We are looking for a candidate to fill the position of Student Ministries Pastor (Youth Pastor) for our ministry “LP Students” at LifePointe. This includes Junior High (7th-8th grade), High School (9th-12th grade) and College age. The position reports directly to the Senior Pastor and is a contributing member of our leadership team, having input on church decisions. We are looking for someone to build upon a solid foundation within the Student Ministry and take it to the next level.




The Student Ministries Pastor is responsible for: 

  • Teaching, leading, developing and overseeing the Student Ministries at LifePointe: Junior High (7th-8th grade), High School (9th-12th grade) and College age.
  • Making disciples: Growing our Student Ministries numerically and spiritually by meeting agreed upon measurable goals, expectations and objectives
  • Working in harmony with other staff members and ministry team leaders to fulfill the church’s vision and mission


  • Growing a dynamic student ministry by:
    • Attracting, connecting and building relationships with students
    • Recruiting, developing and building relationships with adult leaders
    • Engaging parents
    • Inspiring life change through outstanding teaching
    • Creating a culture of community and service amongst students
    • Regularly be on school campus’ for student games, activities, etc., and build a culture where your leaders do the same
    • Entertain students and leaders in your home regularly
    • Provide consistent and regular outreach activities/events throughout the year (Increased activity/events schedule in the summer)


The Student Ministries Pastor should demonstrate their ability to: 

  • Possess a strong commitment to the dynamic of a team environment, with the ability to follow leadership directives at appropriate times
  • Take initiative; contribute expertise immediately
  • Demonstrate multi-faceted leadership in pastoral, administrative and organizational roles.
  • Be a gifted communicator: you will also have the opportunity to teach at our main weekend worship services.



Located in Elk Grove – a suburb of Sacramento, California – LifePointe is a non-denominational Christian Church planted 16 years ago by the Senior Pastor, Chris Delfs, through STADIA: New Church Strategies (www.stadia.cc). Visit our website at: lifepointe.org


We RELENTLESSLY pursue pointing people to the abundant, joy-filled life Jesus came to give us. Through a relational context, we pursue this abundant life by building GENUINE relationships with others – and developing a DEEPLY DEVOTED relationship with Jesus. We preach the word with PASSION! In theology we are biblically conservative but in methodology, our approach is culturally relevant!


Our dream for LifePointe is grand and the opportunities to grow and develop as a leader are enormous. We have a great team of staff, elders and church members who are looking for just the right person who has a servant’s heart and who wants to help LifePointe accomplish God’s vision for this church. Do you feel like you might be that individual?



  • Salary Negotiable
  • Full medical and dental provided
  • Retirement plan provided



View the full description of the Student Ministries Pastor, including how to apply on our website at: https://lifepointe.org/jobs/


Please read details about the position on our website (https://lifepointe.org/jobs/) BEFORE you submit an email and resume! DO NOT APPLY directly through youthspecialties!!!!!

Mountain Life Church is a dynamic, growing church with weekend attendance of 700. MLC is located in the beautiful mountain town of Park City, regularly listed as one of the top ten places to live in the US. We’re looking for a Student Ministry Pastor with a heart to reach students with the Gospel and a passion to develop and equip them in their faith. We’re seeking a leader with a proven track record of building and supporting volunteer teams which, in turn, build and support the students. Three years of experience in a mid to large size student ministry is preferred, along with a seminary or other relevant degree. This is a full time position with a competitive salary and benefits package. Send a cover letter and resume to steve@mountainlife.org. Please use “SMP Application” in the subject line of your email.

The director of youth ministries is responsible for the ministry to children grades 6-12.  The Youth Director will work with volunteers and parents to oversee the direction of the program.  The position is a 40 hour per week position and reports to the Pastor. The work days will generally be Sunday-Thursday with additional days as needed.


Minimum Qualifications

  • * a bachelor’s degree with emphasis on theology, youth ministry or education
  • * 3 years experience as a youth minister desired
  • * must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • * be a person who professes the Christian faith and is sympathetic with the purposes of The United Methodist denomination
  • * must be able to maintain and keep confidential information
  • * must be able to use Microsoft Office products and any type of technology used for presentations


Primary Responsibilities:

  • * plan and prepare weekly meetings for Sunday school and Sunday nights, organizing and leading volunteers, and choosing curriculum suitable for the age/maturity of the students
  • * stay abreast of new resources and changes in youth ministry and culture and adjust our programming as needed to maintain current and effective program
  • * schedule, plan, and lead in and out of town events such as camps, mission trips, and retreats
  • * actively seek out service opportunities for youth
  • * connect the youth group with the larger congregation by planning such activities and participating in regularly scheduled church-wide activities
  • * be a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to youth ministries
  • * develop relationships with youth and parents; follow-up with families if a student incurs multiple absences
  • * maintain regular communication and meetings with parents regarding events; involve and inform congregation of events on a regular basis
  • * facilitate Bible studies
  • * meet individually with students/family for study or counsel
  • * host meals for youth or find volunteers to do so
  • * ensure child protection guidelines are observed in all youth ministry settings
  • * meet one-on-one with the senior pastor weekly
  • * participate in weekly staff meetings
  • * lead weekly volunteer meetings
  • * maintain a department budget, collect all data to be submitted in a timely manner
  • * work with pastor to create Ministry Action Plan and be evaluated each year based on performance


