UALC, a thriving two campus church in Columbus, OH is seeking a full-time Director of High School Ministries. This position is part of a dynamic staff team dedicated to cohesive spiritual growth across all ages. Full job description and online application available at

This job involves many of the duties of a Children’s Director, but also has a “pastoral understanding” of ministering to the children as well as their families.  Children’s ministry at Glendora Community Church involves supervision of the crib to the 5th grade.  This is a small ministry now, and leadership and team-building will be important skills to grow this ministry with attractional programming, with “sticky-faith” intergenerational participation, and with outreach into the surrounding communities and schools.

Glendora is a suburb of Los Angeles, nestled against the San Gabriel mountains about 15 miles west of Pasadena, California.  The school systems in Glendora are highly rated, and the community is very educationally oriented.  Azusa Pacific University and Citrus college are located within 2 miles of the church campus.

View job description here.

To apply, forward application and résumé to Sonja at

Principle function
The Student Ministry Director is responsible to develop, prepare, and implement a discipleship program for the students (sixth through twelfth grades) of NorthWest Bible Church. He will work closely with the church staff, parents, and volunteer leaders to serve this function.

Qualifications for all staff
–  Affirm the NWBC doctrinal statement, constitution, mission, and vision.
–  Exemplify Christian character.
–  Committed to a team approach to ministry and unity within the staff and church.
–  Communicate well with the staff team.
–  Demonstrate appropriate levels of organization the execute the ministry.
–  Proficient in using modern technology and means of digital communication.
–  Desire to work diligently and selflessly.
–  Respond well to authority, feedback, and evaluation.

Qualifications for the Student Ministry Director
–  Have a vision for the discipleship process of students and their families.
–  Relate well to students and be willing to be appropriately involved in their lives.
–  Be enthusiastic, relational, and motivated to pursue students.
–  Capable of effectively recruiting and equipping volunteer leaders.
–  Demonstrate giftedness and ability in leading and teaching.
–  Communicate well to a variety of audiences and in a variety of settings.
–  Self-starter with the ability to work with minimal supervision.

Responsibilities of the position

1. Lead the ministry to students (sixth through twelfth grades).
–  Develop and execute a balanced discipleship program that fulfills the mission and vision of NorthWest Bible church.
–  Oversee all student ministry curriculum and teaching.
–  Develop and maintain a ministry budget.
–  Maintain all student ministry facilities and equipment.
–  Communicate with parents, leaders, and students.

2. Shepherd students.
–  Be personally involved in every ministry opportunity designed for the entire group.
–  Make and maintain a personal connection with each regular participant in the student ministry.
–  Be available to parents and students—even those that do not regularly participate.
–  Provide opportunities for students to be involved in church leadership.
–  Support students in their non-church environments.
–  Provide care and pastoral counsel for students and their families.

3. Develop and lead a team to assist in ministering to students.
–  Recruit and maintain a personal connection with each leader.
–  Ensure each leader has the appropriate doctrinal examination and background check required to serve.
–  Provide initial and ongoing training for leaders.
–  Shepherd ministry interns (if applicable).

4. Be a functioning member of the church and church staff.
–  Maintain regular and appropriate office hours.
–  Be responsible for all financial expenditures.
–  Comply with the policies in the employee handbook.
–  Participate in all church-wide events.
–  Participate in all staff meetings, including socials and other functions.
–  Meet with the elders and attend other scheduled meetings when requested.
–  Be available to serve in areas outside the student ministry as needed.
–  Be available to fill the pulpit, officiate weddings and funerals, and make hospital visits as needed.