Working Title: Associate Pastor for Students

Hours:  40-50 hours per week (variable) Salaried with benefits- Considerable flexibility is given to the person in this position to accomplish the required tasks without an established hourly schedule. Compensatory Time is not available.

Reports to: Senior Pastor


Bluffton, SC is a growing town with a rich history nestled between Interstate 95 and Hilton Head Island, SC. Over the last 5 years, Bluffton has become one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States, both economically and in population. A popular vacation destination, Hilton Head Island sees approximately 2.5 million visitors every year.  Bluffton has benefited from this and is now home to a growing suburban community comprised of young families, blue-collar workers, and a sizable population of retirees. Due to the pace of development in Bluffton, Cornerstone Church is positioned to capitalize on this growth with the potential for tremendous impact for Christ’s Kingdom.  Cornerstone has doubled in size over the last 3 years and we believe the best for our church is yet to come!

The person in this position must know beyond doubt that they are called by God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to Christian Ministry and must view this position as a high calling from God. They must be a Christ-follower as evidenced by their life; their words and their deeds. The power of their work will come from dependence upon the Holy Spirit, by which they will contribute to the unity of Cornerstone Church, and work as a support of the ministry and teams thereof.  This person is expected to give (time, talent and treasure) in both a systematic and sacrificial manner to support the Mission and Vision of the Church.  They must agree with and fully support the Church doctrine and must agree with the Church’s core values, mission, vision, and strategy.

As the chief pastoral presence in the lives of the youth and their leaders, this person must be of high character, driven by love for God and people.

Charged with the care of our Middle and High School Students, the following Ideal Qualities are of high importance:

A demonstrable enthusiasm for youth ministry
A degree in theology, Christian education, or youth ministry, or equivalent ministry experience
The ability to promote and raise funds for events such as Missions Trips and Camps
A capacity to communicate clearly to children and adults through a variety of platforms
Vision casting and leadership ability
The ability to create a rapport with the administrative and pastoral staff, volunteers, and teens
Strong organizational skills and follow-through
The ability to work unsupervised, and willingness to work within the greater ministry team leadership
An understanding of how to use digital technology to engage youth
A strong vision for a growing, spiritually vibrant youth ministry
Exceptional communication skills

Specific Duties:

Work with the Senior Pastor and Staff to ensure student ministry becomes an effective and inclusive ministry in the church and not a ministry silo.
Work closely with Senior Pastor to set goals for specific and targeted congregational growth
Work with key Church leaders to enlist volunteers into your areas/programs of responsibility.
Coordinate the Church’s Student Ministry program to ensure successful achievement of goals.
Coordinate Sunday morning activities relating to students
Be a guide, facilitator, spiritual counselor, and example to the students and volunteers in the Student Ministry Programs of the Church.
Ensure frequent and effective communication with parents regarding student ministry programs, events, and expectations.
Ensure that a database of all Student Ministry volunteers and current assignments is maintained.
Conduct periodic training for volunteer workers and leaders in proper relationships with Church programs.
Coordinate the work of all student ministry groups and activities ensuring the mission and vision of the Church is maintained
Equip and mobilize volunteer leaders to achieve Church goals, stated objectives, and vision.
Meet frequently with volunteer leaders to fellowship with and disciple them, while encouraging them to do the same with their subordinate volunteers.
Take part in choosing and securing the most suitable educational and curriculum materials available for students.
Periodically review Church policies and programs relating to student’s issues with your leaders and bring recommendations for needed changes and improvements to the Senior Pastor.
Work with Connections Pastor to develop and maintain a strategy for reaching and assimilating new students and families.
Work with appropriate Ministry Staff to coordinate the production of regular church publications.
Actively disciple individuals to help bring them to repentance and faith in Christ.
Perform other tasks as assigned by the Senior Pastor

New Hope Presbyterian Church of Kent, Washington is seeking a new Director of Student Ministry. Are you someone who loves students and would thrive in the context of our nation’s 10th most diverse community? Are you passionate about seeing kids grow into servants and leaders in the context of a gospel-centered, eclectic local church? The ideal candidate for this role will desire to be a part of an outwardly-faced ministry team focused on reaching the students and young families in the surrounding community. The church has a history of strong student ministry and is seeking a leader who will bring vision, passion, and theological depth to this vital ministry area.


For full job description please click here: New Hope Presbyterian Church Student Ministries Director


The Well Community Church in Argyle, Texas
Job Description – Full Time Student Minister

Who Are We?

