We are looking for a candidate to fill the position of Student Ministries Pastor (Youth Pastor) for our ministry “LP Students” at LifePointe. This includes Junior High (7th-8th grade), High School (9th-12th grade) and College age. The position reports directly to the Senior Pastor and is a contributing member of our leadership team, having input on church decisions. We are looking for someone to build upon a solid foundation within the Student Ministry and take it to the next level.




The Student Ministries Pastor is responsible for: 

  • Teaching, leading, developing and overseeing the Student Ministries at LifePointe: Junior High (7th-8th grade), High School (9th-12th grade) and College age.
  • Making disciples: Growing our Student Ministries numerically and spiritually by meeting agreed upon measurable goals, expectations and objectives
  • Working in harmony with other staff members and ministry team leaders to fulfill the church’s vision and mission


  • Growing a dynamic student ministry by:
    • Attracting, connecting and building relationships with students
    • Recruiting, developing and building relationships with adult leaders
    • Engaging parents
    • Inspiring life change through outstanding teaching
    • Creating a culture of community and service amongst students
    • Regularly be on school campus’ for student games, activities, etc., and build a culture where your leaders do the same
    • Entertain students and leaders in your home regularly
    • Provide consistent and regular outreach activities/events throughout the year (Increased activity/events schedule in the summer)


The Student Ministries Pastor should demonstrate their ability to: 

  • Possess a strong commitment to the dynamic of a team environment, with the ability to follow leadership directives at appropriate times
  • Take initiative; contribute expertise immediately
  • Demonstrate multi-faceted leadership in pastoral, administrative and organizational roles.
  • Be a gifted communicator: you will also have the opportunity to teach at our main weekend worship services.



Located in Elk Grove – a suburb of Sacramento, California – LifePointe is a non-denominational Christian Church planted 16 years ago by the Senior Pastor, Chris Delfs, through STADIA: New Church Strategies (www.stadia.cc). Visit our website at: lifepointe.org


We RELENTLESSLY pursue pointing people to the abundant, joy-filled life Jesus came to give us. Through a relational context, we pursue this abundant life by building GENUINE relationships with others – and developing a DEEPLY DEVOTED relationship with Jesus. We preach the word with PASSION! In theology we are biblically conservative but in methodology, our approach is culturally relevant!


Our dream for LifePointe is grand and the opportunities to grow and develop as a leader are enormous. We have a great team of staff, elders and church members who are looking for just the right person who has a servant’s heart and who wants to help LifePointe accomplish God’s vision for this church. Do you feel like you might be that individual?



  • Salary Negotiable
  • Full medical and dental provided
  • Retirement plan provided



View the full description of the Student Ministries Pastor, including how to apply on our website at: https://lifepointe.org/jobs/


Please read details about the position on our website (https://lifepointe.org/jobs/) BEFORE you submit an email and resume! DO NOT APPLY directly through youthspecialties!!!!!

Interim Sr. High Youth Minister, starts immediately

Reports to: Rector (Rev. Clancy Nixon)


Status: Part Time, hourly (10-15 hours/wk.); interim basis, possibility of continuing


Pay: $20-30/hr, depending on experience, education and skill set.


Benefits: Vacation Pay; outreach pay; travel reimbursement; training/study expense reimbursement; may participate in 403(b) plan with voluntary contributions


Location: Leesburg, Virginia, western suburbs of Washington DC. Leesburg was recently named one of the most livable towns in American by Money magazine.


Date of Posting: November 5, 2019


To Apply:  Submit a resume to the Mark McNickle at mark@mcnickle.com. Once we have your resume, and have reviewed it, we will ask selected candidates to complete a questionnaire.


Interim status:  This is a temporary position. We seek also to hire an Assistant Rector, a clergy position, who will assume these duties upon their hire.  Depending on fit, the person hired as Interim Sr. High Youth Minister may well continue on with us as a Youth Ministry Assistant.  The calendar, program, and curriculum for Sr. High Youth through summer 2020 have already been set. The Interim Minister will implement this program and act as a shepherd for our youth until the hiring of our Assistant Rector.


