We are looking for a high-energy relational person to oversee a thriving program for those in middle school, where the goal is to move these students toward becoming disciples of Christ. Roswell Presbyterian Church (RPC) welcomes a large family of faith to live out the good news of Jesus Christ. With roots that go back to 1839, RPC belongs to the historic Reformed tradition of the Presbyterian Church (USA) that trusts in the grace and love of Jesus Christ for ourselves and for the whole world. We respond to God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ by loving with our heads, hearts, and hands. Please see the attached job description.https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c1a6a28e2ccd16a53828eba/t/5d2657a71d2af200019d5ffe/1562793895972/MS+Director+Job+Description.pdf

The goal of this position is to build and develop relationships with students in middle school, high school, and college.  The Director of Student Ministries (DSM) is to help students of all ages connect with Christ, become rooted in the church, and reach those outside the church.  The means to this will be relational ministry.  The DSM will pursue a multi-ethnic ministry that moves students along CHPC’s path of discipleship.


Specific Duties
General & Administrative

  • Participate with College Hill Presbyterian Church staff as is appropriate to director-level position.
  • Manage budget to support ministry priorities and make decisions to keep the ministry in alignment with the budget
  • Work with the youth volunteers to develop programs that promote smooth and successful transitions through the spiritual and developmental stages of children 7th through 12th grade and college.
  • Perform and oversee all administrative duties necessary for the position
  • Ensure that all adults working with children and youth have received training in child safety and have been appropriately screened.


  • Inform CHPC staff of regular ministry updates, challenges, and opportunities
  • Provide regular communication for students and their families
  • Provide monthly ministry updates for the church at large via church newsletter


  • Assess and maintain weekly programs for their effectiveness and fidelity to the church’s vision.
  • Along with staff and volunteers, discontinue ineffective or suboptimal programs
  • Work with the pastors, church staff, and ministry volunteers to set vision, direction, and goals for student ministry at CHPC consistent with the church’s mission and core values
  • Communicate vision for students to families, the congregation, and the College Hill community
  • Partner with parents/guardians to develop, present and regularly evaluate curriculum which is faithful to scripture and the reformed traditions and belief

Volunteer Partnership

  • Recruit and train volunteers to work effectively with students and their families
  • Support and provide further development for current volunteers
  • Delegate meaningful opportunities to volunteers within the ministry

Student Ministry

  • Engage with all families and students currently connected to College Hill Presbyterian Church
  • Develop a working knowledge of youth and their families in the church and community and provides appropriate support and pastoral care in conjunction with our existing church staff and referral services
  • Find new and innovative ways to reach students that are not connected to the church
  • In partnership with other church ministries, lead students and their families into the experience of a personal relationship with God through a variety of vibrant, meaningful, appropriate, high quality worship, service, and fellowship opportunities
  • Provide support and discipleship for families by using existing church pastoral staff and referral services in times of crisis and develop working knowledge of family needs and joys
  • Provide resources, support, and assistance to parents as the primary developers of faith in their students through special workshops and training events.
  • Plan, organize, and lead ministry programs, events and trips as they serve the larger purpose of the ministry.
  • Provide opportunities for students to connect with other ministries at the church (worship, deacons, etc.)
  • Co-lead the tweens group with the Director of Children’s Ministry in order to help children transition

Exhibits a growing faith in Christ, grounded in Scripture
Demonstrates a passion to minister students
Enthusiastic team builder with the ability to equip others
Innovative in ministering to the changing needs of our church and community
Physically able to meet the demands of the job
Creative ability to adapt and develop curriculum when necessary
Organized administrator with good time management skills
Comfortable delegating responsibilities
Knowledge and skills in information technology including computer and social media
Bachelor degree or above—coursework in child development desired
Two or more years of leadership experience in Christian education

Dynamic Ministry, Supportive Team, Historic Church, Sharing the Love of Christ!

This summer we celebrate 150 years of ministry to the central coast. The core of our ministry seeks to serve our local community through outreach programs to our neighbors without homes, mission engagement locally and globally, partnership with dozens of community assistance groups, disaster relief with the RedCross, and a consistent legacy of Reformed Christian worship, education, and discipleship formation.

As we reflect on our past and look to the future, we’re building on the richness of our traditions, growing and adapting our ministries to meet the needs of today’s families, individuals, and students. Today at FPCSB, we have a strong early childhood program and a thriving kids ministry. To help reach the next generation, we’re prayerfully seeking a new team member who can deliver on a vision to expand and grow our ministry to youth and young adults.

