Job Opportunity:
Student Ministry Intern

Calvary Bible Church – Erie Campus

Calvary Bible Church is one church in two locations: Boulder and Erie, Colorado. Our Boulder campus was founded in 1889, and we launched our Erie Campus in 2006. If you’d like to learn more about our history, you can do so via our website at https://calvarybible.com/about/history/. Currently, we are averaging roughly 1100 people in attendance at the Erie Campus on Sunday mornings. On average, we minister to 230 unique students per month (130 MSM and 100 HSM). Our church is growing, and we hope to find someone who can help take our ministry to the next level.

Position Summary:
Student Ministry Interns work directly with Student Ministry Directors to help implement weekly programs, build relationships with students, learn to empower leaders and develop ministry skills in areas of interest.

Our goal is to help confirm an intern’s calling to ministry. Every intern completes our Calvary Student Ministry (CSM) Training Course in order to equip him/her to lead a spiritually vibrant and healthy student ministry. We work hard to help every intern leave CSM ready to lead a student ministry of his/her own.

$12,000 – $14,000 per fiscal year

Time Commitment:
20 hours per week with some evenings and weekends
Internship commitment will be reviewed annually

A faithful follower of Christ, hungry for God’s Word, proven leader, desire to make disciples.
·      Born again with clear evidence of a godly lifestyle.
·      In agreement with Calvary Bible Church Constitution.
·      In agreement with student ministries philosophy of ministry.
·      A call and desire toward student ministry.

During the internship, the intern will have achieved or made significant progress in the following areas:
·      Develop as a spiritual leader in all areas of life (family, vocation, church).
·      Develop his/her strengths and a call to ministry.
·      Develop a personal philosophy of ministry.
·      Learn how to work within the entire ministry team (i.e., students, worship, outreach, children, education, etc.).
·      Gain insight into a full-time student ministry role at a church.
·      Grow in your personal relationship with Jesus by loving God and loving others.

1.         Work with the student ministry leadership to assist in the implementation of the vision, values, and goals of the student ministry department.
2.        Work with the student ministry leadership to lead and implement disciple-making programs in Erie via gatherings on Sundays and mid-week as well as trips and events.
3.         Lead and guide the students in the student ministry to a deeper life in Jesus Christ and push them towards a disciple-making lifestyle.
4.        Assist with the development of curriculum, trips, and events for the student ministry to move students towards a disciple-making lifestyle.
5.        Assist in the connection and assimilation process of all incoming new students.
6.        Have an intentional emphasis with a small group of students by helping them live a disciple-making lifestyle.
7.         Serve as a member of the student ministry team and attend weekly student ministry team meetings.
8.        Communicate with leaders, parents, and students regarding the overall direction of the ministry and the tools we are using to help students grow.
9.        Assist in recruiting, developing, and training a team of volunteers to minister to students.
10.   Assist whenever called upon by the Director of Student Ministry.

·      Interns needs to have a love for the Lord, first and foremost.
·      Interns needs to have a servant heart.
·      Interns needs to have a teachable Spirit.
·      Interns needs to be willing to go the extra mile to develop as a minister.

1.         The Student Ministry Intern is directly accountable to the Director of Student Ministries in Erie for daily supervision.
2.        The Student Ministry Intern is responsible to the Calvary Bible Church Leadership Team and ultimately accountable to God.

Principle function
The Student Ministry Director is responsible to develop, prepare, and implement a discipleship program for the students (sixth through twelfth grades) of NorthWest Bible Church. He will work closely with the church staff, parents, and volunteer leaders to serve this function.

Qualifications for all staff
–  Affirm the NWBC doctrinal statement, constitution, mission, and vision.
–  Exemplify Christian character.
–  Committed to a team approach to ministry and unity within the staff and church.
–  Communicate well with the staff team.
–  Demonstrate appropriate levels of organization the execute the ministry.
–  Proficient in using modern technology and means of digital communication.
–  Desire to work diligently and selflessly.
–  Respond well to authority, feedback, and evaluation.

Qualifications for the Student Ministry Director
–  Have a vision for the discipleship process of students and their families.
–  Relate well to students and be willing to be appropriately involved in their lives.
–  Be enthusiastic, relational, and motivated to pursue students.
–  Capable of effectively recruiting and equipping volunteer leaders.
–  Demonstrate giftedness and ability in leading and teaching.
–  Communicate well to a variety of audiences and in a variety of settings.
–  Self-starter with the ability to work with minimal supervision.