Overview of position:   We seek a shepherd/discipler for Sr. High Youth.  Build disciples of Jesus Christ by implementing teaching, motivation and programs for youth in Loudoun County, centered on Leesburg.  Serve as a spiritual leader, mentor, and role model that the youth of CHS can emulate and trust.  Work with existing adult volunteers and recruit others, both men and women, for this ministry.  Equip students to develop a lively personal trust in Jesus.  Minister to the families of youth.  Communicate well with both parents and youth. Manage your budget well.  Be a team player on staff, helping where needed.


Description of setting and ministry: Church of the Holy Spirit is a relatively young (18 years), medium size church, led by the founding Rector.  Average Sunday Attendance in 2019 is 150 in two services. We have over 20 small groups and many ministries. We currently have 1 full-time, and 12 part-time staff.  We are Anglican, and we honor and uphold the evangelical, charismatic and sacramental streams of the church.  Leesburg, Virginia is our home.  This is a prosperous suburban setting on the western edge of the Washington DC Metroplex, not far from Dulles Airport.  Leesburg has been named one of the most livable towns in America by Money magazine.


At CHS, we are Bible believing, openly charismatic, and serious about evangelism, discipleship and holiness.  We also place a strong emphasis on fellowship and prayer.  Many who visit remark that we are one of the friendliest churches that they have ever attended. We are a multi-ethnic congregation.  Our Mission statement is “We invite nations and generations to experience God’s love and power.”  See our Vision Statement below.


The Sr. high youth ministry at CHS serves young people in grades 9 through 12.  Senior high meets twice a month on Sunday evenings for discipleship, at which we emphasize Bible study, fellowship, and fun. We also meet every other Sunday morning for Sunday school during the worship service. A few of our teens are being mentored by adults in the congregation.  Along with our weekly meetings, we do occasional service projects, and we serve and evangelize in the summer by participating in Camp Booyah, and joining with the adults in our Haiti and Uganda mission trips. We run a teen confirmation class every other year.  Currently, we have about 10 students in our high school ministry and another 12 middle schoolers. The pool of students connected to our ministry is larger.


Pastoral priorities for CHS Youth:  -Lordship: that they become born again, making Jesus the Lord of their entire lives, living for his glory.

–Holy Spirit empowerment: that they be filled with the Holy Spirit; learn to operate in their spiritual gifts, including supernatural ones; and seek the Lord’s presence always in their lives.

–Evangelistic compassion and empowerment: that they develop a heart for lost peers, and be equipped to build relationships with other youth and be bold witnesses for Jesus to them.

–Fellowship and friends: that they will enjoy our activities and make great friends in the church, which they will keep for a lifetime.

–Love and respect: That they know our church culture as one where everyone, no matter their capacity, background, or ethnicity, is loved, respected, and honored.


Essential duties and responsibilities: – The Primary function of the Sr. High Youth Minister will be to lead the Sr. High ministry, consistent with the vision of CHS.

– Developing, implementing and overseeing ministry strategies and programming for High School students.

– Recruiting, training and shepherding an adult volunteer team, both men and women.

– Living life together with students and families. Making yourself available for visitation, times of crisis, school events, etc.

– Teaching regularly, but not exclusively, within the ministry.

– Provide mentoring opportunities for both male and female youth.

– Developing and managing the student ministries budget and expenses.

– Communicating reliably with the youth prayer team.

– Communicate well with both parents and youth, using social network, electronic and personal means

-Complying with CHS Employee Manual and Child Protection policies.


Qualifications and Competencies:

-Must have a passion for youth ministry.

-Must be in alignment with CHS and ANCA (Anglican Church of North America) theology and practice.

-Bachelor’s degree or equivalent ministry experience/training preferred.

-Must have experience in youth ministry.

-This person must also show a motivated desire to model a life of continual learning, growth, repentance, and being a faithful follower of Christ by the grace of God.