Additional Responsibilities:

  • * meet with other ministry leaders for planning and assistance
  • * write newsletter articles when requested
  • * attend youth events (sports, music, graduations, etc.)
  • * lead parent meetings
  • * partner with schools to develop strategic ministry outreach program


The mission of Aldersgate United Methodist Church is to raise up deeply devoted disciples of Christ.  The Youth Director should guide and model the church youth to walk in line with our mission.  The candidate should possess some or all skills such as; servant leader, teaching, administrative and shepherding.   The candidate must be able to communicate and listen well. Communication will be a key component for this position.  The church needs an energetic advocate for the students.   To be successful in this position the Youth Director should be determined, great at follow-up and completing tasks, and very dependable.

Youth Pastor: Mercer Creek Church | Ellensburg, WA


Mission: The mission of Mercer Creek exists to advance God’s Kingdom by loving Jesus and making disciples.


We’re not on anyone’s map. You’ve never heard of us. You might admire our denomination, but you don’t know us.


Why? We are a micropolitan area in the middle of Washington (in fact, we rank #18 on all such
areas in the nation). We are a small college town surrounded by hay (it is the largest agriculture here). You’ve never heard of our town. You’ve never heard of our college.


We have rivers to fish and float on. We have mountains to snowboard, ski and snowmobile on.


We have hills to horseback ride, hunt, and hike on. We have four seasons. We have space, no traffic, and access to God’s beauty at our fingertips.


You can drive over the mountains and have all the city and busy you want. When you want it.


Our church is special. It almost died forty years ago, and today it is thriving. No weird internal politics. No odd beliefs. No big staff issues. No debt. We follow Jesus, love each other, and long to love our neighbor as ourselves. Sure, we may be the biggest church in town, but it’s not over the top. It’s hospitable. Healthy. Eager to grow. We are going to start more churches because more is better than bigger.


You know what we need: a high school pastor. Someone who knows how to build a ministry. Someone who has a passion in teenagers. Someone who will teach kids to fall in love with the God of the Universe. They need someone who will keep the main thing the main thing. They need a leader who will be around for a while and really invest.


Here’s what’s crazy: there is support, huge volunteer potential, and zero competition in this town. We have 300-400 college students who are part of our church community. We have 100 middle school students who are growing Jesus followers. But what we are lacking is a thriving high school ministry led by someone who knows how to establish culture and move students
into depth with Jesus.


This church wants to invest in the next generation—that drives us! In this next year we will be remodeling the youth center into a gym and establishing a new worship center primarily for youth.


We are going to do what it takes to find the right leader. We won’t settle. We need someone who God has gifted to oversee this entrepreneurial effort. We need the right person, who will do the right work.


Interested? Check out http://www.mercercreek.org


Send resume and cover letter to katrina.alldredge@mercercreek.org


508 Center St, Ashland, Ohio

Job Description



Description:  The Director of Youth Ministries will also work together with a committed team of volunteers to develop and implement youth ministry in grades 6-12 (approximately 120 youth). They will build connecting relationships with teens families and the congregation; recruit, train and support volunteers; and lead youth activities including but not limited to Sunday School, Catechism, small groups, outreach projects and social gatherings.



1.       A relational faith in and with Jesus Christ.

2.       A solid biblical foundation.

3.       A love for Christ’s Church.

4.       A firm and personal commitment to Christian discipleship and making disciples.

5.       A commitment to teach in accordance with the Scriptures, the ecumenical creeds and the Lutheran confessional writings (especially Luther’s Small Catechism.)

6.       A heart for students which endeavors to treat others with dignity, respect, compassion, and professionalism.

7.       Leadership skills (administration, communication, organization, etc.)

8.       A self-starter who initiates ministry and builds Christian community within the entire congregation.

9.       Preferred candidates will have a college degree and/or previous experience working with youth and basic computer and technology skills.


Ministry Context:  Trinity Lutheran Church is a large congregation in a community of 20,000.  The congregation believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; seeks to uphold the biblical faith in areas of teachings and ethics.  We have a history of thriving youth ministry.

Specific duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

·      Attend worship and be involved in Sunday educational ministries for youth

·      Catechism coordinator and team leader (grades 7-8)

·      Wednesday Evening Teacher: Mosaic (grades 6-12)

·      Director of Youth Council (student leadership team)

·      Provide pastoral care and counsel to youth

·      High School Summer Mission Trip

·      Supervise other part-time youth staff members

·      Administrate program: organize, publicize, keep records,

·      Recruit adult volunteers as teachers, mentors, supervisors

·      Have regular office hours and attend weekly church staff meeting

·      Administrate finances of youth program


Accountability:   Regular supervision and direction will come from the Senior Pastor.

Hours:   Full time – Salaried with benefits.  Requires work on weekends and evenings when necessary.