Youth Pastor


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Job Description:


A.      Full Time


B.      Reports to lead pastor




A.      Model a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


B.      Undergraduate degree and seminary or equivalent training preferred.


C.      Experience successfully leading or assisting student ministry in a medium to large size church.


D.      A passion, excitement and energy for youth ministry.


E.       Ascribes to the theological convictions in the Apostle’s Creed




A.      Invest relationally in students, parents and volunteers for middle and high school ministries.


B.      Lead, coordinate and direct middle and high school programs on Sunday evenings including teaching, worship, youth small groups and service opportunities.


C.      Provide pastoral care to students and their families during times of need.


D.      Intentional outreach to A.C. Reynolds Middle and High School for missional service and relational development (we are literally across the road from these schools).


E.       Recruit, select, lead and equip adult volunteers for student ministry.


F.       Coordinate with the Student Ministry Leadership Team to set, plan and accomplish annual goals consistent with the church’s vision.


G.     Design and implement service, connection and spiritual growth events and opportunities for middle and high school youth.


H.      Provide pastoral assimilation to new students and families.


I.        Coordinate training of and ensure compliance with the Safe Sanctuary policies and procedures for all volunteers serving in youth ministry.


J.        Sunday morning preaching as necessary.


K.      Coordinate budget preparation and administration for the assigned program ministries of the church.


Application Questions (please submit answers in one paragraph per question with your application):


1.       Please share your calling into pastoral ministry.


2.       How do I/can I know God’s will for my life?


3.       What is a Christian’s purpose?


4.       What is the Kingdom of God?


5.       Present the Gospel in your own words.


6.       Who are your favorite authors and books?


Please send resume and answers to questions to ycovenantpastor@gmail.com.

Covenant Community

Asheville, NC

  • Full-Time
  • Denomination: methodist
  • Salary: $40,000 to $50,000