-Must have vision and demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement ministry to youth.

-Must have excellent communications and computer skills.

-Must speak fluent English.

-Must be humble, teachable, and able to follow direction; must be a self-starter

-Must meet the character qualifications of a Deacon in God’s church set forth in 1 Tim. 3:8-12.

Our next Director of Student Ministries will have an evident love of the Lord Jesus and be comfortable sharing their faith with others. They will have a love for students and desire to nurture and disciple students in their own walk with Jesus.

Planted in 2011, St Paul’s Anglican Church is a community of believers serving Jesus in greater Greenville area. Worshiping Jesus as King is the center of all we believe and do and that worship helps restore our perspective on the world we live and serve in. Our next Student Minister will participate in and help lead youth and their families to that end.

General Description

The Director of Student Ministries is responsible for the oversight, direction, and coordination of Student Ministry at St. Paul’s Church. These ministries include:

Weekly Bible Studies
Youth Retreats
Fellowship Events
Service Opportunities (within the church and in the community)
Student Discipleship

Personal Requirements

The Director of Student Ministries (DSM) must have an evident Christian faith and be comfortable sharing that faith with others. The DSM must have a desire to see the students of the church nurtured in the knowledge and love of the Lord. In addition, the DSM must be organized and able to recruit, manage and assist a team of student ministry volunteers.

Primary Duties

Directing the nature, content, and quality of the Student Ministry.
Recruiting, training and overseeing volunteers to assist in the various ministries with students.
Coordinating the calendar of Student Ministry events with the church’s calendar.
Identifying, planning and implementing special ministries for students that provide opportunities for them to encounter the gospel in a life-transforming way.

Other Current Duties

Oversee the youth basketball sports program, ministry partner with Director of Children’s Ministry, assisting with church website/calendar, communicating regularly with families of students, leading summer mission trip (local or global). The current DSM has gone through the ordination discernment process and currently serves as a Deacon in addition to serving as the DSM; for someone thinking about ordination, St. Paul’s will support and assist in that process.


In all things the Director of Student Ministries works toward the building up of the Body of Christ and equipping its members for ministry.


FPC Greenville is a growing congregation of 3100 members located in the heart of downtown. While we appreciate and embrace our 171 year history, we are also excited about the future and changes that God is bringing about in our congregation and the impact First Pres is having in our community. We have a strong student ministry program with a large number of students active during the week.

See our website at www.firstpresgreenville.org.

We are looking for someone to work well within our already-existing three-person team to help shepherd our students with a special emphasis on our junior high females. The person for this job should be very relational and caring with a good knowledge of the Bible and commitment to the essentials of the reformed faith. We need a fun loving, creative person that is willing to spend time with students and show that they are important and help them understand their need for a relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, the person should be organized, able to help in event planning, and posses a demonstrated ability to lead and relate with 6th to 8th grade females in an exciting and captivating manner.

This is a full time job with responsibility for Sunday School, Wednesday night activities, retreats, mission trips, fun events throughout the year as well as working closely and coordinating with our Associate Pastor of Student Ministries, Senior High Director, and Senior High Female Student Ministries Coordinator. We also expect you to be a vital part of the overall ministry staff and to have input into the ministries of the church.

If you feel you are the person God is calling to this position, please email your resume to cbuchanan@firstpresgreenville.org. We will send a full job description along with our theology statement and a short questionnaire.

Brief Explanation of our Expectations for the Youth Pastor Position:

-Actively train youth in what it means to have a relationship with Jesus and how to develop a Biblical worldview.

-Equip our youth with the Biblical knowledge and skills to critically consider and challenge worldviews contrary to the Bible.

-In partnership with the elder board, establish and execute a vision for the High School and Middle School ministry that is consistent with the church’s vision.

-Utilize our churches resources to create a sense of belonging and social gathering for the youth of our community.

-Establish and maintain a youth discipleship program.