Responsibilities of the position

1. Lead the ministry to students (sixth through twelfth grades).
–  Develop and execute a balanced discipleship program that fulfills the mission and vision of NorthWest Bible church.
–  Oversee all student ministry curriculum and teaching.
–  Develop and maintain a ministry budget.
–  Maintain all student ministry facilities and equipment.
–  Communicate with parents, leaders, and students.

2. Shepherd students.
–  Be personally involved in every ministry opportunity designed for the entire group.
–  Make and maintain a personal connection with each regular participant in the student ministry.
–  Be available to parents and students—even those that do not regularly participate.
–  Provide opportunities for students to be involved in church leadership.
–  Support students in their non-church environments.
–  Provide care and pastoral counsel for students and their families.

3. Develop and lead a team to assist in ministering to students.
–  Recruit and maintain a personal connection with each leader.
–  Ensure each leader has the appropriate doctrinal examination and background check required to serve.
–  Provide initial and ongoing training for leaders.
–  Shepherd ministry interns (if applicable).

4. Be a functioning member of the church and church staff.
–  Maintain regular and appropriate office hours.
–  Be responsible for all financial expenditures.
–  Comply with the policies in the employee handbook.
–  Participate in all church-wide events.
–  Participate in all staff meetings, including socials and other functions.
–  Meet with the elders and attend other scheduled meetings when requested.
–  Be available to serve in areas outside the student ministry as needed.
–  Be available to fill the pulpit, officiate weddings and funerals, and make hospital visits as needed.

The Student Minister develops, coordinates, and administers an effective and comprehensive ministry to middle and high school students in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  The effective candidate

  • is able to present a clear witness to faith in Jesus Christ and a calling to ministry;
  • has a pattern of local church membership and involvement;
  • affirms an evangelical and sacramental theology;
  • can minister comfortably in an orthodox, Wesleyan theological environment of the United Methodist Church;
  • possesses facility in teaching the Christian faith, assisting in worship, developing relationships, planning and implementing a program that seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ, cultivating and guiding volunteers, and working with other ministry staff.

Resumes may be sent electronically to David A. Banks at dbanks@garberumc.com or hardcopy to Rev. David A. Banks, Garber United Methodist Church, 4201 Country Club Road, Trent Woods, NC 28562.


At Wayzata Community Church, we believe the church of today and tomorrow begins with students and their families. The Director of High School Ministry will provide leadership and direction to all aspects of WCC’s high school ministry. The Director of High School Ministry will be capable of overseeing and providing innovative, sustainable and reproducible ministry systems for maximum spiritual impact with high school students from a 30,000 foot level to a tactical, on-the-ground level. The Director of High School Ministry will be a creative leader of leaders and inspirational advocate for future generations of the Church. At the core of the Director of High School Ministry should be an inclusive, meaningful, faith forward life that inspires families with the love of Jesus.

Primary Roles of the Position


Innovation: Develop and oversee innovative programs and faith formation opportunities, anchored in the relational ministry model, that invite all members of the student population to explore and develop on their path as followers of Jesus
Provide relevant, interactive opportunities for students to engage in the church and the greater community as servant leaders
Collaborate as an active member of WCC’s Family Ministry Team as it seeks to faithfully respond to the ever changing realities of ministry, culture and family life
Engage in consistent personal and professional development


Communication: Direct all aspects of communication with our student population providing ongoing leadership that ensures an accessible and expansive presence on a variety of social media platforms
Coordinate and direct appropriate communication with volunteer adult leaders and High School Ministry Board to ensure
students and families are engaged and connected to all aspects of WCC’s high school ministry
Oversee and provide timely and informative communication and support to parents of high school students, WCC staff and the wider church regarding high school programs and offerings


Equipping: Create and lead ongoing leadership development for volunteer adult leaders focusing on both relational ministry concepts and faith formation
Cultivate and develop student leadership opportunities and training
Establish and implement, in conjunction with members of the Family Ministry Team and Minister of Mission, offerings to expand and enlarge adult engagement with high school students in all aspects of faith development


Working Relationships

  • Reports to Minister of Faith Formation
  • Member of Family Ministry Team (High School, Middle School, Elementary,Early Childhood, Camp and Special Needs)
  • High School Ministry Board