Since the dawn of time, in every community around the world and regardless of culture, the watering well was a source of life. The well is where individuals and families would come to draw water for every need of their life (watering, cooking, cleaning, working). The watering well, by design, then became the center of the community since people gathered there daily for work, for fellowship, information, and for sustenance within their community.   We believe that restoring thirsty souls begins with our love and affection towards God.  Then, as we fall more deeply in love with Him, His love begins to overflow from our hearts allowing us to love and care for others.  Our aim is to LOVE WELL, joining God on his mission to flood cities with living water.

What type of servant-leader staff member are we looking for to help us restore thirsty souls?  

·      Unswerving in their decision to place trust in the good news of Jesus Christ;
·      Committed to abiding with Christ daily;
·      Dedicated about caring deeply for others;
·      Faithful to counsel and equip others biblically;
·      Devoted to living authentically; and
·      Steadfast to engage the world missionally.

And some other things we’re looking for…
·      We’re all about family – are you willing to dive into the joy of relationships with us? (Must be an existing member of The WELL or willing to become a member.)
·      We laugh – can you laugh at yourself and others?
·      We work hard – God calls us to join Him in rescuing people, defeating evil and restoring creation…which is no “country club” assignment.
·      We play hard – are you good at corn hole?  J

Our hope is that people would always come before process. It is our love and affection towards God that fuels our life to love and care for others. We trust this description will help you decide if linking arms with our staff is God’s call on your life, as we aim to foster a culture that pursues loving God, sharing His love with others, and restoring thirsty souls.

What is this role needed within The WELL family?

Job Title:         Student Minister                                           FLSA:              Exempt
Department: Student Ministry                                           Reports to:     Family Pastor
TLS: 8

Position Summary

The Student Minister will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of student ministry; in particular, creating, casting and implementing a vision for shepherding the hearts’ of our students and their parents as well as creating a dynamic student ministry.

Spiritual Gifts
·      Administration
·      Leadership
·      Team building/Shepherding
·      Hospitality
·      Teaching
·      Engaging

Essential Experience, Skills and Attributes
·      Three to five years of experience in student ministry, with affirmed gifting to shepherd students with/through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
·      Passion for leading/training a team of volunteers to be influential in the lives of student.
·      Engaging – able to relate to students and their parents
·      Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
·      Excellent organizational and project management skills.
·      Visionary.
·      Proven character/high integrity.
·      A desire to model, encourage, and equip God’s people to live in biblical community

If you read this and you got that little feeling in your stomach (the good kind) then I would love to hear from you! Shoot me an email with a resume, cover letter and a teaching sample (audio or video) to brent@thewellargyle.com.



CBC – Country Bible Church
Blair, Nebraska, United States

Categories: Youth Pastor | Student Pastor
Denominations: Non-Denominational
Church Size: 1001 to 1500
Job Type: Full-Time


This is an exciting role and exceptional opportunity for someone desiring to come in to a new context where faith is alive! We’re looking for vibrant and compelling youth leadership to give vision and oversight to students and staff, grades 6 – 12.



CBC-Country Bible Church is an independent, evangelical church in a community just outside of Omaha, Nebraska.

A church with a strong 47-year history, God is in the middle of leading our church through profound revitalization! We have witnessed more than 300 salvations in just three years. The church has grown from 300 to reaching over 1,300 lives each week by the grace of God and through a strong team and intentional approach to life and ministry.  This means that people far from Jesus are not only coming to knowledge of Christ for the first time, but Christians are coming alive!



Leadership: Our Youth Pastor is excited about and responsible for providing overall leadership of students (6th – 12th grade) and staff (paid & volunteer). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring that the existence and values of CBC are realized throughout our youth ministry in a way that speaks the cultural language of our students.

Communicator: Our Youth Pastor can preach with accuracy and authenticity, in ways that matter and make sense!

Ideator: Our Youth Pastor is the CIO (Chief Idea Officer). We place high value on innovation and expect that our YP will carry the same excitement for engaging relevant ministry.

Administrator: Our Youth Pastor is adept at administration. They know how to build a plan with specifics, details, and deadlines. They are phenomenal at follow through and don’t require someone to micromanage them at all.

Developer: Our Youth Pastor is the chief developer of people, processes, and programs within our youth ministry.

Connector: Our Youth Pastor is connected throughout our community and is collaborating with school personnel and local community organizations in effectively creating connection points for CBC to engage others well.



Character: Possess clear integrity, character, and the qualities of an Elder. You are a person that does what you say you’re going to do, and you seek to do all things with integrity, excellence, and intentionality!

