We are one the fastest growing churches in Colorado looking to hire several interns to work in multiple areas of the church. Each intern will have a specialty in either children’s, middle school, or high school ministry

Church Ministry Intern

The Intern Program is designed to give individuals an opportunity to deepen their personal walk with God by gaining valuable experience and training in both practical and theoretical aspects of full-time Christian ministry.

A talented, highly motivated, energetic initiator who wants to connect with young people in the church, and help build relationships that promote growth in Christ.

●  Make sure YOU are connected to Jesus. Connect to God and make that your #1 priority.

●  Embody the values of Ascent: Make Ascent a place where connections are made with others and with Jesus.

●  Be in their world. Don’t wait for people to come to you. Go to them – just like Jesus came to our world.

●  Partner with the whole church. Don’t become a parachurch at Ascent. Be engaged in the broader life of Ascent.

●  Be Teachable. Always be willing to learn with humility.

Ministry Internship Purpose:

●  To deepen the intern’s personal walk with Jesus Christ, as their Lord and Savior. This will prayerfully happen as the intern steps out in faith and participates alongside other staff members as they all seek to minister to the    exciting mission field of Louisville/Superior and beyond. Personal and work goals will be set, accountability encouraged, evaluations given support and encouragement freely offered by the Ministry Directors and Ascent Staff, all for the personal growth of the intern. Hopefully, by the time the intern has fulfilled his/her work commitment they will experience a closer walk with his/her Savior.

●  To give interns opportunities to discover, use, and grow in their spiritual gifts. As a staff person, the intern seeks to fulfill, along with the rest of the staff team, the Mission and Purpose of Ascent Community Church (available upon request). The ministry is a “person to people” ministry. This includes ministry activities such as one on one, one with a few, and one to many. Participating as an intern can help those who are considering full-time ministry as an occupation decide if it is a true calling.

The internship has both a relational and administrative component to the job description. Goals will be set, tasks will be assigned, and expectations will be communicated and reviewed on a weekly basis. The work week will somewhat vary week to week but always including: administrative tasks, ministry contact appointments, ministry event planning, staff meetings, Ministry Program, Sunday morning church, substantial “after hour” activity – late nights, early mornings, weekends, retreats, etc.


Weekly Functions of an Intern:

-Work about 50 hours, with two full day off in a seven-day week, as a salaried (not hourly) position.

-Spend a considerable amount of time one on one with people, volunteers for outreach, discipleship, and listening.

-Facilitating/Leading Small groups

-Be faithful in personal growth disciplines…Prayer, Scripture study, in a small group, meet with a mentor, and worship

-Attend weekly Ascent staff meeting

General Functions of an Intern:

Help make the Ministry programs run: retreats, social events, Bible studies, large group gatherings, take on social media presence for ministry and much more.

Substantial “after hour” activity—some late nights, early mornings, weekends, retreats, etc.

Support Ascent Kids on Sunday mornings.

Support the overall Admin for Ascent (approx. 4 hours a week).

Assist Staff on major projects for the year.

Enjoy the experience and learn a great deal!

Interns are paid $1000/month, and receive health insurance/benefits. Interns are reimbursed for any personal ministry expenses for up to $50/month. Personal fundraising is also encouraged to supplement the salary. In addition, they receive free room and board through a host family. Married applicants, however, do not receive room and board.

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