-Be responsible for youth ministry volunteers.

-Plan special events for youth.

-Report monthly to the elder board.

-Be present at weekend services for prayer and counsel when not engaged in other aspects of ministry.

-Be available for counsel and prayer with youth and families throughout the week.

-Create a High School Student Leadership team.

Main Purpose:
This is a full-time position where the working time is about 60 percent Student Ministry and 40 percent Digital Ministry. This individual will be responsible for the oversight and vision of the student ministry at Refton BIC, as well as managing our church website, assisting the lead pastor with creating online content, and managing the technology needs of the church.

Core Qualifications:
1. Committed to following Jesus with a clear calling to ministry
2. Must be excited about the vision of Refton BIC Church and committed to fostering that vision within the student ministry and technology departments
3. Must thrive in a team-based environment. This individual must be excited to be an integral part of the Refton BIC staff team through sharing their ideas, and giftedness. They also must be self-motivated to accomplish set goals
4. Demonstrate leadership with a willingness to learn, grow and be flexible
5. Must align with the Brethren in Christ values and doctrines
6. A degree that is focused on biblical studies from a Christian college is required; previous ministry experience is not required

Relationships and Term of Office:
1. Responsible to the Lead Pastor
2. Hired by the Lead Pastor with the approval of the Refton BIC Church Board
3. Will be evaluated annually by the Lead Pastor
4. Will participate in church staff team meetings
5. Party wishing resignation will give a three-month notice

Job Expectations:

Director of Refton Student Ministry [RSM]

  1. Lead Wednesday Night Student Ministry
    Teach weekly, biblical lessons that are faithful to the text and applicable to life as a teenager. Answer faith questions from the teens. Teach the teens how to share their faith and provide them with opportunities to do so.
  2. Work with adult and student leaders
    Develop and work with a team of adult and student leaders. Be able to delegate responsibilities within youth events. Provide training opportunities for adult and student leaders.
  3. Work with parents
    Keep parents informed of upcoming events and what is happening within RSM. Provide training opportunities as needed.
  4. Work with church staff
    Be able to work in a team-based environment.
  5. Keep up with the church website and social media
    Utilize our church website and social media outlets to keep people informed and to stay connected.
  6. Be involved with the students, leaders, parents and community
    Create experiences to hang out with the students that are in accordance with our church safety policy. Keep in close contact with the adult leaders. Support and inform parents. Be willing to meet and be introduced to other youth pastors in our surrounding communities, forming bonds and potentially working with them for the cause of Christ.

Director of Digital Ministry [Technology / Internet Content]

  1. Maintain the church website and app
    Keep the website updated with sermons and Refton BIC events. Add announcement and emergency posts. Train capable ministry leaders to add their own content to the church website and app. Be open to researching and implementing better website and app options if the opportunity or need arises.
  2. Work directly with the lead pastor to create online media content
    Be able to produce quality online content for our church website and social media. This includes video/audio/image production and editing.
  3. Work with church staff and other ministry leaders
    Make sure that the technology needs of the church staff and other ministry leaders are met. Assist them with research and implementation of church apps and programs [ex: Planning Center]. Help with any PC related questions or issues from the church staff.
  4. PC upgrades and updates
    Responsible for PC hardware and software upgrades/updates within our church.
  5. Work to resolve PC / network / cloud / video surveillance issues if they arise
    Ideally you would be able to resolve the minor issues that come up, but you would also be able to work with Comcast, our website host, domain provider, or other tech companies if serious issues occur.


Overview: The Director of Student Ministries helps the student ministry accomplish its mission of connecting students and families to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by overseeing a ministry that seeks to help every 6th grade through 12thgrade student in the Clearbranch student database make steps toward deeper maturity in Christ, by building a student ministry that fulfills the mission and values of the church.


The Director of Student Ministries will be accountable to and report to the Associate Pastor.


A bachelor’s degree and at least two years of experience are preferred.

