Camp Manager (AKA Contractor/Entrepreneur/Ministry Leader)


Camp Santa Cruz is a Christian retreat facility in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of the true “Surf City”, Santa Cruz California.  We are looking for a new manager to run the facility and oversee the unique ministry we have. This person/couple will likely work as the sole employee and will therefore need a diverse set of skills in order to fulfill the following duties:


-Repair and update the many camp buildings that have been neglected.  A good amount of updates have already been done but there are many more to go.  The current manager has made this a major portion of how he has managed the camp and has done full and partial remodels to numerous buildings.  The ideal candidate will have at least basic knowledge of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, finish work, and painting and a familiarity with county building permit processes would be good.  All these skills are not required as some portions may be contracted out to professionals, depending on the specific manager.  Also there is no expectation that applicants would hold professional licenses in these areas, but any would be viewed as a bonus by the board who will be hiring the manager. This portion of the job should be seen as a predominant use of time (at least in the off-season) and could be best described as a Handyman or General Contractor, possibly accounting for 60-70% of work hours.  Some construction knowledge/experience is REQUIRED.

-Be the point person for all groups checking in and out of the camp.  This includes preparing the facility with any cleaning or upkeep that needs to be done prior to arrival to ensure a professional presentation of the grounds. Once groups arrive the manager handles any final contract/payment issues and gives a basic tour of the facility, as well as walks the group through some basic guidelines.  During their stay the manager is available as needed if issues arise, though not required to be on site the entire time. This portion of the job could best be described as a Host and might represent 5-10% of work hours.

-Oversee the management of long term housing rentals on the property including maintenance, updates and repair of units, dealing with tenant concerns and issues. This portion of the job could be best described as a Landlord and might represent 5-30% of work hours.

-Oversee all booking of groups including advertising and marketing, handling guest inquiries, contract management, and other duties related to getting church groups to the facility for retreats.  This portion of the job would best be described by the term Marketing Guru/Entrepreneur and may represent 10-20% of work hours.

-Maintain the landscaping of the property either personally or through hired gardeners.

-Be in constant communication with the church onsite in order to coordinate the overlap that exists due to both entities sharing portions of the grounds.

-Occasionally deal with problematic people who wander onto the grounds.  The manager is the point person to engage or report such persons, and remedy any potential situations that might affect the peace or safety of the camp facility for residents and guests.

-The ability to complete all the above with a Christ-like attitude is crucial.  The camp presents an incredible amount of opportunity to bless the Kingdom in many different ways and the new manager will need to be a strong believer who is committed to the Lord Jesus and is mature in the faith.  As a leader of a ministry the candidate will have many opportunities to deal with many different people and the ability to enforce rules in a peaceful way.  This portion of the job could be best described as a Ministry Leader and is interwoven with all other work duties.  We need someone with a pastoral heart, but we don’t expect normal pastoral duties like preaching and teaching to be part of the job.  If your heart is to preach, you likely won’t feel fulfilled in this role.

Compensation will include housing, base pay, and commission.  Applicants should be willing to live in a close community and like the smell of the ocean.

Interested persons are encouraged to apply by submitting the following items:

-Resume highlighting any professional experience, special skills, and recent employment.

-A one page (approximately) statement describing your conversion, faith, spiritual growth, summary of doctrinal beliefs, and personal strengths and weaknesses.

-Contact info (phone preferred) for 5 references able to speak to your professional, personal, and/or spiritual life.

Email resume, personal faith page, and contacts to us at campsantacruzapplications@gmail.com as soon as possible. Thanks!


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