matthew 8:19,20)

10. Disciple High Schoolers through Biblical content, relationships and ministry experiences. (Colossians 2:6)

11. Inform parents and include them in the ministry.

12. Visit and contact High Schoolers on a weekly basis.

13. Plan, organize and implement special events and trips (e.g. mission trips, camps, special weekends, and outreach events).

14. Seek ongoing personal training and growth opportunities as a High School Pastor.

15. Establish trusting relationships with local High School campuses, visiting weekly.

16. Supervise the Middle School Pastor and Ministry.

17. Participate in general ministerial duties (e.g. hospital visits, funerals, counseling, etc.) as assigned by the Pastor.




The Student Ministry Associate position is a full-time, paid position. A college degree with biblical coursework and ministry experience is strongly preferred. The primary responsibility of this position is to lead Junior High Ministry, with oversight from our Student Ministries Pastor.  This is a two-year position that provides opportunity to learn and do youth ministry while discerning and affirming a vocational call. We ask the Student Ministry Associate to make a two-year commitment to this position, giving their heart and soul to God’s kingdom work while discerning gifts and calling in vocational ministry.

Student Ministries at Modesto Covenant Church is led by Caleb Byron – our Student Ministries Pastor.  Caleb provides overall direction to Student Ministries while focusing on High School Ministry. Our Student Ministries Associate leads our Junior High ministry, with oversight from Caleb.    The Junior High Youth Group at Modesto Covenant Church has about 30 students each week, with about 60 students on the roster. The Junior High ministry also has a team of 8 young adults who lead the ministry with the Student Ministry Associate.


Modesto Covenant Student Ministries exist through the power of the Holy Spirit to lead students to become fully devoted, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.   Our core values (around which we shape all ministry) are: Mission, Christ, Community.



Modesto Covenant Church is looking for someone who is:

Passionate in their relationship with Jesus Christ and growing in faith through the study of God’s Word, 
prayer, accountability, and fellowship
Desiring to use God-given gifts to love and disciple students
Discerning a call to vocational ministry
Outgoing, energetic, teachable, self-motivated
Able to clearly and creatively communicate biblical principles
Desiring to see young people come to know and experience Jesus so that they are growing in their faith and being used by God in their world
Capable of organizing and delivering weekly programmatic content as well as monthly events that combine fun, relationship-building and relevant Biblical content.


The primary responsibility of the Student Ministry Associate will be to assist the Student Ministries Pastor in the following areas of ministry.

Teach weekly at Jr. High Youth Group and biweekly Sunday School (Confirmation)

Recruiting/Training/Supporting Leaders
Assist in developing quality volunteer leaders for Jr. High School ministry
Assist in developing and training student leaders

Develop Discipleship Ministries
Initiate, plan, supervise and delegate discipleship ministries according to the MCC core values of Mission, Christ, Community for Junior High School students, including:
Midweek youth group meetings
Sunday School (Confirmation)
Mission trips and local mission experiences
Any other events or activities
Actively involved in discipleship of students and leaders

Outreach and Evangelism
Coordinate and lead local outreach and mission experiences
Plan outreach events and reaching out to students outside the church

Pastoral Care
Be intentional in developing and maintaining relationships with students, and to provide consistently sound, Biblical counsel to students

Database: print out attendance sheets, input attendance, maintain database
Events: purchase supplies, recruit drivers, maintain driver paperwork (according to MCC Transportation Policy), acquire medical release information for students
Process check requests
Weekly Meetings: prepare slides for announcements and message
Assist in maximizing our teaching curriculum resources, making the most of graphic content, social media recommendations, and parent communication tools

Communications and Publicity
Update and maintain social media accounts/remind app
Assist in creating flyers/communications for events
Communicate a calendar of events to church and parents through bulletin and email
Communicate regularly to parents through weekly emails and monthly parent team meetings

Personal and Professional Development
Meet weekly with the SM Pastor
Be a part of weekly pastoral staff meetings
Cultivate a growing relationship with God

Ministry involvements outside of Student Ministries
Participate in and support young adult ministry
Attend twice-a-month young adult group meetings
Support young adult leaders when possible
Intentionally connect with 6th graders coming into Jr. High Ministry
Attend Wednesday Night Club events in spring to meet 6th graders

Salary and Benefits

Base Salary: $18.17/hour for 36 hours/week, totaling $34,000/year (as a non-exempt employee, overtime pay is given for weekend retreats or events with prior authorization of SM Pastor)

Health Benefits: Individual medical, dental, vision, and disability (Premiums paid in full by Modesto Covenant Church. No employee contribution required other than co-pays or deductibles)

Or, a stipend of $100 per pay period in lieu of medical insurance

Ministry Expenses: To be reimbursed according to Student Ministries Budget

Seminary Classes: IGNITE PROGRAM – The church will provide $1500/year for seminary classes through the Ignite Program (half of the program cost), plus $600 in related costs.  The SM Associate would be responsible for the other half of the tuition costs plus additional expenses not covered. The Ignite Program allows participants to earn an MA degree in three or four years through North Park Seminary, taking four classes a year in a cohort through an extension program in the Pacific Southwest Conference http://pswc.org/ignite/.  It is not required that the SM Associate be involved with Ignite.

Vacation / Days Off

Annual paid vacation of ten workdays per year (2 weeks).