Key Attributes

  • Innovative Architect – Keeper of the “why”, a visionary with a growth mindset energized by creative planning.
  • Genuine – True to self, honest, vulnerable, authentic, approachable.
    Missional – Mission experience-minded, neighborhood-focused, believes thatchurch happens outside of church.
  • Communicator – Multi-faceted, has the ability to interact effectively with numerous teams and stakeholders (families, staff, students, board) simultaneously, sermonizes, listens to understand.
  • Equipper – A recruiter, builds teams (students, lay leaders, staff teammates), trains, empowers, sets others up for success.
  • Relevant – Current, fun, personable, attracts others.
    Faith-Forward – Ability to clearly articulate a current, lived faith experience.
  • Relational – Fully committed to a relational ministry paradigm, makes faith matter to students.
  • Experience and Education



  • A faith anchored life and willingness to embrace and support the relational ministry model of Wayzata Community Church
  • Commitment to life-long discipleship in self and in the lives of others
  • Comfort with WCC’s mission of inclusion and celebration of its diversity of faith philosophies
  • Bachelor of Arts or Science degree
  • 5 or more years’ experience in youth ministry or related eld
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Detail-oriented with proven skills in administration of programs (budgeting, time management, vendor contracts)
  • Proven expertise with technology and social media
  • Ability to stand, stoop, kneel, crouch, walk, reach, use hands/ fingers (dexterity) and lift up to 40 pounds



  • Youth Ministry degree and/or Masters of Divinity
  • Camp Ministry experience
  • Wayzata Community Church (WCC) has been helping people with their faith journeys for over 130 years. Today the church has grown to engage nearly 3,000 confirmed members, hundreds of children, young people and friends of the congregation. It has become a physical and spiritual landmark in the lives of its members and the Wayzata neighborhood.


OUR VISION: Inspire the world with the inclusive love of Jesus.



  • To be a caring community drawn together by God’s grace and called to personally live out Christ’s love.
  • To actively extend a welcome invitation to all people, embracing each other with uncompromising compassion.
  • To boldly challenge our own complacency through courageous conversation and transformational worship.
  • To relentlessly share our extraordinary gifts through life-changing mission and service—near and far.



The purpose of all of our family ministries is building bridges with children, youth, and their families through relational experiences of God’s love, to inspire the world.


Core Values:

  • Relational: Centered on building relationships, inclusive, and compassionate Challenging: Transformational & questioning
  • Integrity: Consistent, transparent, & character-driven
  • Faithful: Rooted in the way of Jesus
  • Missional: sent into the world to create beauty Safe: Boundaries, equipped and prepared Woo: Inviting and attractional
  • Fun: Ministry should be exciting
  • Excellence: We commit to give our all


Contact Information

To learn more about Wayzata Community Church please visit www.wayzatacommunitychurch.org.


Please submit a cover letter and resume, along with any questions, to Erik Nymo at search@wayzatacommunitychurch.org




Please apply directly on our website (below).

The Student Ministry Director will have a passion for student ministry and work to lead an integrated ministry that partners with parents and the broader church family to successfully launch students into a lifetime of faith in Jesus Christ.

Job Responsibilities

  • Implement the Menlo Students strategy that draws students to Menlo Church and guides them into discipleship to Jesus
  • Recruit, train, and lead volunteer leaders
  • Oversee weekly student worship experiences for a Wednesday evening program
  • Oversee Student Ministry Life Groups
  • Build a relational & effective Student Ministry Team, including student leaders, Life Group leaders, and a volunteer worship/tech team
  • Plan and organize events and camps as needed
  • Work collaboratively with other campus staff for an integrated ministry to all ages
  • All other duties as assigned

Position Qualifications

  • Knowledgeable in Student Ministries with at least 2 years of experience
  • Experience in building and leading teams
  • Ability to multi-task with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and positive attitude
  • Team player and team builder with a focus on the vision of the whole church
  • Efficient time management skills, with the ability to balance numerous requirements.
  • Ability to learn quickly, multi-task and work independently as well as, part of a team
  • Demonstrated ministry leadership experience in a large, multifaceted church
  • Strong administrative, leadership and relational skills
  • Ability to use Excel, Fellowship One, Pro-Presenter, Mail Chimp, Word and Planning Center online
  • Experience overseeing and developing both staff and lay ministry teams
  • Very strong written and spoken communication skills


Please apply directly on our site (URL below)

Our goal is to equip and empower leaders to lead a life group of students towards a life-long relationship with Jesus.