Description and Responsibilities:

●      Develop and maintain a program that engages a growing number of Junior High and Senior High students weekly.
●      Plan and promote all major events and weekly programming in such a way that the targeted number of students participate.
●      The Director of Student Ministries should know the names of every youth and parent on the rolls.
●      Utilization of the MIA (Missing In Action) program, in regards to student and adult volunteers, in order to maintain engagement and reduce attrition.
●      Participation and oversight of quarterly contact with all students in the Student Ministry database.
●      Involvement in, and oversight of, members of the student ministry leadership team’s face-to-face contact with every student in the database at least once a year.
●      The Director of Student Ministries is visible at student events once a week during the school year, and volunteer leaders have been invited to accompany him/her at those visits.
●      All weekly student ministry volunteers are recruited no later than one month before
they are to begin serving.
●      All weekly student ministry volunteers complete an application and receive training
before they serve in the student ministry. They also receive ongoing training and
●      The Director of Student Ministries meets personally with each weekly student ministry volunteer at least once a year, and checks in with them at least quarterly.
●      Control documents are developed and distributed in a timely fashion (the student ministry calendar, calendar requests, event and trip registration forms, etc.).
●      Compliance documents are updated, distributed, and adhered to by all involved
parties (copyright licensing, background checks on volunteers and staff, etc.).
●      One-year benchmarks determined by the student ministry leadership are met.
●      Communication through social media, newsletters, etc. will be maintained and kept current.
●      Communication with parents takes place, both written and in-person, leaving the
avenues of communication open for concerns and suggestions of parents to be brought
to the table.
●      Students who do not typically attend worship are sought out and invited to sit with the
Youth Director and students during the services.
●      The church staff, particularly the Lead Pastor, have been communicated with in such a
way that they are informed and enthusiastically supportive of the priorities and
programs of the youth ministry.
●      An energetic, engaging, and creative small group program for 6th – 12th graders is built and implemented.
●      An exceptional and personal follow-up to all first-time visitors happens within a week of
their visit.
●      Problems in the student ministry are trouble-shot in a way that honors the
concerns of those who brought them, and offered timely, creative solutions to problems.
●      The “in-between the cracks” needs of the student ministry are handled in a professional and timely manner, including: bulletin boards, photography, attendance, newsletters, bulletin and church school announcementsforms and registration
●      Bible studies are taught and led in such a way that a volunteer always shares
the responsibility for that part of the ministry.
●      The Director of Student Ministries is informed or sought out for any special victories, concerns or challenges, or hospitalizations being faced by the student and his or her family and, as often as reasonable, passes that information on to the student leaders for personal follow up.
●      An annual youth ministry budget is created, submitted, and adhered to.

Special Talents, Skills Preferred:   Recruitment, leadership, equipping, delegating, organization, administration, relates well with teens and their families.

We are looking for the one God is calling to serve as our Worship Pastor.

Do you like working with a great team of pastors that approach ministry together relationally?

The main area needed is with leading worship with our praise team, but also we would desire for that right fit to be able to help in another area like small groups, young adult ministry, or youth ministry.

Since this would be a “pastor” position, we prefer a four-year theological degree. Experience is always a plus. We are a nondenominational Bible Church that takes the Bible literally, and that is what we teach.

We are located in Eastern Montana, a great place to raise a family and serve the Lord.

Grace Bible Church is a special group of believers that love the Lord, the Word, and want to reach the community and the world with the Gospel.

Sounds good to you? Let me know by sending a resume and even maybe a video link to some of your worship leading to me, Phil Newby, at pnewby@midrivers.com

God bless!

