Purpose:           The purpose of the Director of Student Ministry is to reach out to students (6th-12th/college age), parents as the primary influencer of students, families and adult volunteers within the congregation and our community sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Helping them grow and to deepen their faith through discipleship, worship, education, missional, and recreational opportunities.dan@



1.         Must effectively connect with students on an interpersonal level, meeting with and providing pastoral care as appropriate.

2.         To plan, coordinate, lead, advocate and evaluate a comprehensive program of spiritual nurturing, mentorship and Christian education in line with the Mission of Mountain View Presbyterian Church for all those involved with student services.

3.         Be an active part of Mountain View’s worshipping and faith community; encouraging students to integrate within the life of the church.

4.         Communicate with parents of students by being a resource. Equip and teach through individual contact, group meetings and e-mails. He/she must recruit, equip, motivate and supervise a team of adult volunteers/mentors to model Christ and minister to students.  He/she must establish and lead a student/parent team to facilitate student ministries.

5.         Report to the Associate Pastor concerning fiscal needs of the program for all projects and prepare a yearly budget for programs.  He/she will be fiscally responsible for fund raising and management of student program funds of the church.

6.         Oversee ministry components; Sunday morning and weekday programs for Middle-High school; Work with the Worship Team, Pastors and Students to develop a multi-generational worship component.  The program should include; (a) Regular time for Christian fellowship and study through peer to peer programming and small groups, (b) Service and mission opportunities (Sr. High mission trip/weekend retreat), (c) Mentorship  (d) Participation in programs such as camps, retreats, work missions and training events with the goal of group building and spiritual development, (e) Games and recreational activities.

7.         Must develop rapport with the students in our community through visitation, visibility, and contact at school and community events such as sports and concerts. Network with other student leaders in the area.

8.         Work with Church Ministry Staff and Leadership to encourage and integrate student participation within Mountain View Ministries (i.e. VBS, Music/Worship, special programs/services)

9.          Write articles for the monthly newsletter and information for the weekly worship bulletin.

10.       Develop a yearly work-plan.  Once approved by the Associate Pastor activities shall be placed on the church calendar and notification send to parents/students.

11.       Perform other duties as assigned by the Associate Pastor.

Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a congregation of just under 400 people, seeking “To intimately know and boldly follow Jesus” in the beautiful Wenatchee Valley of Central Washington. We are searching for a full-time Director of Youth Ministry to lead our discipleship of middle and high school youth, integrating them into the larger body of Christ.

For more information, please check out our website: https://www.saddlerockepc.org/staff-openings.  You can also find us on Facebook @SaddlerockEPC.

If you think God may be calling you to minister to youth in an established Evangelical Presbyterian church in Central Washington, check us out!

Pinnacle Presbyterian Church ( www.pinnaclepres.org ) is a 1300 member PCUSA congregation located
in Scottsdale, Arizona, a large suburb of Phoenix. We come together as God’s people, welcoming
persons at different places in the walk of faith, creating a stimulating environment to explore and grow in
faith. Worship is casual- traditional, filled with joy and music. Pinnacle provides ministries for children,
youth and adults to explore a broad range of faith expression, honor questions, and respect individuality.
We are seeking a full-time Director for Youth and Young Adult Ministries who is committed to
fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging that’s firmly grounded in Christian faith.

We believe relationships anchor us
● Can you build relationships with people across a wide range of ages, especially with
6-12 graders (and their parents)?
● Can you recruit, involve, and engage people of different ages and generations in youth and
children’s ministry?
● Can you utilize relationships to help our youth integrate faith into their present and future lives?

We believe stories shape us
● Can you help our children, youth, and young adults interpret and apply God’s story to their
lives, as told in the Bible and the life of faith?
● Can you recognize emerging stories in the youth culture and help tell those stories in ways they
relate to faith, and by doing so break down walls between church and community?
● Are you prepared to answer tough questions relating Bible, faith, and students’ lives?

We believe traditions define us
● Can you help our children, youth, and young adults define who they are within the life of
our congregation, including mission and worship?
● Can you help our youth develop healthy habits and spiritual practices for now and the
● Can you create meaningful worship practices and traditions that would help our children,
youth, and young adults to define who they are and what their faith means to them?

