Purpose:           The purpose of the Director of Student Ministry is to reach out to students (6th-12th/college age), parents as the primary influencer of students, families and adult volunteers within the congregation and our community sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Helping them grow and to deepen their faith through discipleship, worship, education, missional, and recreational opportunities.dan@



1.         Must effectively connect with students on an interpersonal level, meeting with and providing pastoral care as appropriate.

2.         To plan, coordinate, lead, advocate and evaluate a comprehensive program of spiritual nurturing, mentorship and Christian education in line with the Mission of Mountain View Presbyterian Church for all those involved with student services.

3.         Be an active part of Mountain View’s worshipping and faith community; encouraging students to integrate within the life of the church.

4.         Communicate with parents of students by being a resource. Equip and teach through individual contact, group meetings and e-mails. He/she must recruit, equip, motivate and supervise a team of adult volunteers/mentors to model Christ and minister to students.  He/she must establish and lead a student/parent team to facilitate student ministries.

5.         Report to the Associate Pastor concerning fiscal needs of the program for all projects and prepare a yearly budget for programs.  He/she will be fiscally responsible for fund raising and management of student program funds of the church.

6.         Oversee ministry components; Sunday morning and weekday programs for Middle-High school; Work with the Worship Team, Pastors and Students to develop a multi-generational worship component.  The program should include; (a) Regular time for Christian fellowship and study through peer to peer programming and small groups, (b) Service and mission opportunities (Sr. High mission trip/weekend retreat), (c) Mentorship  (d) Participation in programs such as camps, retreats, work missions and training events with the goal of group building and spiritual development, (e) Games and recreational activities.

7.         Must develop rapport with the students in our community through visitation, visibility, and contact at school and community events such as sports and concerts. Network with other student leaders in the area.

8.         Work with Church Ministry Staff and Leadership to encourage and integrate student participation within Mountain View Ministries (i.e. VBS, Music/Worship, special programs/services)

9.          Write articles for the monthly newsletter and information for the weekly worship bulletin.

10.       Develop a yearly work-plan.  Once approved by the Associate Pastor activities shall be placed on the church calendar and notification send to parents/students.

11.       Perform other duties as assigned by the Associate Pastor.

Program Description-

Located in beautiful Truckee, California, Tahoe Forest Church (TFC) is situated on 52 acres bordering the pristine Truckee River.  Set in an idyllic mountain location, the Tahoe Resident Leadership Program (TRLP) develops and guides aspiring Christian leaders for one year through experiential ministry training. The program provides participants with professional skills for planning, organizing, and developing Christian ministries. Tahoe Residential Leaders experience a unique perspective into vocational ministry through leadership training and serving alongside pastors and ministry leaders. The program will be tailored to the skill sets and interests of the selected leaders and allow each to complete an in-depth project of their choice that contributes to the Church community. Participants will live in a beautiful house on the Church property as part of the residential program, which will foster close-knit relationships. Residents will enjoy an unique, immersive experience with the natural setting of the property.

Program Highlights

  • Immersion in a Christian community with fellow resident leaders
  • Theological, spiritual, and life mentorship from TFC Staff and Mentors
  • Experiential training in spiritual disciplines- Leading while learning
  • Completion of a capstone ministry project
  • Unique and meaningful service projects (local, regional, global)
  • Inclusion in a dynamic and healthy church, located on a 52 acre campus
  • Network with multiple churches, leaders and pastors from all over United States
  • Immersive, authentic, experiences that pushes boundaries
  • 300 days of sun
  • Outdoor skill training/certification


  • A transformative life-changing experience
  • Growth in spiritual maturity
  • Increased self-reliance, direction, leadership skills, and purpose
  • Life-long relationships
  • Preparedness for real-world work

Program Cost- $3,500.00


Program Dates- June 1, 2020 through May 1, 2021 OR August 15th, 2020 through December 27th 2020

Apply at Tahoe Forest Church http://www.tahoeforestchurch.org/trlp/


CBC – Country Bible Church
Blair, Nebraska, United States

Categories: Youth Pastor | Student Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Job Type: Full-Time


This is an exciting role and exceptional opportunity for someone desiring to come in to a new context where faith is alive! We’re looking for vibrant and compelling youth leadership to give vision and oversight to students and staff, grades 6 – 12.



CBC-Country Bible Church is an independent, evangelical church in a community just outside of Omaha, Nebraska.

A church with a strong 47-year history, God is in the middle of leading our church through profound revitalization! We have witnessed more than 300 salvations in just three years. The church has grown from 300 to reaching over 1,300 lives each week by the grace of God and through a strong team and intentional approach to life and ministry.  This means that people far from Jesus are not only coming to knowledge of Christ for the first time, but Christians are coming alive!