We are looking for a high-energy relational person to oversee a thriving program for those in middle school, where the goal is to move these students toward becoming disciples of Christ. Roswell Presbyterian Church (RPC) welcomes a large family of faith to live out the good news of Jesus Christ. With roots that go back to 1839, RPC belongs to the historic Reformed tradition of the Presbyterian Church (USA) that trusts in the grace and love of Jesus Christ for ourselves and for the whole world. We respond to God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ by loving with our heads, hearts, and hands. Please see the attached job description. https://www.roswellpres.org/careers


We, at Zarephath Christian Church in Flemington New Jersey, are excited to have the opportunity to bring a youth minister on board to pour the love of Jesus into and to disciple our young people. We are looking for a stellar person, who loves Jesus, our young people and our church to work alongside our lead pastor. To learn more about our church, check out zccflemington.org. If you have further questions regarding the position, you may contact Pastor Jamie at 908 256 1890 or jdamm@zarephath.org. Interested potential candidates can send resumes to hrapplicant@pillar.org.


Job Description     October 2019




Job Title: Youth Minister


Time: Part Time – 25-30 hours (Non-Exempt)


Department: Zarephath Christian Church, Flemington



The Youth Minister is responsible for creating, overseeing, and implementing a multi-faceted, comprehensive plan to disciple students to trust God, find purpose and make impact.  The Youth Minister will reach out to, disciple and equip students in congruence with the goals of our church and in cooperation and collaboration with the lead pastor and core team.



ZCC Flemington Pastor






The ideal candidate will have a 4 year college degree with emphasis on Christian education and youth. At a minimum the candidate will have a High School diploma and is pursuing higher education in the area of Christian education with focus on working with students; or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties and responsibilities as shown below.


Personal Qualifications:

A Christian of good reputation and credibility (1 Tim. 3:1-7)
Demonstrates the fruit of a calling from God and a heart willing to serve (Eph. 4:11-16)
Manifests the gifts of the Spirit that are relevant to this service (Acts 20:20-32)
Understands and embraces the mission, goals and doctrine of the church.
One who maintains a personal plan for a growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life.
Self-starter with ability to work independently in a disciplined and organized manner
Highly relational (caring and personable) with effective communication skills (interpersonal and group)
Demonstrates passion and long term vision for youth ministry with ability to draw others to it
Demonstrates innovative and creative approach to ministry
Demonstrates a desire to share the life of Jesus with students and their parents & see them engage in their faith

Youth Minister Job Description Continued:

Knowledge of and ability to communicate the scriptures in an engaging, compassionate and compelling way, Biblical education is preferred
Team-oriented with ability to work with volunteers, members and staff to develop a team-oriented culture through training, mentoring and teaching
Demonstrates leadership qualities and attitude in line with the teachings of Christ



Leading or a member of a team oriented staff, preferably in a church or ministry environment where the primary focus was students
Previous involvement with church or ministry based volunteer programs



Strong communication (verbal and written), people and organizational skills
Self-starter with ability to work independently in a disciplined manner
Thorough understanding and ability to utilize social media and other electronic forms of  communication
Proficient with use of computer and other office productivity tools
Is able to function well under pressure and in stressful situations
Able to handle appropriate items and tasks with confidentiality



Oversee and coordinate ZCCF’s youth ministry
Design and examine curriculum for all youth programs and classes
Recruit and equip student ministry volunteer team
Lead middle and high school students by encouraging, discipling and equipping them
Develop positive relationships with leadership team, students and their parents
Plan and organize weekly Youth Ministry and Sunday class for students
Plan and develop special events – including retreat and mission trip
Meet weekly with Pastor for prayer, connection, planning and mentoring
Meet weekly or biweekly with particular students for discipleship
Attend Sunday ZCCF services to worship and for relationship building
Attend monthly core team meetings
Assist lead pastor in leading the Sunday Worship Experience
Assist lead pastor in leading church wide ministry events
Assist lead pastor in regularly connecting with adults in the church
Perform other necessary and related work as may be assigned



Pleasant, professional environment
Regular and ongoing interaction with Pastoral Staff, Ministry Leaders, or visitors.



Youth Minister Job Description Continued:

25% of time spent sitting (includes using a computer and telephone), 75% of the time standing and walking.


HOURS: 25-30




TO APPLY: Submit letter of interest with resume attached to hrapplicant@pillar.org