Eastlawn United Methodist Church in the beautiful coastal town of Pascagoula, MS, is currently accepting applications for the following full-time position:

Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry
Eastlawn is a vibrant, loving church with a great group of children and youth who are in need of an energetic leader. We are currently serving anywhere from 15-25 youth, grades 7-12, and 20-30 children, grades K4-6. Our new staff person would have the primary responsibility of ministering to our youth, but would also be in charge of overseeing all children’s ministries and activities as well, by recruiting and delegating our many willing volunteers.

This is a full-time position with an expectation of approximately 30 hours per week. Salary is dependent upon education, experience, and other qualifications. All interested applicants, please send a brief bio/statement of faith, resume, and contact information to:

For further information, please contact Jeff Walton, pastor: 228-762-2364


Seven Hills Fellowship is seeking a Youth Minister who will be an architect for the Youth Ministry of 7HF.  It is our desire that the Middle and High School youth will be inspired towards and equipped for a life-long relationship with Christ that leads to flourishing in them individually and in their domains.  We believe that this flourishing occurs as believers of all ages engage in works of restoration, through lives of reconciliation, through friendship, and through education that leads to transformation, all grounded in our worship of a holy and merciful God.




Leader Recruitment and Oversight  (5 hours a week)

  • Recruit Adult and College leaders to work with Middle and High School students
  • Oversee volunteer leaders through regular individual and team meetings, holding them accountable to an appropriate job description


Contact Work  (10 hours a week)

  • Contact work is the lifeblood of youth ministry.  It’s where the youth minister and volunteers engage incarnationally with their students.
  • Contact work means attending the student’s sporting events and concerts, taking them to grab coffee or breakfast, and meeting them where they are.


Middle and High School Youth Group (10 hours a week)

  • Like Sunday morning worship for adults, Youth Group, is a large group context where Middle School students can connect relationally, engage in worship and be inspired and equipped by Gospel motivated teaching.
  • The general structure of Youth Group will be the following: mixer/game, worship, teaching and a small group breakout session.


Discipleship Groups (5 hours a week)

  • Led by the Youth Minister or by a volunteer, Discipleship Groups are a context where students can engage in accountability, learning, and prayer towards the end of becoming life-long mature and equipped followers of Christ.
  • Content can be a book or curriculum that is in alignment with the Vision and Values of Seven Hills Fellowship.


Big Events

  • Whether Summer Camp, a mission trip or a day trip to the Ocoee river, Big Events get kids out of their regular routine and into a context where they have the opportunity encounter God and engage in Restoration, Reconciliation or simply building Friendships, each of which leads to their flourishing.
  • Summer Break, Spring Break and Winter Break are prime time for this type of event.



  • The Youth Minister is required to attend a weekly staff meeting.
  • The Youth Minster will oversee a parent’s council
  • The Youth Minister will engage in personal development through seminars, retreats and ongoing training or education.


Job Title:                                Youth Minister

Reports To:                           Director of Discipleship & Engagement

Approved Date:                    August 9, 2019



The youth minister will assist our youth in embodying Northwest Presbyterian’s mission to “make disciples for Jesus Christ, make friends on the journey of faith, and make a difference in our world.”  It is expected that the youth minister will work an average of twelve to fifteen hours per week to fulfill the duties and responsibilities listed below.


Duties & Responsibilities:
1.       “Making Disciples” – Provide spiritual instruction, guidance and experiences for the youth of Northwest Presbyterian that will help them to grow in their faith.   (70%)


·     Facilitate Sunday evening gatherings for middle school and high school youth during the program year.

·     Facilitate Sunday School classes for middle school and high school youth during the program year.

·     Facilitate a monthly gathering of “Club 46” (4th-6th graders) to prepare them for the youth group.

·     Plan and lead annual retreats (fall and spring, confirmation, summer camps and conferences).

·     Oversee the planning and implementation of an annual Youth Sunday worship service.

·     Support VBS by recruiting youth helpers and assisting with the 4th–5th grade portion of the week.

·     Create initiatives to help youth connect with the life and ministries of the congregation.


2.       “Making Friends” – Develop close relationships with youth and between youth.  (15%)


·     Cultivate relationships with each youth outside the context of church programming.

·     Communicate clearly and consistently with parents, youth leaders, and youth.


3.       “Making a Difference” – Provide opportunities for youth to use their gifts in service to others. (5%)


·     Plan, promote, and implement quarterly service experiences for youth.

·     Encourage youth to become ambassadors for the NWPC youth ministry by inviting friends to participate.


4.       Ministry Management (10%)


·     Work under the guidance of the Education ministry team of the Session and with the NWPC staff.

·     Submit a weekly report to direct supervisor of time spent and activities completed.

·     Submit a monthly overview of time spent and activities completed to the Education ministry team.

·     Create and maintain systems for keeping attendance and maintaining an active directory.

·     Recruit, build relationships with and train adults interested in serving as volunteer leaders.

·     Regularly follow up with visiting youth as well as member youth who have become inactive.




