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Job Description



Description:  The Director of Youth Ministries will also work together with a committed team of volunteers to develop and implement youth ministry in grades 6-12 (approximately 120 youth). They will build connecting relationships with teens families and the congregation; recruit, train and support volunteers; and lead youth activities including but not limited to Sunday School, Catechism, small groups, outreach projects and social gatherings.



1.       A relational faith in and with Jesus Christ.

2.       A solid biblical foundation.

3.       A love for Christ’s Church.

4.       A firm and personal commitment to Christian discipleship and making disciples.

5.       A commitment to teach in accordance with the Scriptures, the ecumenical creeds and the Lutheran confessional writings (especially Luther’s Small Catechism.)

6.       A heart for students which endeavors to treat others with dignity, respect, compassion, and professionalism.

7.       Leadership skills (administration, communication, organization, etc.)

8.       A self-starter who initiates ministry and builds Christian community within the entire congregation.

9.       Preferred candidates will have a college degree and/or previous experience working with youth and basic computer and technology skills.


Ministry Context:  Trinity Lutheran Church is a large congregation in a community of 20,000.  The congregation believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; seeks to uphold the biblical faith in areas of teachings and ethics.  We have a history of thriving youth ministry.

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

·      Attend worship and be involved in Sunday educational ministries for youth

·      Catechism coordinator and team leader (grades 7-8)

·      Wednesday Evening Teacher: Mosaic (grades 6-12)

·      Director of Youth Council (student leadership team)

·      Provide pastoral care and counsel to youth

·      High School Summer Mission Trip

·      Supervise other part-time youth staff members

·      Administrate program: organize, publicize, keep records,

·      Recruit adult volunteers as teachers, mentors, supervisors

·      Have regular office hours and attend weekly church staff meeting

·      Administrate finances of youth program


Accountability:   Regular supervision and direction will come from the Senior Pastor.

Hours:   Full time – Salaried with benefits.  Requires work on weekends and evenings when necessary.


The purpose of the Director of Family Ministries at Bayside Baptist Church is to draw our church community closer together so that we can draw closer to God through the spiritual development of families, youth and children as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.  This is a full-time, salaried position.  Days and hours of work will be flexible and determined by supervisor(s). The Director of Family Ministries will report directly to the Associate Pastor.

Breakaway Ministries // Production Director Job Description

The role of the Production Director at Breakaway Ministries is to achieve the highest level of excellence in carrying out the mission of the ministry in all areas of production.

Responsibilities //

•  Produce a weekly worship gathering for 2,000-8,000 college students meeting in the major venues on the campus of Texas A&M University (Kyle Field, Reed Arena, Olsen Field, and Rudder Auditorium)

•  Oversee and lead all areas of production (staging, audio, video, and lighting)

•  Coordinate and oversee the setup and tear down of the entire production setup (staging, audio, video, and lighting) every Tuesday night

•  Rebuild Breakaway’s livestream experience and maximize its impact in the lives of hundreds of online viewers

•  Enhance the quality and extend the reach of Breakaway’s podcast which is currently reaching thousands around the world

•  Build strong relationships with production companies. Receive and evaluate bids, schedule companies, and sign and pay contracts as needed throughout the year

•  Oversee, lead, and develop production related volunteer teams including Roadie and Media teams (41 students)

•  Design stage, lighting, and audio layouts

•  Work with Breakaway staff members to determine production needs for other Breakaway events (Breakaway Institute, volunteer events, donor events, etc.) and then oversee all aspects of production at these events

•  Maintain, repair, and purchase Breakaway production equipment as needed

•  Work closely with Breakaway staff to ensure weekly logistics and needs have been communicated with venues


•  Passionate follower of Christ

•  Strong character

•  Team player

•  Previous experience with live production for large events

•  General knowledge of the operation, maintenance, and management of a wide variety of multi-media equipment including audio consoles, lighting, and digital video systems

•  Clear and effective communication skills, both orally and in writing

•  Effective leadership skills and proven experience

•  Able to set deadlines and meet them

•  Able to work in a fast-paced environment

GCF is a Non-Denominational Church with a rich baptist heritage, located in the finger lakes region of CNY. We were formerly known as Homer Baptist but changed our name in 2004 when we moved into our new facility located strategically between the towns of Cortland and Homer. Our Church has 650-700 people at our two weekend contemporary services.

Job Description:

The purpose of the Youth Ministry at Grace Christian Fellowship is about providing leadership, discipleship, and direction for the Teens of Cortland NY. The primary focus should be on integrating teens from the Homer and Cortland area and surrounding communities into the Youth Ministry at GCF. The Youth Pastor will also be responsible for building and equipping an effective adult leadership team, producing excellent Youth Group experiences, and leading strong on the weekend.


1. Provide an organized weekly meeting for JR/SR High teens that incorporate Bible Study and Small groups through the Fall, Winter, and early Spring.

  • Develop teen Leaders
  • Find Creative ways for outreach
  • Recruit and Equip volunteers to work with teens
  • Lead and provide service opportunities with teens

2. Think through, develop, and implement Sunday morning groups for JR/SR High students. This program should run similar to the school year: Sept – June.
Recruit Leaders/Teachers to work with Teens on Sunday morning

  • Assist in Sunday morning Worship as needed outside of teen classes
  • Train/Equip leaders for this task
  • Create an easy entry point and exit point for teachers/leaders

3. Connect relationally with the youth, youth leaders, and parents.

4. Follow up with new attenders of Youth Group and Sunday Morning activities.

5. Focus primarily on Homer and Cortland High schools to develop outreach opportunities to the teens utilizing volunteers and teachers who are connected to GCF.

6. Organize Fall event(s) for students; Organize winter/spring event(s) for students. 7. Set an example of godly character and lifestyle.



