Director of Student Ministries, Headland United Methodist Church, Headland, Alabama

HUMC is seeking a fun, vivacious, Christ centered individual for a full-time salaried position interested in guiding, mentoring and loving our youth (grades 6-12) as they grow in their faith. As a United Methodist church, we are seeking someone who understands our doctrine, has a strong faith, and a love for and ability to work with teens both in groups and individually. He/She will need to be present on Sundays for Sunday School and worship, on Wednesday evenings for youth ministries and at other church and youth events.


Qualifications: While a college degree in ministry or education is preferred, we would also consider an individual with post-secondary education who has experience in youth ministry or education. This person will need to be self-motivated, have a Christ-like attitude in words and actions, and a desire and ability to interact with a variety of youth. Organization skills, communication skills, and the ability to recruit, encourage and manage a team of volunteers, while also working with youth, parents, staff and the community at large will be needed.


Description of Duties: We are looking for an individual to plan, promote and direct the Christian education of our youth through a wide range of studies and activities including, but not limited to mission trips, retreats, Bible studies, holiday programs and summer events. Our director will need to work within the guidelines of our church’s Safe Sanctuary policy while holding youth and volunteers responsible for doing so as well.


Headland UMC is a growing church within a growing community in Henry County, Alabama, located just a few miles from Dothan, Alabama and just two hours from Panama City Beach, Florida. Our Sunday worship attendance averages about 150, with 25-35 youth on Sundays and Wednesdays. We are blessed with a fantastic staff and amazing volunteers. Resumes can be sent to Rev. Misty Barrett, 103 West King Street, Headland, Alabama 36345, or emailed to headlandumcrev@comcast.net.

Check us out on our website: www.headlandumc.org or on Facebook at Headland United Methodist Church.

The House of Hope Presbyterian Church (House of Hope) is seeking a Direct Youth and Family Ministry. This is a position of both vision and detail, enjoying the rhythms of life in the church while creating space to imagine the new. We are seeking someone who loves and serves our congregational family with joy and engagement, nurtures faith formation for our youth, and encourages a culture of care and welcome within the congregation. The Director of Youth and Family Ministry has primary responsibility for all programming relating to youth grades 6 – 12 and their families. This is a ¾ time (30 hours per week) position; with benefits eligible and a continuing education allowance.

See full position description on our website HOHCHURCH.org

Send resumes and cover letters to HROffice@hohchurch.org

New Hope Presbyterian Church of Kent, Washington is seeking a new Director of Student Ministry. Are you someone who loves students and would thrive in the context of our nation’s 10th most diverse community? Are you passionate about seeing kids grow into servants and leaders in the context of a gospel-centered, eclectic local church? The ideal candidate for this role will desire to be a part of an outwardly-faced ministry team focused on reaching the students and young families in the surrounding community. The church has a history of strong student ministry and is seeking a leader who will bring vision, passion, and theological depth to this vital ministry area.


For full job description please click here: New Hope Presbyterian Church Student Ministries Director


First United Methodist Church in Warner Robins, GA, is seeking a dynamic disciple of Jesus Christ to serve as an important part of our Program Staff Team in the role of Minister to Youth and Young Adults.  The Minister to Youth and Young Adults would be responsible for leading our youth ministry (grades 6-12) and our college and career young adult ministry (ages 18-25), including (but not limited to) the following responsibilities: teaching, discipling, and reaching out to people of those age groups within and outside of the local church, as well as integrating young people into the overall life of First UMC.  There is a significant opportunity for creativity within this ministry and the ideal candidate will be outgoing and innovative.  A bachelor’s degree in a ministry related field and experience in youth ministry is preferred.  This is a full-time, salaried position.  Estimated start date is July 1, 2020.  Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Rev. Dr. Josh Bizzell, Senior Pastor, at joshbizzell@gmail.com.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Minister of Youth and Family

The individual we are praying for is someone.

–  Who possesses a vital, personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
–  Who believes that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God.
–  Who has led others to Christ.
–  Who relates well with the middle and high school students currently involved in the church.
–  Who meets and builds new relationships with unchurched middle and high school students
–  Who agrees with and will abide by the church’s statement of faith, mission, and policies.
–  Who models Christian integrity in all areas of his/her life
–  Who will be supportive of the other paid and volunteer staff of the church
–  Who will seek unity in Christ’s church




• Working with the Youth Deacon and Adult Team to define short and long term goals


– Attend staff meetings


– Develop, coordinate and lead separate teams to work with High School and Middle School ministry.


– Includes Sunday morning, Awana, Bible studies, events, outreach etc… pertaining to Youth Ministry Service and Mission experiences throughout the year


– One on one relational with the youth – Make yourself available to youth in a variety of ways (i.e. lunch at school, attendance at their extracurricular activities, taking them to Starbucks, Wendys, DQ, in Ames of crisis, etc.)


– Network with other youth leaders in the area.


– Communicate as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, facebook, bulletin, newsletter, bulletin board, texting, etc.). Ensure communication with parents, with staff at staff meetings and the church office.


– Using home visits with youth and parents to build relationships




• The MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY is authorized to allocate up to $300 out of the Youth budget line at his/her discretion. Anything over $300 must have the Youth Deacon’s signature.