The Youth minister will be gone no more than a total of six Sundays per year.  Requests for time off must be negotiated in advance with the direct supervisor or pastor.  Since the position is hourly, a time report must be submitted to the administrative manager on the 10th and the 25th of each month.  Any hours above fifteen per week must be preapproved by the direct supervisor or pastor via email.

The director of youth ministries is responsible for the ministry to children grades 6-12.  The Youth Director will work with volunteers and parents to oversee the direction of the program.  The position is a 40 hour per week position and reports to the Pastor. The work days will generally be Sunday-Thursday with additional days as needed.


Minimum Qualifications

  • * a bachelor’s degree with emphasis on theology, youth ministry or education
  • * 3 years experience as a youth minister desired
  • * must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • * be a person who professes the Christian faith and is sympathetic with the purposes of The United Methodist denomination
  • * must be able to maintain and keep confidential information
  • * must be able to use Microsoft Office products and any type of technology used for presentations


Primary Responsibilities:

  • * plan and prepare weekly meetings for Sunday school and Sunday nights, organizing and leading volunteers, and choosing curriculum suitable for the age/maturity of the students
  • * stay abreast of new resources and changes in youth ministry and culture and adjust our programming as needed to maintain current and effective program
  • * schedule, plan, and lead in and out of town events such as camps, mission trips, and retreats
  • * actively seek out service opportunities for youth
  • * connect the youth group with the larger congregation by planning such activities and participating in regularly scheduled church-wide activities
  • * be a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to youth ministries
  • * develop relationships with youth and parents; follow-up with families if a student incurs multiple absences
  • * maintain regular communication and meetings with parents regarding events; involve and inform congregation of events on a regular basis
  • * facilitate Bible studies
  • * meet individually with students/family for study or counsel
  • * host meals for youth or find volunteers to do so
  • * ensure child protection guidelines are observed in all youth ministry settings
  • * meet one-on-one with the senior pastor weekly
  • * participate in weekly staff meetings
  • * lead weekly volunteer meetings
  • * maintain a department budget, collect all data to be submitted in a timely manner
  • * work with pastor to create Ministry Action Plan and be evaluated each year based on performance


Additional Responsibilities:

  • * meet with other ministry leaders for planning and assistance
  • * write newsletter articles when requested
  • * attend youth events (sports, music, graduations, etc.)
  • * lead parent meetings
  • * partner with schools to develop strategic ministry outreach program


The mission of Aldersgate United Methodist Church is to raise up deeply devoted disciples of Christ.  The Youth Director should guide and model the church youth to walk in line with our mission.  The candidate should possess some or all skills such as; servant leader, teaching, administrative and shepherding.   The candidate must be able to communicate and listen well. Communication will be a key component for this position.  The church needs an energetic advocate for the students.   To be successful in this position the Youth Director should be determined, great at follow-up and completing tasks, and very dependable.

Church in suburban Charlotte, NC, seeks full-time Family Minister. Primary responsibilities include evangelism, fostering households of faith, and quarter-time youth ministry. Our congregational focus is Deeper Faith (80% come back to church each week to deepen faith), Joyful Community (we are multigenerational and view church as family), and Reaching More (25% of our budget is used for missions). Spirit of Joy is a bible-believing church in the Lutheran tradition (LCMC). Professional level salary, commensurate with experience.

First United Methodist Church of Magnolia is entertaining applications for their full-time Director of Youth Ministries position, opening at the end of May. Please send resume and cover letter to our church office, via mail or email at gary.maskell@arumc.org .  Applications accepted until the position has been filled. Call our office at 870-234-4530 for more information.

First United Methodist Church is located at 320 W. Main, Magnolia, AR   71753


St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is looking for their next Director of Youth Ministry.  After spending the past year evaluating and developing a strategic plan for their youth ministry, they are excited to find the right person to help implement it.  Only 10 minutes away from downtown Jacksonville, Florida, the best of all worlds meet at St. Mark’s.  St. Mark’s is an intergenerational church with many involved youth, committed adult volunteers and friendly parishioners.  This church is located in an historic neighborhood, canopied by oak trees, one block from the St. John’s River.  Great restaurants, professional sports, a thriving arts scene, and outdoor recreation opportunities make this a vibrant community and the #2 “Up and Coming City” in America according to Time magazine.  Please apply by sending a resume and cover letter to applicants@yminstitute.com.

Purpose Statement:

Assist in providing visionary leadership to the ministries of Longview Christian Church within the church’s mission of “introducing messy people to Jesus so that they, too, can change and experience the new life that our Lord came to offer.”


Position Summary:

Part of what this Youth Minister will be responsible for is planning, coordinating, and implementing the worship, community, and service opportunities for students, grades 5 -12 in an effort to help change lives and have a kingdom impact. The Youth Minister will develop curriculum and recruit and manage a volunteer team of teachers and small group leaders for the Youth Ministry.



•  Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life.

•  A self-motivated leader, capable of casting and imparting a vision for ministry, possessing relational skills with students, parents, and staff.

•  Possess basic administrative skills and is dedicated to programming excellence.

•  Is in agreement with the church’s doctrine, mission, and values and has a passion for evangelism and outreach.

•  Undergraduate degree; Experience in and a passion for Youth Ministry.


