Position Title: High School Ministry Resident

Reports To: High School Pastor

The purposes of the resident positions in Student Ministries at 2RC are:

To train and equip those considering full time vocational ministry for current and future Kingdom service.
To give those considering full time vocational ministry a structured opportunity to experience student ministry first-hand and discern their own calling and giftedness.
To train residents in additional areas of ministry within the church, allocating ⅓ of internship.


Residents will be accountable to and under the supervision of the High School Pastor.

Specific Responsibilities:

To have contact with students on a weekly basis
To be actively involved in planning and leading camps, retreats, activities and weekly programs. This may include making reservations, shopping, set-up, promotion, etc.
To be involved in planning and running summer mission trips
To be involved in staff meetings and resident training sessions
To spend time in study, reading and preparation for events and training
To assist in recruitment, training and nurture of volunteers
To be actively involved in leading and equipping small groups
To help with whatever ongoing administrative tasks might need to be done
To have set office time each week to be available to assist student ministry staff
To be involved with another area of ministry within the church for up to ⅓ of time as an resident
To teach lessons at Fuel on Wednesday nights

Weekly Involvement in:

Personal spiritual disciplines
Set office time
Personal and staff reading/discussion
Weekend Worship service at 2RC
FUEL, Wednesdays 6pm-8:30pm
Planned activities during the week
Relational ministry to kids
Equipping ministry to adult volunteers
Resident development process


40-50 hours a week


Two year commitment


Salary + Free housing provided
Monthly stipend for health insurance
One frisbee golf disc
Unlimited supply of M&M’s

Start Date: June 2018

Vacation: Two weeks of paid vacation during the year

Comp Days: If you have worked a significant amount of extra hours in a week for various reasons (retreats, camps, etc) then you will be allowed to have time off during the next week to compensate for the extra hours. Always check with your supervisor before taking Comp Days.

Sundays: Part of life in church ministry is working on Sundays! In order to give you an accurate picture of what it will be like if you go into church ministry, we ask that you attend church and volunteer on Sundays during service

Job Interviews: The nature of this residency is to train and send. Therefore we give you time off for your job/seminary interviews that may come about during the second half of the residency year.

Expenses: You will have access to a monthly budget to spend on ministry related expenses (meals with students, games, recreation, etc).


Active growing relationship with Jesus Christ
Completed 4 year bachelor’s degree
1-2 years volunteer experience at a church, camp, or other parachurch ministry focused on students
Must be regularly attending and serving at a church
Must be faithfully showing leadership qualities as outlined in 1 Timothy 3

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