Position Description

This position will work with the Youth Ministry Director to give organizational leadership to Calvary Youth Ministries. Our Youth ministry Assistant will aid in the strategic planning processes of the Youth Ministry, help plan and organize weekly gatherings and special events within the Youth Ministry, mentor our students in both group and individual settings, work with the YM Director to guide students through our teaching checkpoints, assist in running weekly Friday chapels at Calvary Christian School, and occasionally assist in Youth Ministry related communication efforts. As a member of the Calvary Ministry Team our Youth Ministry Assistant will report directly to the Youth Ministries Director but will be supported in working alongside and encouraging all members of the Ministry Team. The Youth Ministry Assistant will also need to relate to unchurched youth, as well as those who have become overly familiar to church, thus striving to help make the Youth Ministry fun, approachable, and instilling depth of a personal faith in all youth that attend.


The ideal candidate will have considerable student ministry experience or ministry leadership experience. A college level degree is not required for this position.

Characteristics & Qualifications

• Clearly communicates a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

• Be committed to lead others to develop a personal walk with God.

• Possesses strong interpersonal skills.

• Natural organizational competency and a keen eye for details.

• A solid understanding of the modern culture.

• A proactive, rather than reactive, attitude and spirit.

• Ability to lead students in discussion scenarios

• Ability to exercise spiritual discernment and good judgment.

• A high aptitude for constant learning.

• Someone who excels at flexibility and embraces the challenges that come with the ever-changing world of Church life.

• Someone who is a team player.

• Someone with a great sense of humor.

Preferred Additional Qualifications

• Shown ability to organize and lead worship environments for varying ages

• Skill in graphic design and creative arts

• Proficient in public speaking

• Able to use and communicate via social media and applicable technology.

• Affinity for binge watching shows on varying streaming outlets


Hours: 15-20 Per Week

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About Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades

Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades is a community following Jesus for the renewal of the city. Our church is more than a place, but a people who are committed to living in every place for the glory of God. We long to see people transformed by the power of the Gospel and empowered to be outposts of hope for a broken world.
Calvary is a family-oriented church with a warm, welcoming congregation. It is a Bible-centered church with a strong staff and dynamic programs. Calvary puts a high premium on Children and Student Ministries as it views these ministries as absolutely vital to its mission. Calvary also puts a high premium on “community” and having all its staff and congregation actively involved with each other in community groups, small groups, and relationships. The unique partnership between Calvary Church and Calvary Christian School (CCS) affords the ministry team and the congregation the opportunity to build relationships and demonstrate the love of Christ to over 250 families in the school community. Many of the young people in Calvary’s Student Ministries attend or attended CCS. The challenge at Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades lies in growing the church and Student Ministries spiritually and numerically in an affluent, self-reliant community. The students and their families are quite engaged in sporting, academic, travel and recreational activities. These activities can, at times, crowd out time for active involvement in a  local church or pursuit of a relationship with Christ.