So, we are posting a new role: Minister to Youth and Young Adults, and we prayerfully seek an individual committed to developing, implementing, and serving our Junior-High to College ministries.

Check out the position page here.

Check out the job description here:

Interested in applying? We’re excited to meet you! We held informational gathering on May 21, and we encourage you to watch it here. Once you’ve seen it, you can start our application process by creating a 3-5 minute video that tells us more about you. Feel free to share where you’re from, where you went to school or where you’ve served, and share your experience with these age groups. Other ideas for questions to answer: What drives you and fuels your passion? What do you like to do for fun? What’s your favorite activity to do with youth and young adults?

Have fun, make it personal! Please upload to YouTube, Google Drive, or DropBox (or however you find it easy to share) and let us know by sending your resume and the link to your video to fpcsbyouthminsearch@gmail.com.

We will be reviewing submissions on a regular basis.
Questions can be directed to: fpcsbyouthminsearch@gmail.com

Presbyterian Church of Western Springs (PCWS) is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) located in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. PCWS has over 325 members with 100 people in attendance during Sunday worship with approximately 25 youth on the rolls. There has been much change in the staff at PCWS in the past few years and, with the arrival of a new called pastor last August, we are now working to rebuild our program staff to support the ongoing ministries and to creatively work to establish new ministries. This is an exciting time in the life of a congregation that has faithfully served the community for nearly 65 years.


PCWS has a long history of youth ministry for both middle school and high school students. Many of our adult members were once students in the youth programs and have had children graduate through the programs. This rich history provides both challenges and opportunities. Our next Director of Youth Ministry (DYM) will be tasked with supporting existing programs while also identifying ways that the program can be changed to fit current trends and philosophies of youth ministry. While many people are attached to “the way things have always been,” the candidate for this position will need to be sensitive to this while also confident enough to guide the congregation into the next chapter of innovative youth ministry at PCWS.


Working closely with the pastor, the candidate will design and implement programs for middle school and high school that focus on the following areas: faith formation/education, worship, fellowship, and mission. Weekly gatherings are expected to include elements of learning, worship, and fellowship (recognizing that there will be exceptions to this pattern). This will be new for many of the youth as they have been accustomed to a primary focus on fellowship/fun during monthly or twice-monthly gatherings. In addition to weekly youth group gatherings, separate opportunities for Bible study, fellowship, and mission will also need to be planned and executed. This includes a week-long high school mission trip.


The DYM will be expected to be in worship on Sunday mornings and assist in worship periodically while also encouraging the involvement of youth in worship leadership and in attendance. Currently, we offer Sunday School for middle school students twice a month. Our plan is to continue to do this with the DYM teaching one Sunday per month and a volunteer teaching the other.


As part of their approach to youth ministry, the DYM should consider building relationships with the youth of the church a top priority. This involves attending sporting events, performances, and other opportunities to show support to the youth, in addition to being available for conversation, counseling, and fun. The youth ministry components of this position are expected to be approximately 3/4 time. In order to make this position full-time, we are open to finding the right match between our needs and the skills/interests of the candidate.


Our priority is finding someone who is the right candidate for the DYM position, and after that, if full-time employment is desired by the candidate, we will discuss whether some combination of the following ministry areas would be appropriate for the candidate:


–      Children’s Ministry (Sunday School coordination and planning and special events)
–      Mission
–      Outreach
–      Church Life
–      Adult Education/Ministry
–      Young Adult/College Ministry


This structure provides an exciting opportunity for someone with a youth ministry focus to explore other areas of interest and ministry. A final job description for the individual will be crafted with the candidate.


Based on the above description of the position, the ideal candidate will be a committed follower of Jesus Christ and an enthusiastic and experienced youth worker with an ongoing passion for youth ministry. They should be able to work with limited supervision and require minimal administrative support. The candidate will be a partner in ministry with the Pastor, The Rev. Erik Khoobyarian, who started his call at PCWS in August 2018. This position is an opportunity to join the ministry team in the early stages with opportunities for significant input and leadership.


Salary will be commensurate with experience and responsibility. While this position is not a called/installed position, ordained candidates or candidates in the Presbyterian Church (USA) ordination process are encouraged to contact us to discuss your interest and individual situation.


Learn more about our church and programs at presbyws.org and we look forward to hearing from you!


For more information about the position and search, please contact The Rev. Erik Khoobyarian at 708-505-5409 or erik@presbyws.org.