Seeking a full-time Associate Director of Middle School Ministry for Asbury Students, the youth ministry at Asbury Church. Asbury Church is the largest Methodist Church in North Alabama with over 3000 members and a storied history of 35 years of growth from 300 charter members in a warehouse to multiple services, venues and worship styles, six buildings and two campuses. The main campus is located just adjacent to Huntsville, Alabama in the City of Madison. Madison is known for its nationally recognized schools, educated families and high tech companies.

The Associate Director will serve on a cohesive team that loves the adventures of student ministry and works well together. The student ministry team is blessed to have a unified vision with the church and the support of over 70 adult volunteers who lead small groups of students while experiencing life and the pursuit of Christ together.  There are over 300 students who attend the middle and high schools groups each week in addition to special events, mission experiences, and retreats throughout the year. Our church, staff and volunteers work together to make these events meaningful and memorable for the students. Over the years, many former students return to Asbury to serve with the Church and Asbury Students.

Job Description
Job Title

Associate Director of Middle School Ministry
Job Relationships

Supervised by Director of Student Ministry

Position Summary

The Associate Director of Middle School Ministry serves in a pastoral role to the students at Asbury Church. The student ministry team functions as a whole for all aspects of the ministry, but the Associate Director of Middle School Student Ministry will be the primary advocate, planner and trainer specifically for grades 6 thru 8.

The student ministry staff team is composed of the Director of Student Ministries, Associate Director of High School Ministry, Associate Director of Middle School Ministry, Administrative Coordinator, and one intern.

Goals and Initiatives for The Associate Director of Middle School Ministry

Asbury is a vision and goal-oriented church.  We ask each of our staff to create one to three smart goals for their position that will embrace the vision of both the Student Ministry Team and Asbury Church.  In addition to these smart goals, we also ask for team members to identify one to two initiatives that they can work towards throughout the year.  These initiatives would be unique to their position, yet would effectively impact the quality of the student ministry as a whole.  These goals and initiatives run August through May and are reviewed and re-evaluated every summer. This system has been a great tool to help us focus on and improve the things that really matter in the lives of our students.


Education and Experience:

·         BS/BA or equivalent experience required

·         Two years of full-time paid experience in church student ministry of 70+ students

·         Background of Biblical knowledge and teaching preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

●        Works well in a team atmosphere and can champion a vision put before them

●        Solid grounding in Scripture; evidence of a vital, mature, and growing relationship with Jesus Christ

●        Leadership style that is people-focused, results-oriented, and adaptable to frequent change

●        Excellent verbal and written communications skills

●        Ability to manage time and schedules well and to meet deadlines consistently

●        High capacity for organization and multi-tasking projects

●        An anointing of the Holy Spirit to disciple, lead, and mentor students


Regular Full-time (40 hrs/wk), Salaried Position, Plus Benefits


Ministry Vision   

Covenant Grove Church is looking for a godly and gifted man or woman to lead our Youth and Media ministries.  Covenant Grove is an 11-year-old, growing church plant in Modesto, California. We are a multigenerational church and intentional about reaching the next generation with Christ.  We have about 375 people on a Sunday morning, and 20-30 Youth midweek (10-15 middle school and 10-15 high school).

We are looking for a person who has a magnetic, vibrant, and growing love for Jesus Christ that overflows into genuine love for youth and young adults.  He or she must be a great communicator and encourager, self-motivated and a good motivator, organized and able to see big picture, and able to handle tasks and delegation well.  The ability to handle multiple tasks with great follow through is a must. We are looking for someone who is hard working, self-disciplined and faithful, with a great attitude, servant’s heart, and teachable spirit. He or she must also be able to grow ministry, work with teams, and develop leaders.  A college degree (preferably ministry related) and at least three years of ministry experience are strongly preferred. This is a full time, paid position.

Our Youth Pastor will be involved primarily in our Middle School and High School, as well as leading another key ministry areas (media, production, Sunday Morning “flow”, etc.) He or she will serve as an Associate Pastor, teaching and communicating with the entire church family, and helping move the Vision of the church forward. You will be part of our pastoral team and must be able to see the biblical Vision that truly fuels all we do for the Kingdom.  We commit to invest in you, support you, and stretch you in your ministry vision, skills and calling.


Mission Statement

Covenant Grove Church exists through the power of God to transform religious and irreligious people into Fully Devoted Followers of Christ.

Our key values (around which we shape all ministry) are:

  • Discipleship – loving God and growing closer to Him in devotion, prayer, obedience, study, and worship.
  • Fellowship – loving the Family of God, connected through Jesus Christ and deeply committed to caring for and serving each other.
  • Mission – loving a lost, needy, and hurting world – reaching out in the Spirit’s power to bring people home to God and meeting needs.

It is our passion to see Covenant Grove be a place where the Kingdom of God is alive, active, growing, and radically impacting the world.