• The Youth Deacon and Team is available to support all aspects of the MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY’s ministry and position.



The services of the MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY will be retained by the Elders and 
 Deacons of Faith Community Fellowship, which will take under advisement the sentiment of 
 the Lead Pastor, Youth Deacon and Team.


The MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY will report to and be under the supervision of the LEAD PASTOR.


The MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY is accountable to the Youth Deacon and Youth Adult Team.


The MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY will provide a monthly report to the Youth Deacon of his/her activities to be presented at the Deacon meetings monthly. This monthly report will consist of how the MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY is using their time in regards to their specific responsibilities in their job description and in achieving their goals.


The MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY will develop yearly goals in collaboration with the Youth Deacon and Team.


The MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY will have a yearly review of their performance and goals.


The Minister of Youth and Family will meet as needed or requested with the Deacons and/or Elders.


The service of MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY will conclude with two weeks’ notice by the MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY to Lead Pastor and the Elders and Deacons of Faith Community Fellowship.


The services of the MINISTER OF YOUTH AND FAMILY may also be released by the Elders and Deacons of Faith Community Fellowship with two weeks’ notice, taking under advisement the sentiment of the Lead Pastor, Youth Deacon and Adult Team.


This position is for 40 hours a week.


This call agreement represents the mutual understanding and covenant between Faith Community Fellowship and


Department: Student Ministries
Reports to: High School Lead Associate

Objective: The High School Ministry Female Associate assists the High School Ministry Lead Associate in directing the spiritual formation process of the High School Ministry (9th-12th grade).

Personal Requirements:

  • Personal commitment to Jesus Christ and an ongoing, vibrant walk with Him
  • A wholehearted commitment to Valley Church
  • In agreement with and enthusiasm toward our vision and core values
  • In agreement with traditional and long-held Valley Church views on theological issues (see attachment 1 at the end of this posting)
  • Willingness to be on-stage in front of a large group on a weekly basis; strong on-stage communication abilities not required
  • Commitment to building a meaningful relationship with at least one non-believer in your personal life
  • A commitment to honor, respect, and value all staff members and our ministry with a strong spirit of teamwork
  • A positive influence in the church and community
  • Good conflict resolution skills in combination with a spirit on unity
  • Healthy relationships with leadership staff and volunteers at your current church
  • A track record of active ministry involvement
  • A track record of leading others in a positive way
  • Supporting the church financially at a respectable level
  • An awareness of his/her own personality (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Humility, teachability, loyalty and personal holiness are of utmost importance
  • Experience in Photoshop and iMovie is preferred but not required
  • Desire to develop personal relationships with other members of Student Ministries paid staff

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Leadership: Provide administrative and spiritual leadership in various areas of High School Ministry as needed.
  • Ministry Expansion: Identify, recruit, disciple, train, and equip future leaders in order to fulfill the broad scope of current and future student Ministry.
  • Connection: Consistently spend time with students and volunteers at church and beyond the church walls.
  • Teamwork: Promote a spirit of harmony and good will toward other leadership, staff and volunteers.
  • Digital: Plan and execute a social media plan for HSM’s accounts—mainly Instragram
  • Organization: Be the point person on details of trips and retreats (contacting bus companies, camps, etc.)
  • Schedule: Plan and schedule curriculum for Sunday morning program
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Student Ministries

Compensation: Full-time, 45-50 hours per week, annual salary (based upon experience, credentials, etc.). Benefits include group health insurance, paid vacations, etc.

Work Schedule: This job has irregular hours but also allows flexibility.

  • You must work a minimum of 45 hours per week. Working more than 50 hours will happen from time to time but should be an exception.
  • On average, you can expect to be out doing ministry activities two nights per week.
  • To protect you for long-term effectiveness you will be expected to take at least one full day (a full 24-hour period) off of work each week for rest and recovery.
  • HSM meets on Sunday nights from 6:00-8:00pm during the school year and from 9:30-10:45am all year, in addition to special events and retreats.
  • Valley Church has weekend four weekend service times at 5:30pm on Saturday and 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00am on Sunday.
  • You are expected to be present for three of the four service times, which includes 9:30 for high school program and another service at which you participate in worship.

Attachment 1: Further definition of the “traditional Valley Church views on theological issues.”

  • We believe in the full divine inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible
  • We believe in one God eternally existing as the Trinity
  • We believe in the deity of Christ, the substitutionary atonement of Christ, his bodily resurrection, and his physical return in glory
  • We believe in salvation only repentance and faith in Christ
  • We believe in the necessity of a spiritual rebirth to experience eternal life
  • We believe every person is created in the image of God, and that because of sin, stands in need of the forgiveness and redemption freely offered in the gospel of Christ
  • We believe that the only sexual relationship affirmed by the Bible is between one man and one woman in a loving marriage
  • We believe all believers in Christ are indwelt and empowered by the Holy Spirit for godly living
  • We believe the two greatest commands are to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves
  • We believe every believer is called to obedience in Christ’s commission, and we are to make disciples among all people, always bearing witness to the gospel in word and deed

Email resume and brief cover letter to joeb@valley.church