Six days of sick leave allowed per year

Moving Expenses

Reimbursement up to $1,000 for expenses to move to Modesto, to include transportation of personal belongings and travel expenses to Modesto.  Receipts must be submitted.

Church Description

Modesto Covenant Church is a great place to do ministry!  We are in a new season of ministry at our church having just finished a Sanctuary remodel with the addition of a new Front Room and Café.  We have a solid group of volunteer youth leaders and very supportive parents. Our numbers have been growing steadily over the past year and we are excited to be offering new programs and growth opportunities for students.

Our ministries to students – junior high, high school, and college – are vital to our church.  Through our core values of Mission, Christ, and Community we seek to  lead students to become fully devoted, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.  These core values are reflected in the weekly meetings, events, discipleship groups, and relational time spent with students.

Currently our High School Youth Group averages 40 students each week and our Junior High Youth Group averages 30 students. There are also about 15-20 college students that meet together regularly during the school year, more during the summer.  The primary focus of our Student Ministries Associate is to lead Junior High ministry and participate relationally within the young adults ministry. The Student Ministries Associate position is supervised by our Student Ministries Pastor. This is a full-time, two-year position that leads Junior High Ministry.  Our young adults ministry is currently led by a group of volunteers.

Modesto Covenant Church is a 60 -year old church with an average Sunday morning worship attendance of about 450.  We have two identical, multigenerational worship services on Sunday morning at 8:30 and 11:00 AM with a Sunday School hour in between the worship services.  The worship services are led each week by a band, vocal teams, and on occasion our worship also includes a praise choir, orchestra, and hand bells.

Modesto is located in the Central Valley of California with a population of 210,000.  While having many attactions of a larger city, Modesto maintains a small town feel.  Modesto is centrally located within a two-hour drive of the ocean (Santa Cruz, San Francisco) and mountains (including Yosemite National Park).  Modesto is also in the heart of one of the nation’s greatest agricultural areas, with dairy products, nuts, fruits, wine grapes, poultry products, and other products.

Persons interested in being considered for this position:

Email a cover letter and resume to Caleb Byron, Student Ministries Pastor at Modesto Covenant Church – caleb.byron@mcclife.net

Also, if possible, include a video or audio link of you teaching in your email.

Good News UMC is a fast growing United Methodist church located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. According to a recent US Census Bureau report Walton County is the 6th fastest growing county in the nation. Our church is experiencing a great season of growth and we are looking forward to transitioning our youth ministry position from part time to full time. This position will oversee 5th-12th grade. Last year we launched a new 5th and 6th grade Ministry that is thriving. We are looking for someone who is ready to be a part of our community and help build this program to last long into the future. Interested applicants can apply by emailing studentministry@goodnewsumc.net. If after receiving your application and we are interested in discussing further we will reach out to you to schedule an initial phone interview.

We are looking for a one to two year, full time Future Leader Intern to work with our student ministry team! Brandywine Valley Baptist Church is a church with around 1200 regularly involved people; located in between Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York. The Future Leader Intern position works under the youth pastor, in a team that includes a full time youth ministry assistant, part time administrative assistant, and about thirty volunteers.


As the Future Leader Intern, you would build experience teaching, leading a small group of students, leading mission trips (for example, this year we are sending teams to Belize, Bolivia, and two teams to Kentucky), hosting conferences and concerts, all nighters, and more. The ideal candidate is someone graduating this year with a youth ministry or ministry related degree, able to lead worship, looking to build experience and grow in leadership in a ministry that will give lots of opportunities to do so! Our youth pastor, Matthew McNutt, has been at BVBC for almost eleven years; and a youth pastor for 18 years total. Under his leadership, the team is given room to grow, make mistakes, and become stronger leaders. He is a firm believer in sharing the spotlight and giving others the opportunity to grow as teachers, leaders, speakers, etc.



  • One year, with (ideally) a potential second year, starting June 1st, 2019
  • $20,000 annual stipend (paid biweekly)
  • Housing provided (host home)


The Future Leader Intern will also be taken to the Youth Specialties NYWC conference, be given a full membership to the YMCA next door to our church, as well as free lunches at Five Guys when Matthew is craving one of their awesome burgers.



  • Experienced worship leader, able to mentor students in leading worship.
  • Ability to lead and teach students in large and small group settings.
  • Ability to organize projects and events.
  • Experience in student ministry, either as a volunteer or a paid staff member.
  • Assist in planning, training and spiritual leadership of mission trips.
  • Reports to Student Ministry Pastor


To Apply:

Send the following to Matthew McNutt (matthew.mcnutt@brandywine.church):

  • Resume, cover letter, references and testimony
  • Video of applicant leading worship (cell phone video is fine)


About Brandywine Valley Baptist Church:

  • www.Brandywine.church
  • www.Facebook.com/BrandywineStudents


Second Reformed Church in Fulton is seeking to hire a full-time Director of Youth Ministries.  The successful candidate will  have a college degree and some experience in working with youth.  The church has a designated building for the youth that is accompanied with a parsonage for the Youth Director.  We are seeking someone who has a passion for loving youth and helping them connect and grow in a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.  The church has demonstrated a strong commitment to the youth of our community with a great team of adult leaders to come alongside the Director of Youth Ministries.  If you love Jesus, students, and feel called to make a difference, we’d love to have a conversation with you.  More information and a job description can be found on our website, www.secondreformedchurch.net.  Please send a letter of interest and your resume to dymsearchteam@gmail.com.