Is a 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9 leader:

  • A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Model a life passionate for Jesus Christ and his Kingdom
  • Model a heart committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus and his love with a lost world in making disciples
  • Model a life of personal reliance upon God
  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse (if married) second, your family third, and the ministry fourth
  • Demonstrate a deep love for people and model discipleship by teaching and leading in the context of God-honoring relationships
  • Honor the tithe by giving of your income to the ministry of Country Bible Church
  • Be loyal to the existence, values, and staff of CBC and always seek to protect the unity of the church
  • Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to Country Bible Church
  • Solid prayer life
  • Legit devotional process designed to grow in God

Education: Relevant, successful ministry experience with a coachable spirit and consummate desire to learn and lead is essential. A Bachelor’s degree would be great; equivalent experience will be considered.

Experience: A minimum of three years working in a successful, growing student ministry as the primary Youth Pastor or as part of a youth ministry staff with substantial leadership responsibilities, which includes frequent preaching and teaching.

Staffing: Quality experience identifying, recruiting, training, and empowering quality, consistent, high-capacity leaders to serve alongside you.

Success: A clear record of growing a youth ministry in spirit and breadth including metrics as well as testimonies of life transformation and spiritual development in both students and leaders.



  • Preference will be given to leaders that have led a student ministry of 100 or more students.
  • Paid staff leadership and successful management will go a long way, but a clear record of developing volunteers will be strongly considered; Experience in leading more than 15 ministry staff and key volunteers will be a BIG plus!
  • Someone that is naturally extroverted.
  • Quality experience leading or serving on a youth staff at a church of 1,000+ would help you a lot!



This is a full-time position!

Salary commensurate with experience

Benefits include: salary, housing, retirement acct, paid-time-off, health insurance

Reviews annually



(1) Please visit https://countrybible.org/employment. Be sure to read our Youth Pastor Prospectus, which will give you all relevant and important information about the position.

(2) Email us directly at employment@countrybible.org AFTER you have reviewed the Youth Pastor Prospectus.

(3) Do not call the office at this time. Applicants who READ the Youth Pastor Prospectus are encouraged submit a resume, cover letter, and links to any relevant videos to be considered.

Youth Pastor Wanted
Church Size: 500-700 average attendance
Job Type:  Full Time
Salary: Commensurate with education and experience

Brookside Church is currently seeking a full time Pastor to oversee the youth ministry, as well as assisting with other ministries as directed by the Lead Pastor.  Brookside is a part of the CCCU denomination (of the Wesleyan Holiness tradition) and is located just west of Chillicothe, OH.  The mission of Brookside Church is to make disciples who make disciples.  We are committed to a strategy (across all of our ministries) of Awaken. Commit. Transform. Share. (A.C.T.S.) Awaken to God’s love, to the depth of our own sin, and to the cost of discipleship.  Commit to Christian community, growth and obedience.  Transform as a result of the Holy Spirit giving us a change of heart, mind and will.  Share the Good News, and what God has done in our lives, that others might come to an awakening of their own. The ministry campus currently consists of a Main Sanctuary and Administration building, a Children’s ministry building, a Senior Adult ministry center, and a Youth Center and Gymnasium.  Brookside is also the host church for the preschool and elementary grades of Ross County Christian Academy, and is adjacent to Brookside Center – Retirement Community Properties.

Chillicothe, OH is located in south central Ohio and has a population of approximately 22,000.  As the first and third capital of Ohio, Chillicothe has a rich historical district and is home to many parks and educational opportunities.  The local economy is supported by several industries (Pixelle, Kenworth, Adena, etc.) and many government facilities (VA Hospital, Ross Correctional Institution, Chillicothe Correctional Institution).  There are approximately ten different school districts from the area that are represented in the makeup of Brookside’s current youth ministry.

Job Description:
We are looking for someone to provide a dynamic, applicable, and Christ-centered environment that equips and enables students to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who continue to make disciples.  The preferred candidate would have a passion for teens and an understanding of their spiritual needs at this time of their life.  Minimum of two years of experience and applicable degree are preferred.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
·       Plan and develop programs for youth ministry and evaluate their effectiveness.
·       Meet regularly with church staff and youth ministry team to create and implement effective ministry plans and events.
·       Provide spiritual direction to teens on an individual or family basis.
·       Oversee budget and expenditures for the youth ministry
·       Work with the governing board, church staff and volunteer leaders to achieve the goals and mission of the church.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to info@brooksidechurch.com

Staff Search
First Baptist Church of Lee’s Summit is seeking a full-time Minister to Students. To inquire, please send a resume and cover letter to staffsearch@firstls.church.

