The Advancement Director plays a significant role in the success of the ministry of Ground Zero (GZ) and is responsible for the development and implementation of a creative Advancement Strategy. This strategy focuses on developing, building and retaining relationships in the community that increases monthly support and overseeing our annual award winning fundraising festival and other fundraising events. This enthusiastic, driven, creative and organized communicator will use their excellent people skills to encourage and motivate individuals and businesses to join the GZ ministry efforts to reach teenagers.

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About Ground Zero

Ground Zero makes a positive impact in the lives of youth by creating high-energy experiences and safe, inviting spaces where teens can have fun, build healthy relationships, and find a place to belong. Located in Myrtle Beach, SC, we creatively find ways to reach teens, equip them to lead and send them on mission. Through large and small-scale concerts and events, we reach young people who might never set foot in a church, giving them an opportunity to hear the Gospel and find their tribe. During weekly gatherings we help youth grow deeper in their faith and equip them to serve, no matter where they are in their spiritual journeys. Finally, we activate the next generation of leaders and send them out into their communities and world, reaching more young people for Christ and multiplying the impact. Through our unique programs and partnerships with local churches, we seek to make a difference in the lives of youth as they experience healthy relationships with each other, with caring adults, and ultimately, with God.