Core Responsibilities:

•  To work as a “leader of leaders” and “recruiter-equipper” who recruits, equips, and disciples adult volunteers.

•  Develop, manage, and implement curriculum for all classes/programs within Youth Ministry to help facilitate the growth of individual students.

•  Develop and implement an annual ministry plan with a calendar of activities/programs that are inclusive and promote relationship development, discipleship, and parent-student interaction. This plan should establish a healthy balance between Worship, Community, and Service in the lives of youth.

•  Manage and maintain all classrooms within Youth Ministry in conjunction with the Volunteer Team, ensuring that the environments are welcoming to youth and parents.

•  Recruit, equip, and encourage volunteers to build and foster mentoring relationships with youth.

•  Create and work within the Youth Ministry budget.

•  Create and/or manage a Youth Ministry policy manual, with a strong focus on risk management, and ensure that procedures are followed.

•  Plan, promote, and coordinate Youth Ministry events in alignment with the position purpose statement and in coordination with the mission and vision of LCC.

•  Work with Discipleship Ministry Departments to create smooth department transitions for youth and parents.

•  Come alongside parents as a resource and an encouragement in the discipleship of their students/children.


Additional Responsibilities:

•  Serve in other traditional pastoral roles as needed.

•  Attend staff meetings and regularly evaluate procedures, programs and events.

•  Attend ministry focused professional and training programs as approved by the Lead Minister.

•  On occasion, the Youth Minister will be invited to attend meetings of the Elders to give reports, review mission/vision, and to be exposed to the processes of mature, biblical leadership.



•  Has the ability to thrive in a team-based environment.

•  Teachable, responsive, and respectful of authority.

•  Has the ability to engage, enable, and retain a strong group of volunteers.

•  A person who will treat this job both as a ministry and a professional position.


Work Schedule:

40 hours weekly (additional hours may be required during special events/activities)



Little Falls Presbyterian Church is passionate about the spiritual growth of youth. We seek a person who will develop and lead a weekly program with Jr. and Sr. High school youth which includes Sunday evening programs, activities, small groups, retreats, bible studies and mission endeavors.


If you have a love for the Lord, can build relationships with youth, have the ability to motivate and develop youth leaders, have strong leadership and administrative skills, can plan programs in advance, communicate well and relate well to others, and believe that you might be the right person for this position, you are encouraged to apply. Our pastor and dedicated youth ministry leaders are waiting for God to call upon you to join us in ministry to children and youth.


We offer compensation which includes a yearly salary and the use of a recently renovated tax-free 2-bedroom apartment.


View full Job Description at https://www.littlefallschurch.org/director-of-youth


Part-Time 20-25 flexible hours per week; Salary: $18,000 – $22,000 yr. plus rent free/tax-free use of a 2-bedroom standalone apartment in the 22207 zip code of north Arlington, Virginia with front door access to the Arlington bus and Metro access less than a mile away.


Total estimated part-time position value, including housing $41,000 – $45,000


To Apply: Email resume to jobs@littlefallschurch.org


Position will begin as soon as candidate is chosen.


Make a difference. Change a life. One life at a time. Langdale United Methodist Church in Valley, AL, is a growing community of faith nestled along the Chattahoochee River on the Alabama – Georgia state line. We are at a unique time at Langdale in that we are combining two part time staff positions and making it into one full time position. If you are a person with a holy desire to know and share Jesus, and have gifts and graces to minister with youth and lead worship, please consider contacting us about this great opportunity.

Below is a summary of the ministry position:

Regarding the youth pastor role, this person is responsible for building disciples of Jesus Christ among the youth through personal example, small groups, worship, and doing ministry with others. As this youth leader lives  life together with youth through the week in Bible studies, ministries, and other events, the youth pastor can lead youth directly into a Sunday morning worship experience with people of all ages.

Regarding the worship leader role, this person is responsible for working with the pastor in developing and overseeing the musical and artistic aspects of a Sunday morning praise and worship service.
Through worship and other mediums, the Worship Leader will facilitate an environment that allows people of all ages to experience the presence of Jesus Christ and help build an authentic community of followers. This person will have responsibility of one of the three worship services that meets on Sunday morning.

Qualifications: A personal, spiritual walk and commitment to Jesus Christ that attracts others to follow Christ;
Investing and carving time for your own private worship of Christ to help enable you to authentically lead others to worship Christ in a public worship setting;
A knowledge of youth and current youth culture
A knowledge of contemporary praise and worship music;
Experience in leading youth is preferred
Experience in leading praise and worship is preferred;
Ability to lead a praise band which engages the band and congregation in genuine, heartfelt worship;
Be able to play at least one musical instrument.
Be able to read music or chord sheets
Proficiency in ProPresenter is preferred
Ability to coordinate sound through a sound board
A degree in Christian Ministry, Youth Ministry, or Biblical studies is preferred.
Must be at least 22 years of age.
Must understand and abide by our Safe Sanctuary policy.

A full job description is available upon request.

Worship music can get into a person’s heart.  Youth ministry can change the direction of a person’s life.  I know from personal experience. It happened to me. – Pastor Rusty Tate, Langdale United Methodist Church