First Baptist Church of Lee’s Summit is a church with 160 years of history, but a willingness to try just about anything to help people know Christ and grow in him. Sunday morning attendance averages about 650 people of all ages, with two different worship services. The church’s mission is to love God, love people, and make disciples. FBCLS is part of ChurchNet (formerly known as the Baptist General Convention of Missouri), and it allows its members to designate missions giving through either Southern Baptist Convention or Cooperative Baptist Fellowship channels. The pastor is Dr. Blake McKinney, a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University, Southern Seminary, and Fuller Seminary. The church loves and takes care of its staff. More information about the church can be found at fbcls.info.

About our Student Ministry
Our student ministry serves students in grades 7-12, and will be incorporating 6th graders soon as the local school district transitions that grade into middle school. We have students from multiple different high schools and middle schools in Lee’s Summit and in surrounding communities. We have several committed volunteers in our student ministry, and an active student choir led by the church’s minister of worship. In recent years, our group has traveled to various camps and has taken mission trips to Guatemala City, Chicago, Louisville, Colorado Springs, and Dallas. Our youth group is very eclectic; we have a number of athletic students who enjoy playing basketball and other sports in our church gym, and we also have several musical students who participate in our church orchestra.

About Lee’s Summit
Lee’s Summit is a southeastern suburb of Kansas City. It is a growing city of around 100,000 people with an outstanding public school system. It has a small town feel, but is right next door to all of KC’s cultural, athletic, dining, and shopping opportunities. Lee’s Summit has been identified as one of America’s best places to live by several sources. Find more at cityofls.net, lschamber.com, and lsr7.org.

About the Ideal Candidate
We are looking for someone who:
-Loves God and loves people, and serves as a role model for students
-Has a passion to see students live the Christian faith and make it their own
-Is outgoing, personable, and willing to take the initiative to build relationships with students and parents
-Has a heart for reaching out to students outside the church
-Is a team player who can work with other leaders in our overall ministry to families
-Communicates well with students and parents
-Loves to inspire and equip volunteers

Experience working with students is required; seminary training and experience leading a church student ministry strongly preferred.

NextGen Pastor Job Description for First Baptist Plano

Qualifications:  At least a Bachelor’s Degree

3 – 5 years’ experience working with students in some capacity

Primary Function: Develop a vibrant and welcoming student ministry by giving excellent vision and leadership to FBP’s Middle School, High School, and College students, laying the foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus. Report to the Executive Pastor.

Expectations for both Middle School/High School and College Ministries

• Live an exemplary and authentic life as a follower of Jesus Christ, seeking to make disciples.

• Recruit, train, lead, and inspire volunteer student ministry workers.

• Work closely with church staff to involve students in the overall ministry of FBP and to coordinate student ministry with the vision and values of FBP.

• Develop and pursue goals, objectives, and strategies for comprehensive student ministry, including new Christian training, discipleship, small groups, and outreach.

• Model and emphasize worship and worship service attendance as a vital part of the student ministry.

• Lead in budget planning, development, management, and stewardship for the student ministry. Administer the student ministry budget with diligence and integrity.

• Continue to grow professionally by proactively keeping up with and incorporating best practices—effective and wise methods, resources, and communication of student ministry—through continuing education and conference and training event participation.

Specific Middle School and High School Ministry Expectations Build Relationships by:

• Working closely with students, volunteers, and parents.

• Developing, coordinating, and emphasizing Sunday morning Bible study as the foundation of the student ministry. Leading in its outreach, ministry, teaching, training, and enlistment areas.

• Coordinating (with input and ownership from students, parents, and volunteers) student ministry special events such as camps, mission projects/trips, Disciple Now, senior recognition days, conferences, recreation, fellowships, and luncheons.

• Supporting students outside of church activities, arranging meetings for lunch, and attending games and events at their schools or other venues.

• Communicating with parents of students to give information of programs and training, to build trust, and to give support.

Specific College and University Ministry Expectations

• Lead and coordinate ministries to reach out to students on area campuses.

• Build relationships and work closely with university students and volunteers. Include meaningful connection and communication with FBP students in school away from Plano.

• Work in partnership with BSM to:

– Coordinate and oversee ongoing outreach to international students.
– Be the FBP ambassador and liaison to the BSM and other campus ministries at UTD (University of Texas Dallas) and other local college campuses.
– Coordinate fellowships, mission/ministry projects, and other events.

• Develop, coordinate, and emphasize Sunday morning Bible study as an integral part of the university ministry. Lead in its outreach, ministry, and enlistment areas.

• Develop, coordinate, and promote off and on-campus Bible studies/small groups.

• Pursue and promote conferences and events to enhance students’ spiritual growth.

