“Building God’s Kingdom One Life at a Time”


Position:  Director of Worship and Music

Time, Benefits, Mileage:  Full time (40hrs./wk. min.) position, health insurance stipend

Supervisor:  Lead Pastor

Purpose:  Helping worshippers exalt and celebrate God for who he is, what he has done, what he is doing and what he will do, by crafting worship services which reflect careful preparation to give voice to many dimensions of response to God such as adoration, praise, contrition, lament, and commitment.


Commitment and belief in Jesus Christ:

ü  Lives in a vital, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

ü  Believe that Jesus is both Lord and Savior having died for our sins and rose again from the dead.

ü  Believe in the infallibility of the Bible as our final authority for faith (what we believe) and life (how we live).

ü  Believe the points of doctrine outlined in the Apostle’s Creed



ü  A Bachelor of Arts degree in Worship Leadership, Music Ministry or related field.

ü  Or

ü  Possess experience and training in the field of Worship and Music with a track record of successful leadership and team building.

ü  Proficient in social media communications and digital technologies.



ü  A desire to see people know, love, serve, and grow in Jesus Christ.

ü  A documented high degree of honesty, integrity, and professionalism with the ability to garner the respect of others.

ü  A self-disciplined, motivated, self-starter, and hard-working individual who is willing to put in the time and give the effort to accomplish ministry with excellence.

ü  An ability to minister with a servant’s attitude and relate well and work with youth, adults, and older adults.

ü  Sets a good example of personal, spiritual, and family life.



1.       Plan and implement all worship services including all special services (Communion, Lent, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Mother’s Day, Pentecost, Children’s Day, Father’s Day, Service in the Park, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas Eve) in partnership with the Lead Pastor

2.       Use multi-media and other tools (Pro Presenter, Power Point, drama, video, DVD, children’s messages) to supplement and strengthen the worship experience.

3.       Communicate with the church administrative assistant regarding the order of worship, special music, organist schedule, and any other Worship and Music matters for the worship bulletin.

4.       Empower the Decoration Team to provide special decorations needed for worship services.

5.       Communicate with guest pastors and special speakers about worship themes, Scripture, message titles, necessary technology tools, and assist them in using the technology.



Schedule musicians for all worship times – organ, piano, keyboard, brass, guitar, drums, etc.
Recruit, train, schedule and empower all praise team singers for worship times.
Schedule and lead praise team weekly rehearsals.
Prepare all praise team music each week and distribute music to musicians and singers in a timely manner for their preparation prior to rehearsals.
Choose the hymns and songs for all worship times in partnership with the Lead Pastor, guest Pastors or special speakers.
Serve as the “Music Librarian” for the church – purchase, file, catalogue, and supervise the lending out of all church music.
Schedule and coordinate the ministry of music – adult choir, adult and youth bell choir, creative movement, and other special music and communicate to the secretary.
Oversee the tuning, maintenance, replacement, and/or purchase of new musical instruments.
Maintain subscriptions to CCLI and VCLI authorizing the church to legally use copyright worship materials.
Provide leadership to congregational singing at both worship services – encourage and inspire enthusiastic music and singing.
Provide for the direction of the adult choir; rehearsal every Wednesday fall through spring; select music; schedule; plan periodic cantatas and other special musical presentations.
Provide for the direction of the Bell choir; rehearsal every Wednesday fall through spring; select music; schedule and other special musical presentations.
Key Administrative Tasks

1.       Background check with the Safety and Security Committee, all praise team members who will work with youth under 18 years.

2.       Submit a monthly Ministry Area Report to the Executive Committee

Prepare and submit a Worship and Music budget for the upcoming year for presentation to the Deacons by the due date.
4.       Managing the Worship and Music budgets

5.       Keeping yearly records of expenses for special worship events.



1.       Exercise leadership and cooperation within a multiple staff ministry.

2.       Prepare for and attend regularly scheduled staff meetings

3.       Set and communicate daily office hours.

4.       Communicate all calendar items with the staff and administrative assistant

5.       Develop and execute a ministry area plan in connection to the mission and vision of First Reformed Church under the oversight of the Lead Pastor



1.       Accepts, practices, and will promote the doctrinal standards, sacraments, and polity of the Reformed Church in America.

2.       Commitment to the ministry in the Reformed Church in America and the First Reformed Church of Sheldon.

3.       Participating in a minimum of one career growth activity annually to stay abreast of worship ministry trends.

4.       Keeping in close communication with the Lead Pastor.

5.       As the position and employee develops, performing other activities as directed by the supervisor.



The Director of Worship and Music shall work under the direct oversight of the Lead Pastor, with ultimate accountability to the Consistory.
The Director of Worship and Music shall meet weekly with the Lead Pastor for planning and prayer.
The Director of Worship and Music shall meet with the Lead Pastor and Executive Committee in the first year of ministry for performance reviews at three months, six months, and one year.  After that first year, semi-annual performance reviews will be conducted by the Lead Pastor and the Executive Committee.
The Director of Worship and Music will attend worship on Sunday mornings.  Flexibility shall be given, in communication with the Lead Pastor and/or Executive Committee, regarding time off and being away on Sundays.

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About First Reformed Church, Sheldon, Iowa

First Reformed Church (FRC) is building God’s Kingdom one life at a time.  The congregation is located in the city of Sheldon, Iowa and averages 400 in attendance in worship.