NSP is looking for campus ministry staff to bring Christ to millions of students. 
Are you one of them?

There are over 50 million public school students in America today, and most of them still need to meet Jesus Christ. This year, we’re impacting schools in 4 major metropolitan areas, but we’re praying and preparing to make an even bigger impact.

In the next three years, we seek to give 1 million students in 12 major cities across the nation the opportunity to hear the gospel. We are looking for leaders who want to help make that happen.

About the National School Project 
The National School Project is a rapidly growing ministry working to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to every high school in California, Illinois, and the nation. Our tagline – ’til every student has heard – is wide open and huge, and that’s how we operate. For the past 15 years, our team has been learning how to equip high school students as the leaders of a movement to reach the next generation for Christ, and we’ve seen amazing success. All glory to God, it’s been a wild ride and a thrilling place to work. Over the last few years, we started teams at 4 colleges and universities in Chicago, IL. Now, in addition to our home base in Southern California, we’re expanding through central California, Texas, Arizona, and the Midwest. In the coming years, we’ll be opening teams in several new states to coach students at hundreds of high schools to share the good news of Jesus Christ with their friends. Our growth is fueled by staff that love the gospel and are willing to trust God to raise the support to fund their positions (see more on that in our full job post).

The job of a Campus Ministry Staff is a big job because of our big mission. Each Campus Ministry Staff works to build a gospel movement that transforms lives at high schools and middle schools across a whole a region. Within this broad and challenging mission, this job has several clear roles:

  • Evangelist: We’re a gospel-ministry and all members of our team – especially those in leadership – are involved in sharing Christ. In addition to personally sharing Christ, Chapter Directors are responsible to instill this value into every level of the team and coach others to do the same.
  • Recruiter: We’re a volunteer-based ministry, always looking for good people to do their part to accelerate the mission before us. We believe that pretty much everyone we meet has some part to play in the mission, and we proactively make those connections.
  • Leadership Coach: NSP is a leadership-development organization. Everything we accomplish is done through people, so we continually equip students, volunteers, and team leaders to fully develop all the talents that God has given them. Your role will be one of influence, teaching, and inspiration, helping those under your care to grow into the good works that God has prepared for them to walk in.
  • Networker: Chapters are commissioned to reach schools across a geographic area. Surrounding each school is a Christian community of local churches and mature believers. You’ll work to build connections and partnerships with them, so that together you can reach the students in your areas of ministry.
  • Shepherd: Leading a team of people sometimes comes with interpersonal challenges (and sometimes crises). We look for Chapter Directors ready to guide and instruct people with grace and truth in the power of the Spirit.
  • Team Manager: Chapter Directors oversee part-time employees and volunteers, most of them college students. You’re responsible to ensure that all of them receive the training they need to be successful, and that they abide by NSP’s standards and protocols for ministry behavior.


To read our full job description, including job requirements and compensation model, and to apply, please visit  https://nationalschoolproject.applytojob.com/apply/TOQMkJiMbj/Explore-Campus-Ministry-With-NSP


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Title:                             One-Eighty Teen Center Program Director

Organization:               One-Eighty Youth Programs

Location:                     17 West Lockeford St. Lodi Ca 95240

Phone Number:            209-339-2308

Website:                      180lodi.org



One-Eighty Overview


One-Eighty is a private, non-profit, faith-based youth organization serving teenagers & families in Lodi, CA. Established in 2002, the One-Eighty Teen Center is a 5,500 sq. ft facility, featuring a full espresso bar, internet & art lounge, pool tables, basketball court… even a climbing wall! The Teen Center serves as an after-school café for Jr. & High school students, is an exciting place for teens to hang out on Friday night, and provides teenage resources (collaborating with local churches and nonprofits).


The Teen Center is one part of One-Eighty Youth Programs, a three-pronged organization which also includes a professional counseling center and a missional neighborhood outreach program. Our stated goal is to help at-risk youth make 180º turns emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We do this by providing relational, professional, and physical resources, as well as fun activities. We choose to love our community in this tangible way because God first loved us. It has become our privilege to display God’s love to our community in a way that is authentic, respectful, and personal.