Leadership: Our Youth Pastor is excited about and responsible for providing overall leadership of students (6th – 12th grade) and staff (paid & volunteer). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the existence and values of CBC are realized throughout our youth ministry in a way that speaks the cultural language of our students.

Communicator: Our Youth Pastor can preach with accuracy and authenticity, in ways that matter and make sense!

Ideator: Our Youth Pastor is the CIO (Chief Idea Officer). We place high value on innovation and expect that our YP will carry the same excitement for engaging relevant ministry.

Administrator: Our Youth Pastor is adept at administration. They know how to build a plan with specifics, details, and deadlines. They are phenomenal at follow through and don’t require someone to micromanage them at all.

Developer: Our Youth Pastor is the chief developer of people, processes, and programs within our youth ministry.

Connector: Our Youth Pastor is connected throughout our community and is collaborating with school personnel and local community organizations in effectively creating connection points for CBC to engage others well.



Character: Possess clear integrity, character, and the qualities of an Elder. You are a person that does what you say you’re going to do, and you seek to do all things with integrity, excellence, and intentionality!

Is a 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9 leader:

  • A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Model a life passionate for Jesus Christ and his Kingdom
  • Model a heart committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus and his love with a lost world in making disciples
  • Model a life of personal reliance upon God
  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse (if married) second, your family third, and the ministry fourth
  • Demonstrate a deep love for people and model discipleship by teaching and leading in the context of God-honoring relationships
  • Honor the tithe by giving of your income to the ministry of Country Bible Church
  • Be loyal to the existence, values, and staff of CBC and always seek to protect the unity of the church
  • Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to Country Bible Church
  • Solid prayer life
  • Legit devotional process designed to grow in God

Education: Relevant, successful ministry experience with a coachable spirit and consummate desire to learn and lead is essential. A Bachelor’s degree would be great; equivalent experience will be considered.

Experience: A minimum of three years working in a successful, growing student ministry as the primary Youth Pastor or as part of a youth ministry staff with substantial leadership responsibilities, which includes frequent preaching and teaching.

Staffing: Quality experience identifying, recruiting, training, and empowering quality, consistent, high-capacity leaders to serve alongside you.

Success: A clear record of growing a youth ministry in spirit and breadth including metrics as well as testimonies of life transformation and spiritual development in both students and leaders.



  • Preference will be given to leaders that have led a student ministry of 100 or more students.
  • Paid staff leadership and successful management will go a long way, but a clear record of developing volunteers will be strongly considered; Experience in leading more than 15 ministry staff and key volunteers will be a BIG plus!
  • Someone that is naturally extroverted.
  • Quality experience leading or serving on a youth staff at a church of 1,000+ would help you a lot!



This is a full-time position!

Salary commensurate with experience

Benefits include: salary, housing, retirement acct, paid-time-off, health insurance

Reviews annually



(1) Please visit https://countrybible.org/employment. Be sure to read our Youth Pastor Prospectus, which will give you all relevant and important information about the position.

(2) Email us directly at employment@countrybible.org AFTER you have reviewed the Youth Pastor Prospectus.

(3) Do not call the office at this time. Applicants who READ the Youth Pastor Prospectus are encouraged submit a resume, cover letter, and links to any relevant videos to be considered.

Job Title: Youth Ministry Coordinator

Position Details: Part-time, Ministry Staff Position

Position Summary
Provide pastoral care, teaching, discipleship, and event/gathering coordination for the students of Redeemer Orange County, as an assistant to the pastors.

Job Responsibilities

·       Youth Ministry
o   Youth Pastoral care
§  Provide pastoral care for 6th – 12th grade students of Redeemer Orange County.
§  Assist the Pastors as they support the youth parents in the discipleship process of their youth age sons and daughters.
§  Meet weekly with students to build relationships, support, encourage, read Scripture, and pray (Formally at gatherings and informally and creatively in student’s lives, sports, and schools)
§  Keep a contact list of current students.
§  Follow up with all new students and actively reach out to friends of students.
o   Weekly Youth Studies, Gatherings, & Events
§  Teach/Lead weekly Jr. High & High School Gatherings
§  Be responsible for the preparation, set-up, and follow-up for all weekly studies, gatherings, and events.
o   Seasonal Youth Trips, Retreats, & Camps
§  Attend/Lead all seasonal youth trips, retreats, & Camps
§  Responsible for all the preparation, set-up, and follow-up for all youth trips, retreats, & camps.
o   Leadership Development
§  Attend monthly meetings with Associate Pastor
§  Lead quarterly youth ministry volunteer meetings.
§  Regularly train and work with ministry volunteers.
o   Administrative Work
§  Schedule and send reminder communication (emails/texts/phone calls) to youth ministry volunteers about youth ministry gatherings.
§  Schedule and send reminder communication (emails/texts/phone calls) to youth ministry parents about youth ministry gatherings.
§  Design email invitation cards through Paperless Post for special gatherings, events, and trips, track RSVPs, and follow up with parents.
§  Assist the Associate Pastor in the calendar planning and updating of print calendars.
§  Collect and retain registration and medical forms for all trips and events.
§  Buy food & supplies for all gatherings.

