We want to know Jesus.  We want to see a new life in us, our friends, and in people who have never had a faith or have been hurt by the church.  We want to be a people of welcome and laughter, of faith and hope and love, friends and family, justice and changed lives. We want to be a people where the homeless know they can find food, the broken can find healing, and the rejected feel at home.  It’s where one group is working to care for local drug addicts and another is training teachers in another country.  We know that no church is like this all the time, including us.  But we know that a church can be like this most of the time.  We are looking for a person who knows the love of Jesus, has committed to being transformed by Him, is passionate that teens have this same opportunity, and is teachable to both Him and our Branches leadership.  This is a 20-30 hour a week position, but can grow quickly as the Youth Director develops. You can apply by emailing your resume to admin@branchesoc.com.

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About Branches

We embrace people regardless of their background or their present ground in the hopes of them standing on Holy Ground.