Primary Responsibilities    

  • Have a strong personal walk with God.  Pray regularly for Covenant Grove Church, our people, and those we are trying to reach.  Have a prayer support team of at least 5 people who will commit to pray for you personally, every day.  Personally grow in your faith through a strong devotional life, obedience, and study.
  • Lead the Youth and Media Ministries of Covenant Grove through the Vision of the church – leading people closer to Christ through a life of personal devotion and prayer, strong and regular communication, encouragement, godly relationships, leadership development, and a growing and dynamic program.
    Lead the Media Ministry in our church, including web, video, social media, and more. Have your communication in on time and clearly communicate Vision and momentum. Find new ways (social media, video, t-shirts, etc.) to grow excitement and joy. Build momentum and a sense of anticipation, celebration, excitement, movement, purpose, and vision.
  • Disciple youth around the key habits of our church. Have godly relationships with leaders and parents. Grow godly and healthy relationships with students. Have a level of pastoral care for your entire ministry without favoritism. Invest in the invested and create a discipleship culture that lives out mission and fellowship. Pour into leaders who can have godly relationships with students.
  • Lead a team of volunteers in excellent ministry. Empower, develop and encourage others to do ministry as a team. Raise up leaders who love the Lord and embrace the Vision, and can expand the ministry.  Meet regularly with your leaders and Recruit new leaders into ministry.
  • Communicate the biblical Vision of God as a pastor. Teach the word with conviction. Ensure your lessons are based on the Bible and have a curriculum plan for the year. Center your Vision and relationships on God’s voice in Scripture, and seek to grow a culture of loyalty to the Lord.
  • Communicate regularly to students, leaders, parents, staff, office, and church.
  • The weekly program will include relationship time, games (in Youth), worship, biblical teaching and groups – done with depth, high energy, and encouraging relationships. Your ministry is expected to grow numerically as people draw closer to the Lord. You also must create bridges between Sunday morning and Youth Group, and work to draw families into the church.
  • Have monthly events for Youth that grow the values of Discipleship, Fellowship, and Mission, and grow momentum in the ministry.  This will include 2-3 bigger events per year for each group, including Winter Camp and a mission trip (for HSM).
  • Create a culture of fun and encouragement that is centered on Christ. Create and sustain momentum and anticipation with students and families looking forward to times together. Encourage students as they struggle and go through hard times. Center your encouragement on the Lord.
  • Complete or oversee all administration and organization for your ministry area, including the database and attendance. Be organized and empower others to organize with you. Ensure a sense of organization and direction around the Vision. Create systems for growth.
  • Serve the larger church as needed, as part of a staff team.  This will include events and office tasks. Grow to care for the larger church family as a pastor on staff. You will also be asked to preach 3-4 times per year.
  • Serve the church in an Associate role.  This will be leading a ministry area in the church as a whole, using your gifts to drive the church forward.  This area will most likely be in the area of communication and technology, but the final determination will be by you and the Lead Pastor.
  • Meet regularly with the Pastor for prayer, training, vision, communication and planning.  Attend the staff meetings of our church.  You will also be asked to occasionally attend the Leadership Team meetings of our church.


Compensation and Ministry Benefits      

  • This is a full-time (50+ hours per week) ministry position. You will be asked to communicate your schedule, hours, and days off, and you will honor your Sabbath and rest times.
  • You will have 10 paid vacation days and 9 paid holidays per year.  Because we want you to be rested and full of life, vacation and holiday time does not accrue.  Vacation needs to be approved and coordinated with the Lead Pastor.  2 days per year added until you reach 20 vacation days total.  You will not miss more than 4 Sundays per year.
  • We want you to have a healthy lifestyle – spiritual, emotional, physical, relationships, etc – with a rhythm of life that can be followed.
  • We ask that you be licensed in the Covenant and keep your license in good standing.
  • Upon hire, we will enter into a 90-day trial period during which time either the employee or the employer may determine that this is not an ideal hire for any reason.  This will include an initial evaluation at 30 days.
  • You will have a review twice a year.
  • You will be reimbursed for budgeted and approved ministry expenses. There is no mileage reimbursement, but you may log and deduct your miles.
  • This position includes pension (12.5%) and family healthcare, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • Leadership growth and training opportunities are encouraged and available as funds allow.  Attendance at the Thrive Conference and PSWC Celebration are very important, as well as connecting with other Covenant (and non-Covenant) ministers serving in your same position.
  • The greatest benefit by far is the opportunity to serve in a healthy church with a great ministry team, where God is moving and the church is growing. We are committed to investing in your leadership and growth.

To lead high school and middle school students to become followers of Jesus.

Create an atmosphere in which Christian and uncommitted students are drawn to explore the faith; providing leadership and supervision for youth programs, including Sunday morning programming, midweek programming, small groups, retreats, and special events.  The primary role of this position will be as a team leader to facilitate these ministries.


  1. Lead students to become devoted followers of Jesus.
  2. Lead dynamic weekly programs that reach unchurched students and draw students into committed discipleship, teaching them the Scriptures and the way of Jesus.  Select and implement the appropriate curriculum.
  3. Recruit, train, and lead volunteer teams to minister to students.
  4. Involve parents in the Student Ministries, assuring that they are informed and have a voice in the ministry.
  5. Integrate students into church ministries, including a natural flow from the children’s to student ministries.
  6. Responsibly steward the budget.
  7. Participate in worship leadership as requested and attend weekly worship.
  8. Participate in all staff meetings, retreats, and church activities as requested.
  9. Various duties assigned by their supervisor.

We want to see students who don’t go to church coming to church, students who are not Christians becoming Christians, and students who are Christians growing in Christ-likeness, a knowledge of the Scriptures, involvement in the church, and outreach to their peers and families.

This person should be able to articulate the Christian faith in a way that is engaging to students and families.  They will have the highest standards of personal integrity in all contexts.  They will be loving, collegial, and humble in their relationships among staff and families.  They will be dynamic and energetic, able to demonstrate significant organizational and supervisory skills, creating teams around innovative ideas.  They should have strong communication skills.  They will be a trainer and leader of volunteer staff.  This will require previous experience in leading dynamic student ministries.