Job Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge
·       Demonstrated interpersonal skills.
·       Proven servant leadership actions.
·       Experience in church ministries and youth ministry.
·       Good communication skills, especially with both students and parents.
·       Strong and respected relationships with families and church members.
·       Ability to initiate and build relationships and follow up with students and church visitors.
·       Shown and reliable organizational and administrative skills.
·       Respects and works well on a team and under authority.
·       Faithful to commitments.
·       Apprentice mindset.

Other Requirements
·       Active member of Redeemer Orange County or willingness to become a member.
·       Able to support and agree with the doctrinal standards of Redeemer Orange County.
·       Embody a love and support for the local church, her pastors and session.

Supervisor: Associate Pastor Adam Feichtmann

Compensation: The position is a W2 Employee and pays $300 twice a month ($7,200 per year), with an expectation of an average of 6 hours per week.

Time Off: Two weekends off per year with-out pay. (There are also a few holiday weekends throughout the year, like Christmas and Easter, when we don’t have weekend gatherings.)

Start Date: June 1, 2020

Sample of possible weekly hours:
·       Sunday Mornings (Worship Service)
o   Informally connect with students and greet any visiting youth
·       One Weekend Gathering Every Week (average of 2.5 hours)
o   Jr. High & High studies for two or three Sundays a month (3 hours)
§  Jr. High – 4:30 – 6:00pm at a local community center
§  High School – 6:30 – 7:30pm at the church offices
o   Once a month All Youth Lunch after church on Sundays (1.5 hours)
o   Gathering, Events, Trips, Retreat, etc. (hours vary each month, average 2 hours per week)
·       Mid-week informal connections with students each week (1.5 hours)
·       Study Prep & Administrative Hours (2 Hours)
·       Average Total Hour per week – 6 hours


To Apply please submit the following:

– Cover Letter

– CV

NextGen Pastor Job Description for First Baptist Plano

Qualifications:  At least a Bachelor’s Degree

3 – 5 years’ experience working with students in some capacity

Primary Function: Develop a vibrant and welcoming student ministry by giving excellent vision and leadership to FBP’s Middle School, High School, and College students, laying the foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus. Report to the Executive Pastor.

Expectations for both Middle School/High School and College Ministries

• Live an exemplary and authentic life as a follower of Jesus Christ, seeking to make disciples.

• Recruit, train, lead, and inspire volunteer student ministry workers.

• Work closely with church staff to involve students in the overall ministry of FBP and to coordinate student ministry with the vision and values of FBP.

• Develop and pursue goals, objectives, and strategies for comprehensive student ministry, including new Christian training, discipleship, small groups, and outreach.

• Model and emphasize worship and worship service attendance as a vital part of the student ministry.

• Lead in budget planning, development, management, and stewardship for the student ministry. Administer the student ministry budget with diligence and integrity.

• Continue to grow professionally by proactively keeping up with and incorporating best practices—effective and wise methods, resources, and communication of student ministry—through continuing education and conference and training event participation.

Specific Middle School and High School Ministry Expectations Build Relationships by:

• Working closely with students, volunteers, and parents.

• Developing, coordinating, and emphasizing Sunday morning Bible study as the foundation of the student ministry. Leading in its outreach, ministry, teaching, training, and enlistment areas.

• Coordinating (with input and ownership from students, parents, and volunteers) student ministry special events such as camps, mission projects/trips, Disciple Now, senior recognition days, conferences, recreation, fellowships, and luncheons.

• Supporting students outside of church activities, arranging meetings for lunch, and attending games and events at their schools or other venues.

• Communicating with parents of students to give information of programs and training, to build trust, and to give support.

Specific College and University Ministry Expectations

• Lead and coordinate ministries to reach out to students on area campuses.

• Build relationships and work closely with university students and volunteers. Include meaningful connection and communication with FBP students in school away from Plano.

