Position Summary:

The Director of Youth Ministries provides oversight, direction and coordination to a ministry that seeks to invite 7th-12th grade students into a biblical community to become transformed, Christ-centered, relational, and passionate disciples of Jesus that will succeed in making the transition from maturing Christian students to maturing Christian adults.



Have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to His Church.
Solid working knowledge of Scripture with the ability to articulate the story of the Bible, as well as their own faith story.
A disciple of Christ relying upon God’s word and Spirit-led prayer for discernment and decision-making.
Have a basic understanding and teachable spirit with respect to the Reformed-Presbyterian tradition.
Ability to relate to students as a mentor and servant leader.
Good organizational skills and ability to facilitate programs to completion.
Possess good communication, encouragement, and conflict resolution skills.

Education / Experience:

Four year college degree is preferred
Background and/or experience in education or ministry desired.
A minimum of 4-5 years experience in youth ministry with 2-3 years of that experience in a leadership position.

Primary Responsibilities:

The Director of Youth Ministries is responsible for the visioning and administering of the Jr/Sr High Youth Ministries as well as the coordinating, organizing, and shepherding of the complex and fluid mix of people (youth, volunteers, parents, and congregation) that embody the Jr/Sr High Youth Ministries of PCC.


Through prayer, conversation, and observation the DoYM will discern, cast, and communicate a vision and philosophy for student ministries that is congruent with the concepts of Family Based Youth Ministry and the vision and mission of PCC.

Administering and Coordinating:

Weekly programming

Sunday Morning Youth Gathering (SMYG) – Combined Jr/Sr High Sunday morning bible Study
Powerhouse (PH) – Jr. High Wednesday evening program
Crossroads (CR) – Sr. High Sunday evening program
Special events as determined with Pastor and Youth Ministry Team

Our confirmation consists of a combination of Youth Alpha and our New Members Class.
Development of the Yearly calendar and Youth Ministry Budget
Communication with:

First time visitors
Students and Parents
Program Leaders and volunteers
Ministry Teams
PCC Senior Pastor, Staff, and Session

Organizing and Shepherding


Through communication with the Youth Ministry Team and Program Leaders, the DoYM will facilitate the planning, organizing and implementation of youth activities that:

Seek out, invite, and guide students to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Activities should target youth from within the congregation, whether they attend our programs or not, as well as outside the congregation. (Current activities include Youth Alpha, SMYG, Retreats/Lock-ins)
Gather students together with maturing Christian adults to help them form organic relationships with these adults that will help them grow in their faith.
Help them grow in their faith: in knowledge of God [the Father, Son and Holy Spirit] and of Scripture; through spiritual disciplines; and in their daily living – understanding who they are in God, and seeing their role in the story of God’s redemptive work today.
Create opportunities and expectations for youth to respond to God’s call to go and serve others as His disciples, active and engaged in a changing world. (Current activities include ministry, service, and mission opportunities from local to international as well as being active and engaged in the ministry and life of PCC ministry teams, programs and activities.)
Will help them succeed in making the transition from maturing Christian students to maturing Christian adults and glorify God with their lives.
Know the names of at least 80% of students and parents on the rolls.
Be present at student events on and/or off school as well as invite volunteers / leaders to accompany you at those events.
Encourage student participation in Sunday worship, youth gatherings, and other opportunities for leadership through invitation and modeling.
Program Leaders

In partnership with the YMT the DoYM will recruit, resource, develop and maintain a network of adult volunteers from the church community to help plan, coordinate and lead specific program areas. (SMYG, PH, CR, etc.)

Insure that all youth ministry program leaders complete a background check and training before they become involved.
Meet personally with each youth ministry program leader on a monthly basis.
Be present at youth gatherings to develop healthy relationships with students as well as assess and provide feedback, encouragement, and support to youth ministry program leaders
Provide leadership training and resources for youth ministry program leaders so they can effectively organize and lead their volunteer teams.
Support and encourage the youth ministry program leaders in their personal spiritual growth.
Youth Ministry Team (YMT)

Oversee and facilitate the work of the YMT to pursue strategic initiatives that are congruent with PCC’s YMT purpose statement and Family Based Youth Ministry concepts.
Develop and distribute control documents in a timely fashion. (the Youth Database, the Youth Ministry Calendar, Event and Trip registration forms, Leaders Database, etc.)
Keep compliance documents up-to-date and distributed to all involved parties. (copyright licensing, background checks on volunteers and staff, etc.)
Program Volunteers

Insure that all weekly youth ministry volunteers complete a background check and training before they become involved.
Meet personally with each weekly youth ministry volunteer at least once a year, and check in with them at least quarterly.

“The Team”

Gather together all youth ministry volunteers (YMT, program leaders, volunteers, etc) twice a year to nurture, train and encourage them to complete their assignments with deeper love for God, love for students and clarity of vision.

Personal Development


Striving to grow in your own faith journey and in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Being supportive and enthusiastic about pursuing the vision and mission of PCC.
Taking the equivalent of two days off weekly (at least one full day).
Attending at least one week of continuing education each year (funding provided by PCC).

Sunday morning worship, regularly visible in worship throughout the year.
Church Staff Meeting
Regular meeting with head of staff

Teaching or leading Bible studies in such a way that a volunteer is always sharing the responsibility for that part of the ministry.
Seeking to be informed about any special victories, concerns or challenges, hospitalizations being faced by the youth and his or her family and, as often as reasonable, pass that information on to the youth leaders for personal follow up.
Attending youth ministry major events enthusiastically.
Being available for youth and their families as needs arise for care and support.

About Prairie Community Church

Prairie Community Church of the Twin Cities (PCC) Vision:

The mission of PCC is to invite people into a biblical community to become transformed followers of Jesus Christ. As a biblical community of small groups, we aim for the development of deep and meaningful relationships with God and each other.

PCC’s Youth Ministry Purpose Statement: PCC’s youth ministry exists to guide young people into a personal relationship with Jesus, to gather together and help them grow in their faith, to go and serve others and to glorify God with their lives.

We do this by……inviting students into a biblical community to become transformed, Christ-centered, relational, and passionate disciples of Jesus that will succ