How to Leave Well


Landing  a new role is often correlated with how well you left your last one—or how you will be leaving your current one.  

More than likely, your current job prospects will contact your last (or current) employer. This includes employers outside the ministry setting for those newer to family ministries.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when leaving a job:

  • Leave  on good terms: W hen you are in a conflict-rich situation, this can be especially difficult. However, know that the reputation of your words and actions follow you into each new job. Leave well.
  • Leave when things are good: The temptation to leave a job in the midst of crisis and struggle is real. Still, if at all possible, refuse to leave in such situations. Staying the course will pay off when the time is right.
  • Leave to  something—not from  something.  Similar to the above suggestion, know the reason(s) you are moving to another ministry. Be able to give the interviewer a clear answer.

Pro Tip :  Churches are drawn toward candidates who are happy in their current job, but can clearly articulate the reason(s) they are seeking a move.  

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