• Work in partnership with BSM to:

– Coordinate and oversee ongoing outreach to international students.
– Be the FBP ambassador and liaison to the BSM and other campus ministries at UTD (University of Texas Dallas) and other local college campuses.
– Coordinate fellowships, mission/ministry projects, and other events.

• Develop, coordinate, and emphasize Sunday morning Bible study as an integral part of the university ministry. Lead in its outreach, ministry, and enlistment areas.

• Develop, coordinate, and promote off and on-campus Bible studies/small groups.

• Pursue and promote conferences and events to enhance students’ spiritual growth.

Additional Responsibilities and Expectations

• Collaborate with staff to support “The Gathering” service by coordinating the front-of-house teams in “The Gathering,” including but not limited to: set up, hospitality, greeting, and community building.

• Model the role of networking and relationship-building with guests in “The Gathering.”

• Participate in staff meetings, hospital visitation, and outreach assignments.

• Serve as staff liaison and give leadership and encouragement to assigned committees and/or ministry teams.

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor or Senior Pastor.

The ideal candidate for Pastor of Youth Ministries should be self-motivated, organized, dependable, and have a long-term vision for our students.  The candidate should be enthusiastic, friendly, approachable and humble.  It is desired that this person be able to relate well with people of any age, race, and ability.   Provide visionary and pastoral leadership and direction for the ministry of middle and high school students and their families.  Plans, directs, conducts, and evaluates a comprehensive youth ministry taking into consideration the spiritual, physical, recreational, social and psychological development of youth.  Creates a true passion and experience for God in the hearts of middle and high school students.  Shares Christ with the lost.  Counsel youth related to their spiritual life, college choice, vocation selection, social and family relationships, etc.  Maintain consistent practice with the Covenant’s Rules for the Ordered Ministry, and its Ethical Principles for Covenant Ministers.  If interested, please email a resume with cover letter to Ron Beutler at Rdbeutler@gmail.com.

Winona United Methodist Church: Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries


Are you a passionate Christian who feels called to serve by impacting the lives of teens and children?  Would you enjoy leading at a small-to-midsized multi-generational congregation with an established youth program, a 2000+ sq. ft. youth building, and living arrangements for you and your family which is included in your compensation package?  Do you have other gifts and aspirations which you would like to develop in our church and local community? We would like to discuss these possibilities with you.


Winona United Methodist Church (WUMC) is seeking a youth director to serve as youth pastor for our youth, children, their parents and volunteers.  The salaried position ranges from 25-35 total hours per week depending on the seasonal activities.


Director of Youth Ministry Responsibilities (Tweens: 4th-6th Grade & Teens: 7th-12th Grade) (approx. 20-25 hours/week)

·         Develop and oversee our student ministry while operating within our Safe Sanctuaries Policies.

·         Select curriculum, recruit & train volunteers, and prepare/execute lessons.

·         Prepare and lead:  1) teen youth groups on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, 2) tweens youth group one additional evening a week and 3) youth Sunday morning activities.

·         Support our youth by maintaining a presence at local school and/or church activities.

·         Lead various youth trips and fundraisers.

·         Participate in our annual Vacation Bible School.

·         Develop a youth ministry budget annually.

·         Attend and be willing to participate in Sunday worship service.


Director of Children’s Ministry Responsibilities (Age 3 – 3rd Grade) (approx. 5-10 hours/week)

·         Develop and oversee our children’s ministry while operating within our Safe Sanctuaries Policies.

·         Oversee Sunday School program and junior church program.

·         Provide a Children’s Message during our Sunday worship service.


Requirements & Skills

·         Mature Christian with passion for Children & Youth Ministries and a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

·         Bachelor’s Degree (with a preferred focus on ministry and/or childhood development).

·         Valid Driver’s License.

·         Able to pass a background check and drug test.



·         Strong people skills, ability to lead volunteers, reliable | flexible | teachable, strong ethics, humble & passionate.

·         Good communication skills.


Additional Info

·         Winona is located in Northeastern Ohio, approx. 5 miles outside of Salem, Ohio (population approx. 12,000), 28 miles east of Canton, OH and approx. 70 miles from Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA.

·         The WUMC congregation has weekly attendance of 100-120.

·         WUMC Website: http://www.winonaumc.com/



Please contact winonaumc@gmail.com for a detailed job description and a formal application. We look forward to meeting you.



Compensation package includes $20,000 annual salary and housing.

Application Deadline extended to April 1.