The One-Eighty Teen Center Program Director is an integral part of our organization. As Program Director, your responsibility will be to provide the creativity, energy, and passion necessary to make the One-Eighty Teen Center an exciting venue for the young people of our community, specifically for the at-risk youth. You will help ensure that the many broken & hurting kids in our area have a place of refuge where they will experience unconditional love, discover they were created for a purpose, and find the confidence and courage to make positive changes in their future.






Detailed Job Responsibilities




–       Maintain a positive, teachable attitude in all things

–       Maintain an active, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and be involved in a local church

–       Participate in all organizational staff meetings, training, retreats and fundraising

–       Operate as a team player within the larger organizational ecosystem, collaborating with other One-Eighty Directors and reporting to the Executive Director

–       Network & build strong relationships with local school administrations, other youth ministries, youth organizations, and interested businesses in the area

–       Develop relationships with donors and supporters of the organization

–       Proven to be a good communicator and resolves conflicts in a healthy manner




–       Mentoring—Develop and implement the One-Eighty mentoring program, utilizing staff, volunteers, community members, and school sites.

–       Friday Night Venue (FNV)—Create a thriving FNV which compliments the current culture & gains frequent visits (social-media & to the center itself).

–       Skate Park—Provide leadership and programing for local skate park, scooter sales, volunteers, community outreach, and two bi-yearly events.

–       Jr. Intern Program—Develop and implement a Jr. Intern Program, networking with local youth pastors to train seniors in the area of service to peers and the at-risk community.

–       Intern Program—Co-create and implement an Intern Program with 180 Leadership Team which focuses on personal growth and opportunities to cultivate mentor relationships in the community (includes: weekly school visits, staff/volunteer trainings, family dinner in the community, etc.).

–       Promotion—Interact and promote 180 programs, events, and deepen friendships through social media and other creative forms of publication.

–       180 Adventures—Offer support through brainstorming, collaboration, and participation of One-Eighty Adventures.

–       Daily Clubs—Provide leadership, communication, resources, and publication for our daily clubs and the volunteers who lead the programs (includes: Job Readiness, Anchored In, Trade-Shop Group, Digital Music, etc.).

–       Summer Programming—Responsible to plan and execute weekly off-site day (or 1/2 day) trips.



Managing (think “Business”)


–       Responsible for planning intern and volunteer schedules (make sure shifts are covered and students are safe).

–       Responsible for overseeing intern daily responsibilities.

–       Maintain Teen Center facility pride (cleanliness, attractions, attractiveness).

–       Accountable for budgets: events, ministry, mentoring program, mentors / volunteers, interns, Jr. interns, & sales.

–       Responsible for 1 fundraiser per year (typically at the movie theater)


Monday 9am-1pm Admin, 2-6pm Skate Park

Tuesday 9am-1pm Admin, & School visits 2-6pm floor shift

Wednesday 9am-12pm leadership mtg, 1-2pm all-staff meeting, 2-6 floor shift

Thursday 9-1 Admin & School visits, 2-6pm floor shift

Friday 2-5:30pm floor shift, 6-11pm Friday night venue


–       Full-time position with opportunity for health benefits.

–       $45K-$55K based on experience and personal support funding.

–       Paid vacation available after probation period.


Experience, Education, & other Requirements


–       Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year institution (preferred).  High School diploma required.

–       Prior workplace experience with excellent recommendations and references are required.

–       Work or volunteer experience mentoring, teaching, or leading at-risk youth is required.

–       MUST VOLUNTEER 1 FRIDAY NIGHT SHIFT during or previous to application process


Please prayerfully consider how you might be used in this exciting and life-changing program. If you are interested, please send full resume and cover letter via email to jake@180lodi.org. We look forward to hearing from you soon.