Job Responsibilities

  • Work with other members of the campus student team and central ministry to plan and schedule leader training that is informative, intentional, and engaging.
  • Care for the personal and spiritual health of our 40+ Life Group Leaders in two different ministries by providing support when needed through coaching, communication, and training.
  • Lead the charge of recruiting and building a multi-tiered volunteer team of leaders and coaches to run life groups for two separate ministries (HS/MS).
  • Work closely with the Program Producer to create smooth and engaging transitions from large group to life group.
  • Help develop curriculum for Life Group leaders that is relevant to where students are spiritually and developmentally.
  • Participate in at least 2 weekend trips/camps and 1 week-long trips/camps a year.
  • Work with your team to plan and run trips and events outside of weekly program, such as Bank Hang.

Position Qualifications

  • Efficient time management skills, with the ability to balance numerous requirements.
  • Ability to learn quickly, multi-task and work independently as well as part of a team.
  • Demonstrated volunteer recruitment and development experience in a large, multifaceted church.
  • Ability to cast vision well and help people get excited about being part of what God is doing in student’s lives.
  • Strong people skills with the ability to easily meet and connect with others as well as discern whether or not people have the gifts for leading a life group.
  • Spiritual gifts such as leadership, communication, evangelism, wisdom, discernment and encouragement.

    … So that Christ may be formed in people

Who we are:

Galilee South Community Church is our home, part of the Bread of Life Church Network

( https://www.rolcc.net/rolcc/index.php ). Our Church home is located in the suburbs of

Denver, in Littleton Colorado. We are a growing, vibrant community with the vision of building a

glorious church together with brothers and sisters in a multi-ethnic and multi-generational community. To learn more about us, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/galileecc/?ref=br_rs


We are looking for:

We are seeking a Full-time Youth Pastor for our Echo Ministry. Echo is our youth

group ministry, including both Middle School and High School students.

The qualified candidate will be seminary trained (currently enrolled) or equivalency completed.


Additional Candidate Requirements and Preferences:

● Evident relationship with Jesus Christ and shows clear calling for full-time ministry in student ministry

● Strong Christ-like character and ethics, act as a servant leader

● Align with GSCC Vision and Faith Statement (provided on GSCC Website)

● Fluent in English, some Chinese preferred but not required. Understanding of Chinese culture is a plus.

● Previous youth ministry experience preferred


Youth Pastor Responsibilities:

● Overseeing, growing and coordinating church’s youth ministry, including both Middle and

High School Students

● Leading Middle and High school students: In Spiritual Growth, Knowledge in the Word of

God, Discipleship and life transformation while serving in the church and community

● Design and lead weekly ministry meetings during the week and Sunday mornings.

● Raise up disciples and student leaders as an important goal

● Recruit, Disciple, Manage Youth Ministry Team Volunteers

● Attending and participating in staff meetings, church events, and prayer meetings

● Sharing and promote program plans through media platforms that is relevant and effective


Position Salary and Benefits:

● Full-time salary with medical benefit (Health, Vision, Dental)

● Paid holidays and vacation

● Continued Education Benefit

● Annual Training/Conference Budget

● Budget for meeting with students and volunteers

● Book/material budget

Gun Lake Community Church, in southwest Michigan, is seeking a full-time director of Student Ministries with strong passion for developing the next generation into disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus. We are in the middle of 5 lakes and surrounded by 7 different communities with opportunity to impact 7 different school districts. We are a church that has been transitioning from a program culture to a discipleship culture because we want to create a movement that can transform a region. Because of the many communities, we need a leader who equips others so that we can operate both centralized and decentralized, kind of like church planting for youth. To receive a job description or to submit resume, please contact Jamie VerStrate at: jamie@gunlakechurch.org.

This is a Full-Time Youth Pastor position with the focus on discipling the Students, Leaders, and Parents of the families that attend Centerpoint Fellowship Church. Previous leadership experience and a strong competency in Discipling are needed. We are a non-denominational church with multiple campuses that uses the Bible as our guide in all matters of faith and practice. This position would be for the main Centerpoint Campus in Prattville, Alabama. To apply for this position email your resume to shane@centeringlives.com along with a brief cover letter.

Carolina Beach, NC – First Baptist Church is seeking a Youth Pastor who will strategically develop and build Youth Ministry in our uniquely wonderful Beach-Resort Community! A two-bedroom Church-owned home adjacent to the Church property plus salary will be included in our compensation package. We are seeking God’s individual or couple who has identified a definite call to Ministry with a passion to reach teens and their families for Christ. Consideration also given for candidates who are involved in Seminary or Ministry-focused studies. For further details or to submit a résumé please contact Pastor Hal Hiatt at hal@fbccb.org or 910-458-5134.