  • Ability to develop adults and students to assume leadership roles
  • Ability to relate to others, including adult leaders and the youth
  • Capable of understanding and excelling the current youth ministry model
  • Clearly explain complicated processes and regulations
  • Provide objective solutions to complaints/inquiries
  • Take initiative and jump headfirst into a fast-paced, evolving ministry environment


  • Effective at multi-tasking and time management
  • Excellent verbal, written, and oral communication skills
  • Experience with programming of experiences and events for teens
  • Exceptional problem solving skills


  • Strong working knowledge of office equipment and software use
  • Solid understanding of the Bible
  • Basic understanding of youth ministry
  • Competent in regards to technology and social media

Essential Traits-

  • Administrative skills
  • Teaching Ability
  • Strong Communication
  • Leadership
  • Strong People skills
  • Able to recruit leaders
  • Delegating
  • Strong work ethic with ability to cast/work towards a vision for Youth Ministry
  • Coaching Skills

• Prefer a Bachelors level degree or higher

Working Conditions:

This position receives general direction while working from established policies and objectives. This position plans and carries out assignments and will resolve most conflicts that arise. Completed work is generally monitored only to determine the effectiveness in meeting position/team objectives. This role works in a fast-paced environment with multiple daily interruptions. It is essential for this role to balance daily responsibilities, while maintaining a high level of concentration.


New Bridge Community Church is looking for a High School Youth Leader 


Mission Statement
The goal of the High School Ministry is to make disciples who love God, love one another, and make His love known.

The Youth Leader reports to the Associate Pastor. The Associate Pastor provides an annual evaluation of the Youth Leader’s performance, based on an agreed Ministry Action Plan (MAP).

Part-time, 20 hours per week for $23K per year. This is a starting schedule and compensation package only.  More hours could be spent as the need and group size increases.  Reviews and adjustments are made twice a year.  Salary can be adjusted in view of practical experience and education.

The Primary Task
Develop and implement a comprehensive approach to student ministry. This comprehensive approach is based on the understanding of the primary task of youth ministry to:

·     Disciple the youth and young adults into a personal relationship with God in both large group and smaller relational environments.

·     Grow the youth ministry by creating attractive and compelling environments to which our youth can invite their non-Christian friends.

·     Build a team of passionate adult youth coaches to help mentor and disciple the youth.

·     Teach the youth and young adults the Gospel.

·     Provide them with opportunities to learn and growth in their relationship with Jesus.

·     Model the love of Jesus.

·     Challenge the youth and young adults to understand who they are in relation to God.

·     Support and assist the parents in the process of discipling their youth.

·     Equip the youth to demonstrate the Love of Jesus.


Qualifications and Aptitudes:
1.      Adhere to theology and values in harmony with NBCC’s mission and values as well as statements of belief at http://www.nbccoly.org/beliefs/

2.      Clear, observable commitment to Jesus Christ

3.      A relational and Leader heart

4.      3 plus years of experience in the area of youth ministry is preferred.

5.      Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a student and family ministry within the parameters of the church.

6.      Must have good written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills.

7.      Must have a proven ability to work effectively with youth, young adults, parents, diverse individuals, and teams of volunteers.

To apply:
Please send a cover letter and resume to nbccemployment@gmail.com. With the compensation package and logistical reasons in mind preference will be given to those who currently live or have ties to the Pacific Northwest.

Bethel Richland

Position Title: High School Ministry Director

Position Job Description: Lead and serve the high school by creating pathways to discipleship through equipped adults and students

Position Status: Exempt, Regular Full-time

Responsible to:  Next Generation Director

Spiritual Qualifications:

·       Personal relationship with Jesus Christ

·       Exhibits traits of a disciple of Jesus. Maintains a growing walk with the Lord.

·       Committed to following the membership covenant of Bethel.

·       Regular church attendance, small group participation, and attendance of major church events

·       Committed to understanding and aligning with the doctrine of Bethel Church

·       Teachable

General Qualifications:

·       Passion to help the next generation grow and become mature Christians

·       Ability to effectively communicate to various leadership audiences

·       Team player

·       Teaching gift and desire to teach students and adults (may fill the pulpit as requested by Sr. Pastor)

·       Strong, creative, and innovative leader

·       Ability to partner with parents

·       3+ years of experience leading a high school ministry


Responsibilities and Duties

·       Develop, assemble, and equip a group of adults to shepherd the students

·       Teach in the large group setting on a regular basis, and develop other teachers as well

·       Work with interns (to help lead the ministry)

·       Be apart of our Bethel sports leadership team

·       Develop, assemble, and equip student leaders

·       Provide pathways to discipleship in many areas (large group gatherings, small groups, retreats, fun activities, ministry trips, etc)

·       Hire and equip support staff such as coordinator. and music leads

·       Promote connection with students in the local high schools

·       Create a culture that reaches out

·       Create a culture of service (inside and outside the church)

·       Create weekly set list for NextGen services and communicate that to music coordinators by agreed upon timeline.

·       Schedule band members for NextGen services and communicate that to music coordinator by agreed upon timeline.

·       Monthly event for all worship team members that include students & leads

·       Attend weekly or bi-weekly meeting with ministry directors to discussion service planning and vision

·       Coordinate:

o    Leading Worship and creating a worship team

o    Leading of weekly rehearsals (personally or by trained leads)

o    Leading devotionals (personally or by the trained lead) before practice weekly



Specific Qualifications

·       An ability to turn Bethel’s vision into a strategy and workable plan

·       An ability for mentoring and developing others to effectively carry out ministry

·       An ability to reach students beyond those regularly attending

·       An effective communicator to both large and small groups

·       The maturity to both lead and to follow

·       An ability to oversee a large diverse ministry


Nothing in this job description restricts Bethel Church right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.