Traditional Graduate Resident Track:  


Fulfill your call to youth ministry through the Graduate Residency in Youth Ministry at the Center for Youth Ministry Training (CYMT). The Graduate Resident Youth Minister is a unique professional ministry opportunity that provides you with a job at a local church while both training and coaching you as you earn your Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry through a CYMT partner seminary. CYMT offers regional campuses in Tennessee and Texas through a partnership with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Partner churches are from multiple denominations within a four-hour radius of Nashville, TN and Austin, TX. Acceptance to the program is competitive, as the cohort spots are limited in each region. The cost to the resident is only $1,500 for the 3-year program.


Graduate Residents will receive:

Full scholarship for tuition, books, and housing
Masters degree from accredited seminary
A job as a youth minister in a local church
$1,000 per month stipend
Veteran youth ministry coach


Core Components:

Cohort: Residents are part of a dynamic, group-learning community that provides encouragement and support as they walk through ministry together.
Coaching: Residents receive one-on-one coaching from a youth ministry veteran to help master and apply critical skills.
Classroom: In retreat-style, four times per semester, residents will be challenged to think theologically about ministry and empowered to create ministry programs that evoke deep, life-changing Christian faith.
Church: Residents get hands-on experience in a local church where they serve 25 hours weekly as youth minister.
Care: Residents receive pastoral care and encouragement, empowering them to seek wholeness in their life.



Distinct call to youth or children’s ministry
Ministry experience working with children or youth
Undergraduate degree


Professional Education Track/Training Only Track:  

Already have a job working with youth? Our Professional Education (PE) track (also referred to as our Training-Only program) provides you an opportunity to gain further theological and practical training, all while remaining in your current ministry setting.


PE residents are immersed into a community of youth workers who support and encourage each other along their ministry journey for three years. Residents of the Professional Education track are given the same educational access to the Master of Arts in Youth Ministry degree as the Graduate Residents. This unique, intensive format of education learning allows PE residents to serve their local ministries full or part-time while also gaining new theological education and practical training.


We want to equip you to become innovative, resilient youth leaders who can navigate the changing tides of youth ministry for the long haul. CYMT exists to provide you the training you need to live out your calling investing in youth.


As a CYMT Resident, Professional Education Track participants receive a 50% discount on tuition. This discount is due from the CYMT arrangement with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary that allows the program to be even more affordable.


Professional Track Church for Training Only Churches is $30,000 over three years. Paid as follows: Church Application Fee is $350.00, Initial Payment is $3000.00, & 36 Payments of $750.00 = $27,000.00. This cost covers tuition, books, intensive room & board, travel expenses and coaching.


Veteran Track ( For someone with 5 plus years of full time youth ministry) is $6000.00 Per Year for 3 Years, which equals $18,000 total for tuition.


Theological Beliefs:

CYMT partners with congregations and individuals representing the theological views and diversity of mainline Protestant Christianity. We partner with mainline Protestant denominations including the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian (PCUSA), Cumberland Presbyterian, Lutheran (ECLA), Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, American Baptist, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Our partner seminary is Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.


Application Process:

Apply online at www.cymt.org

Complete online application
Pay $50 application fee
3 references (professor, ministry, personal)
Proof of insurance
Complete background check


Application deadlines:

Early admission: November 15
Final: Extended to April 1 for both Traditional Graduate Residency Track and PE track


Contact –615.823.7595.
Email Dea Wathen, dea@cymt.org, for more information.


The Center for Youth Ministry Training is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to equip youth ministers and churches to develop theologically informed and practically effective youth ministries. Learn more at cymt.org.


First United Methodist Church in Warner Robins, GA, is seeking a dynamic disciple of Jesus Christ to serve as an important part of our Program Staff Team in the role of Minister to Youth and Young Adults.  The Minister to Youth and Young Adults would be responsible for leading our youth ministry (grades 6-12) and our college and career young adult ministry (ages 18-25), including (but not limited to) the following responsibilities: teaching, discipling, and reaching out to people of those age groups within and outside of the local church, as well as integrating young people into the overall life of First UMC.  There is a significant opportunity for creativity within this ministry and the ideal candidate will be outgoing and innovative.  A bachelor’s degree in a ministry related field and experience in youth ministry is preferred.  This is a full-time, salaried position.  Estimated start date is July 1, 2020.  Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Rev. Dr. Josh Bizzell, Senior Pastor, at joshbizzell@gmail.com.

Grace Church is a body of believers who care deeply about the next generation! This is a position where you will have the freedom to leverage your gifts for God’s glory and the backing to accomplish the disciplemaking mission Jesus has entrusted to us.

The aim of this position is to spread a passion for Christ by providing pastoral leadership for ministry to 7-12th grade students and their families, overseeing a team of volunteers to disciple and equip the next generation among us, and shaping the content of the teaching to ensure that Christ is exalted in and through all things.

You can check out the full job description and learn how to apply here. Thanks!