Additional Responsibilities and Expectations

• Collaborate with staff to support “The Gathering” service by coordinating the front-of-house teams in “The Gathering,” including but not limited to: set up, hospitality, greeting, and community building.

• Model the role of networking and relationship-building with guests in “The Gathering.”

• Participate in staff meetings, hospital visitation, and outreach assignments.

• Serve as staff liaison and give leadership and encouragement to assigned committees and/or ministry teams.

• Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Pastor or Senior Pastor.

Grace Church is a body of believers who care deeply about the next generation! This is a position where you will have the freedom to leverage your gifts for God’s glory and the backing to accomplish the disciplemaking mission Jesus has entrusted to us.

The aim of this position is to spread a passion for Christ by providing pastoral leadership for ministry to 7-12th grade students and their families, overseeing a team of volunteers to disciple and equip the next generation among us, and shaping the content of the teaching to ensure that Christ is exalted in and through all things.

You can check out the full job description and learn how to apply here. Thanks!

Duluth First United Methodist Church is seeking that unique candidate that has a passion and possesses the gifts for both discipling students and leading and overseeing the music in our contemporary worship service.

Specific Job Responsibilities:

Director of Contemporary Music – 15-20 hours

1. Work closely with the Contemporary Preaching Pastor to plan the weekly contemporary worship service, to include                    music, flow, visual elements, etc.
2. Lead weekly contemporary worship service.
3. Be musically proficient on at least one instrument, preferably guitar or keyboard.
4. Be proficient vocally.
5. Recruit, train, and develop individuals for contemporary music ministry.
6. Recruit, train, and develop individuals for sound, lighting, and projection teams.
7. Supervise and schedule all aspects of the worship team to include: rehearsals, preparation, song selections, etc.
8. Be proficient with Planning Center and Pro Presenter.
9. Work with Contemporary Preaching Pastor to develop yearly budget.

Associate Director of Youth Ministries – 20-25 hours

1. Work closely with the Director of Youth Ministries to oversee and give oversight to all areas of the Youth Minstry                        grades  6-12.
2. Recruit, train, and develop volunteer teams.
3. Work closely with the Director of Youth Ministries in finding creative and effective ways to partner with parents in the              discipleship of students.
4. Work with the Director of Youth Ministries to plan weekly youth ministry gatherings, including Sunday morning,                      Wednesday evening, and Sunday evenings.
5. Grow and develop a team of student musicians and A/V techs to lead worship for youth gatherings.
6. Assist in planning and attend youth ministry events to include: mission trips, youth camp, retreats, etc.
7. Work with Director of Youth Ministries to develop yearly budget.

Additional Expectations and Responsibilities:

Spend time in study for personal spiritual growth.
Participate and serve as a member of the church.
Pursue continuing education that will help in ministerial and personal growth.
Attend all necessary meetings.


Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Understanding of Wesleyan theology and United Methodist doctrine.
Must have strong leadership abilities and the ability to lead and develop individuals and groups.
Ability to work cooperatively with the Director of Youth Ministries/Contemporary Pastor.
Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
Proficient to accomplished musically on at least one instrument (preferably guitar or keyboard) and vocally.
Ability to lead worship in a manner that facilitates the congregation growing as worshippers, and not performing a show or concert.
Ability and willingness to work more than 40 hours a week when necessary.

To Apply:

If interested, please send resume to Rev. David Burchett at dburchett@duluthumc.org.  Please include a concise statement of faith, personal ministry objectives, at least three professional references, and a link(s) to at least two video clips of you leading worship.  If these videos cannot be provided, please explain in your cover letter.  Candidates receiving further consideration will be contacted on or before April 19, 2020.  No phone calls at this time, please.

Youth Pastor

West Lawn United Methodist Church, a mid-sized active and growing congregation in southeast Pennsylvania (South District PA Conference) is seeking a Youth Pastor to continue to lead students in grades 6-12 in becoming dedicated disciples of Christ. Candidate with prior youth leadership experience would demonstrate strong relational and organizational skills, be forward thinking, creative and energetic. Ability to integrate the youth into the congregation and grow the youth group in numbers and depth of faith is very important. This leader would also plan and lead youth summer camps, mission trips, retreats, confirmation class and fund-raising campaigns. The candidate should demonstrate a strong personal faith in alignment with the beliefs and practices of the United Methodist Church.

West Lawn UMC averages 600 people in weekly worship attendance, with a strong team of servant youth leaders. Current youth students are very active in local missions and community support. There are approximately 50 students participating in West Lawn’s youth program, with tremendous potential for growth.

Interested candidate should submit cover letter, resume and letters of recommendation by March 20, 2020 to: carolann@westlawnumc.org.