We believe service grows us
● Can you build relationships with local service organizations and coordinate local service
projects for our youth on a regular basis (approximately once a month)?
● Can you lead and plan all aspects of international youth and young adult mission trips, and
explore innovative models for such trips?
● Can you debrief service and mission experiences with the youth and young adults in ways that
are meaningful and lasting for them?

We believe curiosity deepens our faith
● Can you create a safe and brave space where questions are encouraged and doubt is recognized
as an integral part of faith formation in our children, youth, and young adults?
● Can you innovate and come up with creative ways of doing youth ministry that will keep
both youth and adult volunteers engaged and growing?
● Can you engage youth in relevant theological conversations both individually and in
small groups?

Preferences and characteristics of applicant:
● Bachelor’s Degree required with relevant emphases; Master’s level preferred
● Experience working with youth
● Knowledge of and/or training in mental health, particularly with adolescents
● Proficient in technology and use of social media
● Motivated self-starter with strong communication skills
● Team player with a high sense of professionalism
● Able to create multiple networks both in and outside of the church
● Possesses deep appreciation for diversity
● Approachable, fun and creative
● Empathetic, yet able to set boundaries
● Flexible
● Intuitive regarding the balance between being a friend and leader for youth and young adults

Responsibilities of the position:
Oversee all youth ministries, including but not limited to the following:
● Regular staff duties to include weekly staff meetings, monthly committee
meetings, budget management, support for overall programming of the church
● Shared responsibilities with Director of Children and Family Ministries to support
Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool staff and families
● Serve with volunteers to amplify ministry offerings, including recruitment and training of
youth and adult leaders, working with special attention to parents and families of youth
● Plan and coordinate church school and youth groups on a weekly basis, teaching and/or
recruiting and training both teachers and leaders
● Lead extended visioning in coordination with Institute for Youth Ministry at Princeton Sem
● Plan and lead youth summer camps/mission trips, including fund-raising
● Work with staff responsible for community ministries to coordinate efforts
to engage youth and young adults in local mission
● Plan and lead special events and activities for youth
● Develop a personal relationship with youth and families including attending extracurricular
activities, e.g. soccer games, choir performances, club celebrations
● Participate with the planning team for annual Family Camp, with goal of growing program
● Lead visioning for ministry to college and post-college aged young adults
● Oversee Safe Church Training, to clear volunteers for youth program
● Be a known presence in the Valley, to encourage attendance and gain pulse on the
● Carefully tend to your own spiritual development, well being, education, and prayer life

A complete application will include a letter of inquiry, vitae/resume, any portfolio of pastoral
information (if relevant), and contact info for three references. Interested or have questions?
Please contact Lisa Boswell, Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor Dr. Wesley Avram, at
employment@pinnaclepres.org or 480-585-9448.

As part of the Children’s Ministry Leadership Team, provide oversight, plan, develop, organize, administer and evaluate Children’s Ministries involving children birth through grade six at Knox Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor. The person in this position should view the role as part of the overall formation of the church family.  Full-time is preferred. We are willing to consider an initial, interim period that is part-time.  Follow this link for details and to apply.

Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a congregation of just under 400, seeking “to intimately know and boldly follow Jesus” in beautiful central Washington state.  We are looking for a full-time Director of Youth Ministry.

The Director of Youth Ministry supports the mission of SEPC “To intimately know and boldly follow Jesus” by leading ministry for middle school and high school students.  The position is responsible for the recruitment, training, and development of volunteers; the development of programming for large group time; the discipleship of students through small groups; and coordinating youth mission trips and retreats.

For more information, please check out our post on our website: https://www.saddlerockepc.org/staff-openings.  If you’d like to apply, please email us your cover letter and resume!

The Family Ministries Director position will give oversight, guidance, and hands-on interaction with our preschool (age 4) children through our high school youth (grade 12) and their families.

If you sense God’s call to serve with us, please visit our website at www.oldscotchchurch.org, select “Family Ministry” page, and read our job description as well as download and submit an application, or submit a resume with additional information on a separate sheet that answers our key application questions.